Can I exclude the Wishlist collection from the Recently Added panel in my homepage?

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Can I exclude the Wishlist collection from the Recently Added panel in my homepage?

Editado: Mar 12, 4:58 pm

I would use the Wishlist collection only if I was able to exclude it from all the statistics (because I don't consider these *my* books, it's mostly a selection of books I might consider getting, and I may add one and then decide not to read it after all). I think it's possible to some extent (or at least I can filter it out), but I don't see how I can exclude the books I'd add there from the "Recently Added" panel in my homepage. Can you tell me if it's possible?


Mar 12, 5:13 pm

I'm not really sure what 'include in connections' and 'active/inactive' settings do, but you could experiment with by changing them under 'edit collections'

Mar 12, 7:15 pm

Unfortunately, this is not a possibility. The way the system was built, Wishlist is part of all statistics.
You can limit its impact, by not having it influence recommendations and not having to see interactions with other users (connections) but it will always be part of the all collections book count and as part of your library.

That's why I don't use it here.

Mar 12, 8:54 pm

>3 gilroy: Well, wishlist items won't be a part of "Your Library", that's a collection of its own :-P But part of our whole catalog, yes. It is a matter of conceptually wrapping our heads around that the site wants us to be happy cataloguing items we don't actually have in our libraries, in order to use all the functions (which, of course is entirely optional).

>1 Moloch: So long as we keep our "Your Library" collection exclusively for items we consider to be our books, it's possible to filter the stats to "Your Library" and it will exclude everything else "Wishlist", "Read but Unowned", "To Read"... etc. If we hate (conceptually) how "All Collections" stats jumble things into one bucket of information, the easy answer is don't ever look at unfiltered stats, always keep it set to show "Your Library".

> I don't see how I can exclude the books I'd add there from the "Recently Added" panel in my homepage.

I believe this can't be done, and Recently Added simply shows any added books, no matter the collection. So might be a matter of redefining how you think of that module (showing account activity, rather than physical ownership).

If you are diving in to use "Wishlist", there's a helpful stats page that displays Collections Overlap (lower half of this page):
This lets us make sure "Your Library" has no items also in "Wishlist", etc.

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Mar 13, 12:35 pm

Thank you all for the replies.

Having the Wishlist completely separated from the rest of my books is something of a fixation of mine, the only cataloguing site that handled it well from my perspective was aNobii, which was terrible for everything else.

Since LibraryThing is now free for everyone, another solution could be opening a different account just for the wishlist. Is there something in the Terms of Service that says you can't have more than one account?

You would have to log in and out from your main account a lot, that's the only inconvenience.

Mar 13, 12:38 pm

>6 Moloch: I know of a number of people who have more than one account, some for the purpose you mention of keeping their wishlist separate. I don't think there's anything in the Terms of Service that would prevent it, although admittedly I have not combed through said ToS to be sure.

Mar 13, 12:58 pm

The line in the Terms of Service that could maybe be relevant is

>>>Do not set up "shell" or "sock puppet" accounts for any purpose whatsover.

I could send an email asking if this particular purpose we are discussing could be considered legit.

Mar 13, 1:00 pm

>8 Moloch: Please post whatever answer you get here — I'd be very interested to know!

Mar 13, 1:12 pm

Multiple accounts are only against the TOS if their purpose is to mislead, like appearing to be someone else on Talk. Separate wishlist accounts are perfectly fine and fairly common

Mar 13, 1:17 pm

>10 jjwilson61: Ah ok, thanks. Before reading your last post I had already sent an email to, so I can let you know what they tell me

Mar 13, 1:21 pm

I've had a second account since before LT became free - it was originally planned for my comics and magazine collection so they don't get in the way of recommendations and numbers... These days I mainly use it if I want to test something with a second account to make sure I had not done something weird with mine (and so that I do not mess up mine).

You should be fine with a separate Wishlist account but I will also be curious to see what LT answer.

Mar 14, 3:43 am

As for logging in and out with 2 accounts, you can avoid it by opening one in a different browser I believe.

Mar 14, 5:09 am

The response from the staff confirms what you all just said: "it's fine to have multiple accounts for cataloguing purposes".

jjwilson's reply here perfectly reflects the official stance of LT

Thanks again