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Found: Comic book about a cleaning crew

Editado: Mar 28, 11:14 pm

There was a comic book I read last year I believe (2022) about a high school boy who worked for a cleaning crew but they cleaned up weird things like zombie and vampire messes. Any leads would be amazing!

Edit: I found it! It was called "all guts no glory"

Mar 28, 2:21 am

Don't think any of these meet all your particulars but here are a few starting points.

Graphic novels featuring janitors or cleaners:
-Z-Clean: A Zombie Cleaner Tale by Albert Campillo Lastra
-Steven Universe: Crystal Clean by Rebecca Sugar
-The Cleaners by Mark Wheaton
-Bud Colbert, Time-Travelin' Janitor by Troy Lowe

-The Cleaners - Josh Vogt
-Terminal Alliance by Jim C. Hines

Mar 28, 10:41 am

>2 saskia17: You should add the Damage Control series (reprinted as a trade paperback) from Marvel Comics about the crews that clean up all the messes left by superhero battles. It's a blast! But also, not the book the OP is looking for.

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Mar 30, 3:24 pm

All Guts, No Glory by Ralph Tedesco
Thanks for letting us know!