Split Vivian Howard


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Split Vivian Howard

Mar 28, 10:27 pm

Vivian Howard needs to be split. https://www.librarything.com/author/howardvivian
There's the chef/cookbook author from NC and the editor/lecturer from NS.
I'd do the split, but I can't remember which bits get maybe mangled and my brain can't handle the LT gymnastics tonight.

Mar 29, 3:47 am

I separated them and deleted the CK. I assume that both authors are female and USA, but did not reenter it. The biography did not reappear on either page. (It belonged to (2).)

Mar 29, 6:39 am

I've added a disambig note, a bit of CK and a handful of links. (2) is Canadian, the NS=Nova Scotia, if you wondered. I was thinking a US-state, New... North... then realised none matched.

Abr 1, 3:31 pm

Can I please ask the same of this one:

One is a blacksmith, the other a doctor