A Note About Digital Editions Offered Through ER

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A Note About Digital Editions Offered Through ER

Abr 25, 2023, 3:18 pm

Hi Everyone: I want to draw your attention to a modest change we have recently made to the way giveaways are displayed on the main ER page, and to explain the thinking behind the change.

Previously, when looking at digital offerings on the page, we indicated whether the book in question was an ebook or a digital audiobook in the media field. Then, if you clicked on the word "ebook" or "digital audiobook" in the media field, a pop-up would appear with information about formats (PDF, MOBI, Kindle, etc), and delivery method (sent as an email attachment, sent as a download link, etc).

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing a significant upsurge of members who have been requesting digital editions, only to discover after they win that the book is in a format they can't or don't wish to read. I suspect many members are not clicking on the media field, nor going into the giveaway detail page, and are therefore unaware of this additional information, when entering giveaways.

LibraryThing itself isn't involved in the distribution of ER books, and although I am always happy to try and resolve issues that arise, I am not always able to offer technical support on how to use various download sites, or how to convert ebooks from one format to another. It would be best if members only entered giveaways they think they will be able to read. If they have a strong preference for Kindle editions only, for instance, they should only enter giveaways offering Kindle editions.

To make information about the formats available more prominent, without adding a great deal of content on the main page (thereby lengthening it considerably), we have placed a little "i" icon next to the media field, when a digital edition is being offered. Clicking on this will expand that giveaway a bit, adding the Format and Delivery lines. Hopefully the addition of this "i" icon will alert members to the fact that there is more information to consider, when entering for a digital edition.

I would welcome any feedback about this, or about the larger issue of digital editions.

Editado: Abr 25, 2023, 4:07 pm

It seems to me there's plenty of room to list the formats out like so:
Media: Ebook (Kindle, EPUB, PDF)
Then follow that with the info button to expand the Formats and Delivery details...

Abr 26, 2023, 2:23 am

I agree with >2 saltmanz: - no need to have "ebook" and "xxx format for ebook" on separate lines. You can probably even add the delivery details to that line if you limit the authors/publishers to eg 20 characters for that detail. For example:

Ebook (epub, PDF)/File emailed directly
Ebook (Kindle, epub, PDF)/Bookfunnel download
Ebook (Kindle, epub, PDF)/OneDrive link via message

Abr 26, 2023, 4:51 pm

I agree with >2 saltmanz: and >3 MHThaung: :-)

Maio 2, 2023, 10:01 am

Hey all: thank you for your replies, and for the feedback! I will definitely pass all of this along to the developers, and we'll think about it.

We want to make the process as smooth and trouble-free as possible, and to encourage potential entrants to pay attention to the formats being offered. We've had our current basic design since February 2022, but for some reason this issue—people signing up, winning, and then saying they can't read the book because it doesn't come in the format they prefer (usually Kindle)—has only become prominent recently, with a sharp uptick of such complaints.

We've even had members upbraiding authors for not offering the book in the format they prefer. In case it needs saying, this is not acceptable.