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Mar 25, 12:02 pm

I have been postponing asking this, as I didn't want to rush anyone while the new changes were being implemented. However, I recently read that will be three year process.

not important- just wondering- have we stopped awarding stars/medals for contributions? For instance it has been at least 6 months since anything has posted about those little contributions i may have made. I dont do as much as i used to, still i, slowly, continue to combine books as i come across them and, occasionally, add to the CK. just wondering if this is a bug or a permanent change.


Mar 25, 2:20 pm

>1 EGBERTINA: You can click on the badges on your profile to see details. Several of your badges are gold, which is the highest, so you won't get anything more about those.

Mar 25, 3:58 pm

>2 norabelle414: i see. i never understood why or how they arrived-i just noticed that they had stopped. thx

Mar 25, 4:08 pm

It has not stopped. I got one recently.

Mar 25, 9:25 pm

Yeah, I think the problem is that you've maxed out all the medals you try for! Maybe I should add a platinum, or allow people to get two badges?

Mar 25, 9:26 pm

You know what might be fun? You get badges for every decade you're on the site. Wouldn't help you, though, since you came in 2020. :)

Mar 25, 10:11 pm

>7 timspalding: mean like the ones we already get every 5 years?

Mar 25, 10:31 pm

>6 timspalding: no- its fine. i do what i know and i enjoy it. i'm not interested in flagging things or voting. thank u

Editado: Mar 26, 8:59 am

>8 norabelle414: No I mean you get multiple badges, so if you uploaded covers in two decades, you have two medals.

Maybe we could "Gold medal with a silver oak cluster," or whatever medal-granting organizations add. :)

Editado: Mar 26, 10:20 am

>2 norabelle414: unless Tim decides to award platinum medals :-) (oops... >6 timspalding: already (mockingly?) thought of this)