Remorse after pushing someone off a roof

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Remorse after pushing someone off a roof

Mar 28, 11:10 pm

Asking on behalf of a library patron...

I forgot to ask how long ago he read it!

It's a novel set in small-town America, he thought it was called "sins of our fathers" but between that, and "sins of the father/s", that's a LOT of works, and none of the ones we looked at it seemed to fit his recollection. Anyway...

The protagonist pushes somebody off a roof, then regrets it, so makes a solemn vow before God that he'll be a good person if only the guy on the ground pulls through, and at the very moment, the guy moves! so the protagonist goes through life from that moment on doing good. A lot of people take advantage of him and see him as a bit of a pushover, but near the end of his life his children realise how much good he's really done.

Abr 11, 10:49 pm

I talked to the borrower again today, he estimates he read it 5-10 years ago (but we still don't know how old the book was).

Abr 13, 9:00 am

It wasn't A Separate Peace, was it?