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Mar 17, 9:51 am

Dear folks:
I am trying to set up our "library" for check-out on a desktop using an Apple computer. Questions I have:

1. Is there a method for check-out for whomever is at the front desk (we do not want to use self-check out)? How do I add this capability to the set up I have now?
2. Is there a best browser to use?

Thanks. Denbo Librarian @PyramidAtlantic

Editado: Mar 17, 12:05 pm

It looks like you have a TinyCat subscription:, so the TinyCat Admin's Check in/out page ( ) would probably suit you best. Here's the Help page for that:

If you're logged in as the admin, you'll also find an "Item Circulation" line at the bottom of book/detail pages where you can check items in/out one-by-one.

As long as you've got a modern browser (preferably one that doesn't have advanced privacy settings applied, as this can cause part of the site to fail on you), you should be fine!

Mar 18, 10:46 am

Thank you very much for this! Will work on getting it set up for everyone.