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Announcing Dymaxion Press

Mar 24, 3:30 pm

Please allow me the opportunity to announce Dymaxion Press, a new small (with aspirations to be fine) press located in Tucson, AZ.

We have just announced our first title for pre-order: Lolly Willowes. This 1926 feminist satire from Sylvia Townsend Warner is a delight to read and featuring new art from up-and-comer Katy Horan ( We are only planning to print 350 copies which will be bound in canapetta, printed on mohawk superfine, and housed in a slipcase. Please head to our website to check out the edition, sign up for our newsletter, and consider ordering an edition not only for the pleasure of reading this classic but also to help support a new venture. Having pre-orders was not my first choice (I would much prefer to have the finished product in hand before opening it up for sale) but that was unfortunately not an option for now. I am working with my binder to get a mock-up right now and it is going to look great on the shelf and feel great in the hand. I will be sharing it with the newsletter and update the site as soon as I have pics in hand.

Our second title is also in the works (a pre-Tolkien fantasy classic) that I am desperate to print letterpress because this title deserves it. I also got prelim sketches for some of the art yesterday and it is going to look sooo good! As for future titles, we are dedicated to equity not only in which titles we hope to acquire but also in sourcing artists, contributors, and other collaborators. Science fiction and Weird fiction are big passions of mine so there will be plenty of that but there are also plenty of foreign classics that are in desperate need of the fine press treatment too.

I know this group is for fine press editions and Dymaxion is not yet at that level, but, if we are fortunate enough to be successful and grow, I do have plans to expand deeper into fine press territory with more letterpress and handbound titles. Books have always been my passion and I can't deny that I always enjoyed reading my fine press editions so much more that any mass market. My background is not only in buying/selling used and rare books but also managing a medium-scale production line and bookbinding as a hobby (working on a rebind of Yourcenar's The Abyss right now). When I lost my job last year for supporting my employees instead of drinking the Kool-Aid of upper management, I knew I wasn't fit to try to keep working my way up the corporate ladder and that it was time to pursue what I had always wished I was doing--making beautiful books that would match the words within, enhance the reading experience, and last for generations to come. Thus Dymaxion Press was born.

Please check us out and let me know if you have any questions.


Mar 24, 3:41 pm

>1 K_Dymaxion: This looks fantastic and I appreciate the mission and goals you have laid out. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Mar 24, 4:06 pm

Unfortunately the shipping costs to the UK have taken this out of my 'immediate purchase' range.

Mar 24, 8:43 pm

>1 K_Dymaxion:
Thank you for letting us know!
Good luck! I hope that all your plans come to fruition.

Mar 24, 10:01 pm

Great choice of first book, and I like the Buckminster Fuller-esque name. Since this volume isn't letterpress I'm looking at it more like a small press take on a Folio Society title. With that framework the price seems reasonable, so I'll probably back it. It is a risk to seek pre-orders on your first attempt with no stock in hand or previously completed work, so I hope it pans out for all involved. Hopefully you left a little budgetary margin in case anything goes awry.

Good luck with this!

Mar 25, 3:04 pm

Thank you all and I appreciate all the well-wishes! Keep an eye out for updates on the first title and that announcement of the second title.

Mar 28, 8:59 pm

>1 K_Dymaxion: "there are also plenty of foreign classics that are in desperate need of the fine press treatment too"

I'd love to see a fine (or even fine-ish) press version of Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa! Regardless, wishing you and Dymaxion Press all the best!