YA Boy gets fit

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YA Boy gets fit

Mar 28, 11:06 pm

Young adult book possibly, kind of an older book, not crazy long, but had front cover of a boy stuck under a fence, hand holding a football or soccer ball I think, with him looking up at a person I think it was just the legs of a person.

I read it in California USA in 2007, it was in English

it was probably boxcar children or, matt Christopher-era kind of cover.

It was about a teen boy who was fat or chubby, and he proceeded to try to lose weight for I think either a girl, play football, or just tired of being fat. he does a bunch of exercises, and at some point, he ends up chasing or being chased. and like basically, when he weighs himself again, he realizes he didn't lose weight he actually gained weight, and he gets disappointed, but then his dad tells him that he looks fit and that he gained weight cuz the muscles weigh more than fat. and he's like your right, and he thinks back on when he was running away from the other kids I think, and how he was able to outrun them and he didn't feel fat.

Mar 29, 3:09 am