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Shelley's Take Two - Reading off my own shelves - 2023 - page 2

Mar 12, 1:12 pm

Hi, I'm Shelley, retired teacher, living in Toronto. Last year was one of my worst for reading, so this year HAS TO be better, right? So far, my plan of reading off my own shelves, one room per month (then repeat, till the end of the year) is working out ok. Not counting library books, I have been mostly good about sticking to the plan. Mostly. I'm very much a mood reader but there are lots of books in all my rooms (except the bathroom) so finding one to suit the current mood isn't really too difficult.

My boys, Theo and Owen, have settled down in the 2 and a half years since they moved in, thank goodness. Which is not to say our days aren't filled with mischief, just not the total chaos and frenzy of *kittenhood*. Thank goodness!

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Scenes from a train window in wintry March:

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Sweet Owen:

Mr. Personality on his throne, watching to make sure I clean his litter box properly:

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I am using this image again because lately, I really do want a cave to crawl into, with nothing but books to occupy my mind.


Mar 12, 2:16 pm

Happy new thread, Shelley. Love the pics!

Mar 12, 2:48 pm

Happy new thread, Shelley! Those scenes from the train are gorgeous.

Mar 12, 3:02 pm

Happy new thread!

Mar 12, 3:58 pm

Happy new thread, Shelley!

>2 jessibud2: Beautiful scenes from the train, especially the birch tree.

>3 jessibud2: I love to see Owen, but Theo steals the show :-)

Mar 12, 5:15 pm

Happy new one!

>1 jessibud2: Beautiful pictures!

Mar 12, 5:49 pm

Hi Shelley my dear, Happy New Thread and what gorgeous photos of Theo and Owen. Hope you are having a lovely weekend and sending love and hugs from both of us, my dear friend.

Mar 12, 7:48 pm

Happy new one!

Mar 12, 10:50 pm

Happy new thread, Shelley.

>6 jessibud2: That is a good idea. Would be great to have a cave to escape to.

Mar 13, 7:33 am

Hello. Nice place ya got here. Cats look comfy, secure in a good home.

Mar 13, 7:52 am

Happy New Thread, Shelley. Love the wintry toppers, along with the photos of the boys. I hope you had a good weekend.

Mar 13, 9:21 am

Thanks all: Madeline, Kathy, Rhonda, Anita, Anita, John, Jim, Paul, Bill and Mark. Other than a quick grocery run, I spent the weekend sleeping and doing not much of anything. Just regrouping, mentally and physically, I guess. Today is Monday and the to-do list is full. Time to get the show on the road. Lots of phone calls to make, and a one-month checkup with the eye doctor after the last surgery. I am hoping to get a new prescription today so I can get back to wearing my own real glasses instead of the drug store clunkers.

Thanks re the photos above. It's not always easy to get decent shots from a moving vehicle and I deleted a bunch. But boring as the trip is when driving in a car (pretty much 6 hours of straight road, all the way), I love how the sky and the landscape change and look different at different times of the day and in different seasons. And it's nice to be able to capture some of that from the window. And I love not having to be the driver! ;-)

And with any luck, I may finish a book or two this week! Imagine that!

Mar 13, 10:49 am

Wordle 632 4/6 meaty, pious, flame, blame


Mar 13, 12:00 pm

Good you are safely home and that your Mother is receiving better care.

Have you seen any of the Found Art in Toronto?

Atlas Obscura today has a great article covering exciting contributors.

Mar 13, 6:11 pm

Love all the photos at >2 jessibud2: >3 jessibud2: & >4 jessibud2: Shelley. Lovely scenery. The boys are adorable.

Glad you caught up and kip and rested too. I like your reading system for the year too.

Mar 14, 12:08 am

Shelley, I love the photos of your beautiful cats. My grand daughter Kayla brought home a kitten at the end of last summer. Bisquit is now is out kitten phase and was in cycle for three weeks. We took her to the vet and were successful in obtaining a mid-April appointment for her to be spayed.

I'm thinking of you. I'm glad that you rested. Your photos are stunning. You are quite a photographer.

Mar 14, 8:44 am

>19 m.belljackson: - Hi Marianne. I never heard of Found Art. Toronto has a lot of art things going on that I enjoy regularly but this one is new to me.

>20 Caroline_McElwee: - Hi Caroline. After the dismal reading year I had last year, I decided to try a different approach this year. So far, it seems to be working nicely, if loosely. I don't lack for choice, even if I didn't use the library as much as I do. I hope I can stick with it.

>21 Whisper1: - Hi Linda. You are very kind. My photography is more hit and miss than talent. It helps having good subjects. Digital has made the world of photography (mine, anyhow) much easier. It's wonderful to be able to simply delete what isn't good instead of like in the old days where you wasted money when it was all on film. :-)

Mar 14, 8:44 am

Wordle 633 4/6 meaty, pious, sunny, surly


Mar 14, 8:49 am

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Mar 14, 8:58 am

Wow, love the photos of your boys! They really pop!

Mar 14, 11:08 am

Thanks, Roni. They pop in real life, too, lol! ;-)

Mar 14, 11:58 am

Hi Shelley. I love seeing Owen and Theo, and those are lovely winter photos you've posted.

I'm also perusing your Wordle posts. Your two starter words seem to work pretty well!

Mar 14, 12:17 pm

>27 EBT1002: - Hi, Ellen. So far, my 2 starting words are working out well. Sure, I am not likely to ever get it in 2 guesses but that's ok. My average is 4 guesses, the most frequent, and sometimes 3. Fives and sixes too, of course, but I am trying to reduce those. I like being able to eliminate (or place) all 6 vowels right from the get-go. Sometimes, I have to walk away and come back with fresh eyes to get it done.

Mar 14, 5:04 pm

The Red Leather Diary by Lily Koppel. From amazon: From
For more than half a century, the red leather diary languished inside a steamer trunk. Rescued from a Dumpster on Manhattan's Upper West Side, it found its way to Lily Koppel, a young writer, who opened its tarnished brass lock and journeyed into an enthralling past. The diary painted a breathtaking portrait of a bygone New York—of glamorous nights at El Morocco and elegant teas at Schrafft's during the 1920s and '30s—and of the headstrong, endearing teenager who filled its pages with her hopes, heartaches, and vivid recollections. Intrigued, Koppel followed her only clue, a frontispiece inscription, to its now ninety-year-old owner, Florence Wolfson, and was enchanted as Florence, reunited with her diary, rediscovered a lost younger self burning with artistic fervor.
Joining intimate interviews with original diary entries, The Red Leather Diary re-creates the romance and promise of a remarkable era and brings to life the true story of a daring, precocious young dreamer.
My review:
I LOVED this book! I have always loved and been drawn to journals, diaries and memoirs. The romance and charm of even how Lily found this diary was delightful. But yes, the time capsule it opened up was fascinating. If it had been me, I would have arranged to have the entire steamer trunk (maybe ALL of them, out there on that sidewalk, waiting for the dumpster), brought home with me, and I would have spent months going through each and every item, savouring every moment of treasure. But maybe, that's just me!

Florence was the very definition of a brainy, artsy free spirit while, at the same time, rebelling and chafing against family and the constraints of the day, the same as every teenage girl across time, I am sure. That she could sail across the ocean alone and traipse around an increasingly tempestuous and dangerous Europe in 1934, and stay safe, even in her innocence, was remarkable to me. For sure, those were different times.

But what fascinated me almost as much as the diary itself, was the end, the last chapter, which brought us to the present, where Lily engages the help of a private investigator to help her locate Florence. And the meeting of the two, the kindred spirits, and the instantaneous bond they developed - I expected nothing less. I also enjoyed the final section, *About the Author*, an interview with Lily herself. I wish she had written more and hope she does. I read her second book, The Astronauts Wives several years ago, before I ever heard of this one. But I enjoyed The Red Leather Diary so much more.

This was the right book at the right time for me. Lots of stress in my own life these days and I don't have the concentration for anything *heavy*. This was perfect: engaging, intriguing, fun and heartwarming.

Mar 15, 12:56 am

Happy new thread, Shelley. The story of the finding of the red diary and locating it's owner sounds is amazing itself. Who'd have thought the diary writer was still alive.

Mar 15, 7:42 am

>30 Familyhistorian: - She died at 96 (I think) but not before being able to enjoy and delight in the fame that Lily's discovery brought her.

Sheesh, I didn't think this was even a hard one. Just too many options.

Wordle 634 6/6 meaty, pious, speed, sheep, sleep, sweep


Mar 16, 8:35 am

Sheesh. Alphabet soup:

Wordle 635 6/6 meaty, pious, lithe, wired, rider, cider


Mar 16, 7:16 pm

Question: Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel. I know she gets a lot of LT love but believe it or not, I have not read her before. Is this title part of a series or a stand-alone novel?

Mar 16, 10:45 pm

>34 jessibud2: I think that there is a reference to characters from her last book The Glass Hotel

Mar 17, 7:33 am

>35 torontoc: - But could I read it on its own or would I need to have read The Glass Hotel first?

Mar 17, 7:41 am

Well! A rare 2 for me. Clearly didn't need my usual second word today!

Wordle 636 2/6 meaty, mealy


Mar 17, 7:45 am

>36 jessibud2: I think that you can read it on its own.

Mar 17, 11:28 am

>37 jessibud2: Congrats! Your first word was a winner today! (I got it in 4.)

>38 torontoc: I agree. I didn’t read Glass Hotel but enjoyed Sea of Tranquility. One of these days, though, I’m going to read Glass Hotel.

Hi, Shelly. Hope you’re doing well. Back when I had that flood last year and had to pack everything up and move it out, I lost the envelope-making instructions you sent me. I just found them and am getting ready to make my first envelope! Just wanted to thank you again for sending it!

Mar 17, 11:59 am

>29 jessibud2: I am so delighted that this book pleased you so much because it's been sitting on my shelf forever and I simply needed a push to bring it down. Thank you for that!

>36 jessibud2: what >38 torontoc:'s more in the nature of a nod to her other book than trying to tie them tightly together, a shared-universe feel as opposed to a series read.

Happy weekend-ahead's reads, you Wordle-rincess you! *smooch*

Mar 18, 10:06 am

>38 torontoc: - Thanks, Cyrel

>39 Storeetllr: - Hi, Mary. Good to see you here. Your comment about the envelopes made me smile. Have fun with it!

>40 richardderus: - Hi, Richard. Thanks, re the books. I hope you enjoy Koppel's story. I will get to Mandel hopefully sooner than later.

Editado: Mar 18, 10:07 am

Back to *normal* today (including not paying enough attention on that third guess):
Wordle 637 4/6 meaty, pious, bylaw, yacht


Mar 18, 10:20 am

>29 jessibud2: Will save your review, as my copy just landed Shelley, and I hope to get to it in the next couple of weeks. Glad you loved it though.

Mar 18, 11:15 am

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Looks so cozy!

Mar 18, 8:34 pm

I think most of Emily St. John Mandel's books are standalones, Shelley. I've only read one by her, Last Night in Montreal. Thought you'd get a kick out of the title.

Mar 19, 8:22 am

>43 Caroline_McElwee: - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, Caroline.

>45 Familyhistorian: - Thanks, Meg. Not sure I will get to that one (it's one of her earliest books, isn't it?) but yes, the title caught my eye. ;-)

Mar 19, 8:26 am

Field trip! Yesterday, on a whim, 2 bookcrossing friends and I met for a mini-field trip to a local (but new to us) little bookstore. Its owner was interviewed on the radio on Friday and we all heard it so decided to check it out. It's quite small but unique in that all its shelves are on wheels, so easily moved against the walls, out of the way, so it can transform itself into a music venue! I haven't been there yet for the music but I expect that day will come. This article is from 2021 but it will give you an idea:

Oh, and on the way there and back, we stopped at a number of LFLs to drop books off (and pick a few up!)

Mar 19, 8:26 am

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Editado: Mar 19, 9:24 am

>47 jessibud2: What a fun day that must have been! We had our monthly BookCrossing Meetup yesterday where we started swapping jigsaw puzzles as well as books!

Oh, and by the way, Jose is building yet another Little Free Library, his 12th, for a friend in Silver Spring, Maryland!

Mar 19, 10:43 am

Phew indeed. A couple of stupid mistakes cost me getting this sooner

Wordle 638 6/6 meaty, pious, whole, joker, offer, credo


Mar 19, 11:37 am

>37 jessibud2: Love that!

>47 jessibud2: Sounds like a fun day. I miss living somewhere with interesting bookstores.

Mar 20, 7:39 am

Wordle 639 5/6 meaty, pious, whole, clone, glove


Mar 20, 1:40 pm

Today’s Wordle was a fiver for me too. I was just glad to have gotten it at all.

Mar 21, 7:41 am

>49 SqueakyChu: - Hi Madeline. It was fun. It was me, Madeleine and Stephanie (I can't remember if you met her when you were here. She is a regular at our meetups). Jose must be an expert by now at his building! I really miss doing puzzles. But until Theo becomes too arthritic to jump (and too old to be *curious* - his default for everything), my puzzle days are on hiatus!

>51 EBT1002: - Hi Ellen. It was a fun day! Far too many small indie bookstores have fallen, thanks to the big box wave so it's always exciting to find one still around. This one is in the west end of the city (I live in the east end) so I would not likely have found it if I hadn't heard the interview on the radio.

>53 Storeetllr: - I found yesterday's hard, Mary, mostly hit and miss for me. Today's was easier, I think:

Wordle 640 4/6 meaty, pious, touch, tough


Mar 21, 9:28 pm

>54 jessibud2: Our first two guesses were different but 3rd and 4th the same. 😀

Mar 22, 7:52 am

I actually thought my 3rd and 4th guesses today were good. They were, but were also wrong. At least the streak lives...

Wordle 641 5/6 meaty, pious, truce, upset, duvet


Editado: Mar 22, 1:39 pm

>56 jessibud2: They were good guesses, Shelley. Wordlebot told me my first two guesses were unlucky (indeed) and my third guess was lucky. It is weird how integrated luck and skill are in this little obsession of a game.

Happy Wednesday to you!

Mar 22, 2:55 pm

>47 jessibud2: Great article about music in the book store, Shelley. I hope they've been able to get back to concerts inside the store.

Editado: Mar 25, 2:09 pm

>57 EBT1002: - I have no idea what wordlebot is, Ellen. I just open the link and start my guesses. Sometimes I need to walk away and come back but either I get it or I don't.

>58 Familyhistorian: - Not sure, Meg but I expect they will be sooner or later.

Mar 22, 9:00 pm

I spent the day at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) today with a friend. We went for the Leonard Cohen exhibit but took in some other art, too. The AGO has a terrific $35 yearly pass which allows entry as often as you want for the year and free entry to almost all exhibits. Today was our first visit and we plan to go back once a month or so as new ones open up. I am about to post photos. The Cohen exhibit was much larger than we expected and very good, extensive, and intimate. Lots of photos, home movies from his childhood, artifacts such as his notebooks, etc. I had seen much of it before, at other exhibits I have seen of him, the last being in Montreal about 5 years ago or so, BC (before covid).

Oddly, this last one, which accompanied the pic above it, doesn't mentioned Joni Mitchell, who is pictured with him.

Mar 22, 9:02 pm

Yayoi Kusama Infinity room. Only 4 people at a time allowed in and for only 60 seconds at a time, definitely not enough time. Not even sure why, except maybe because it could make some people dizzy but 60 seconds is seriously not enough. We will return to this one, too.

Mar 22, 9:06 pm

Christi Belcourt is an Indigenous artist. This piece was huge, and magnificent as it was big. She works in paint for this one though it looks like beadwork. I could have stood there staring at the details for hours. Just gorgeous!

Some details:

Mar 22, 11:17 pm

I saw this painting at the AGO a couple of weeks ago- it is spectacular!

Mar 23, 7:38 am

So true, Cyrel. The sheer scale of it, and the symmetry, not to mention the patience it has to have taken to create and execute it!

Mar 23, 7:43 am

I meant to mention that one of Leonard Cohen's notebooks that was part of the exhibit was the one which shows his work process for writing Halleluyah. He initially wrote tons of verses (I forget the number mentioned but in googling just now, it says anywhere between 80 to 180) before settling down to the 4 or so that eventually got recorded. The pages show his edits, cross-outs, etc. It took him 5 years to compose that one, one of my favourites. He had lots of notebooks, sketchbooks, handwritten letters to family and friends, even report cards and summer camp reports! All on display.

Mar 23, 7:44 am

Wordle 642 4/6 meaty, pious, stair, staid


Editado: Mar 23, 3:51 pm

>60 jessibud2: The Leonard Cohen exibit sounds great, Shelley. I wish I could get there :-)

>62 jessibud2: The painting by Christi Belcourt looks magnificent indeed. Thanks for sharing, including details.

Mar 23, 6:46 pm

>67 FAMeulstee: - Thanks, Anita. Maybe the Leonard Cohen exhibit will make it to the Netherlands one day. As for Christi Belcourt, I guess her style is what is called Pointillism. It's bolder in colour and style than Seurat, for example, though I think both artists have/had an incredible amount of patience and a real eye for the large picture, to accomplish such masterpieces. Believe it or not, this was my first time seeing Belcourt's work up close. I was truly blown away. I looked in the gift shop, hoping to see a postcard or notecards of her work but they didn't have any.

Mar 24, 9:53 am

Wordle 643 4/6 meaty, pious, trout, grout


Editado: Mar 24, 12:49 pm

Good grief. I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with tech support, activating my new samsung phone and figuring things out. It's now charging and then I get to play with it and see if I can manage on my own, without anyone holding my hand! EEK. I am so tech challenged!!

I sure hope it's an improvement over the crappy motorola. And if it is, it saves me a ton of money, as getting an iphone would have cost me more than double monthly what I pay now and I had no desire to go that route. Time will tell. Stay tuned...

Mar 24, 2:21 pm

>70 jessibud2: We've been happy with Samsung phones for many years. Good luck with yours!

Mar 24, 3:14 pm

Your gallery visit looks great Shelley.

Mar 24, 7:14 pm

>71 laytonwoman3rd: - I sure hope so, Linda. I spent another hour this afternoon with tech support because apparently the 2 email addies I added this morning decided not to work later on. And the phone also needed to update. Anyhow, thank goodness for patient tech support. I sure hope it sticks this time because, good as they are, I don't want to make a habit of calling them daily. Now, I just have to play with the phone and get used to it.

>72 Caroline_McElwee: - It was, Caroline. It has really been ages since I was there and am looking forward to making it more of a regular habit again.

Mar 24, 10:53 pm

Wordlebot is a somewhat opinionated bot who analyzes your play (should you ask him to do so). I don't really recommend making his acquaintance. *smirk*

I hope your new phone is an improvement. I'm a hopeless iPhone (and iPad and iMac) loyalist even though I recognize the huge empire they are.

Editado: Mar 25, 7:27 am

>74 EBT1002: - Thanks for that *tip*, Ellen! ;-)

Ok, so this morning, I have already added 3 items to ask tech support about when I make a call to them a bit later on. I am hoping that maybe this will be my last call to them.... notice I am not holding my breath...
One is about how to get the brightness to stick. It seems I have to go into settings to make the screen brighter every time I turn on the phone. Also, how to stop the screen from rotating. I know there is a way but I forget how and I hate when it decided to do it on its own.

Wordle 644 4/6 meaty, pious, covet, voter


Mar 25, 8:07 am

Happy Saturday, Shelley. Sorry to hear about your cellphone issues. What a hassle. I hope you get it sorted out.
We still have juncos. It shouldn't be much longer...

Mar 25, 8:39 am

I still have juncos, too, Mark. I feel a bit badly because I am waiting to put out the feeder today. It's extremely windy so I want to wait till it dies down a bit. When the wind is this strong, my feeder blows off its hook, even though I tie it and secure it. I have had that happen a few too many times and am on my second feeder because the first one broke when it flew off once. So, the little juncos are pecking away on the ground right now, making me feel guilty!

Mar 25, 1:23 pm

Happy new thread, Shelley. I love your photos.

Mar 25, 2:20 pm

Hope you get your Samsung up and working as you like it, Shelley! My last phone was a Samsung and I loved it (it was waterproof!), but after 5 years it had a cracked screen plus I needed one that could get 5G service, so I went with an iPhone (because I got a deal where my daughter got one too for free ( just had to pay tax on the value)). I’m still trying to figure the iPhone out after 2 years. *sigh*

Mar 25, 2:45 pm

>78 BLBera: - Hi Beth, thanks!

>79 Storeetllr: - Mary, not 2 minutes ago, my brother texted me to tell me that one of these days I will need to get an iphone. I replied, no, I don't. It may be more the contrarian in me than anything else but I refuse to pay for things I don't want or use in a phone. I want and use very little and thus, my $40 a month cellphone, which includes my data plan and camera, texting, internet and actual phone, is all I want. So, if I have to call and get to be on a first name basis with the various tech support staff, so be it. ;-)

Mar 25, 2:46 pm

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Mar 25, 6:05 pm

What beautiful art by Christi Belcourt ! Thanks for posting the close ups!It is really amazing. Sorry to read about your cell phone troubles. I confess I have an iphone and have had for ??? many years. I do use a discount carrier though, that being Koodoo, which is really a branch of Telus. William, my younger son works for Telus and he recommended that Dave and I go with Koodoo, the discount carrier and he set it up for us too. I think Dave and I pay about ??? $35 dollars a month for the services of our two phones.

I started a new thread - do come a pay me a visit when you have a chance.

Mar 25, 7:04 pm

Hi Shelley. I think getting to know the techies on a first-name basis really does sound like a good approach to the whole phone thing. :-)

Mar 25, 7:16 pm

>82 vancouverdeb: - Deb! So good to see you and now I have starred your thread.

Photos don't really do justice to Christi Belcourt's work but they turned out not too bad. The piece was stunning.

>83 EBT1002: - Ellen, their jobs are secure with me as a client! I spoke to one guy twice in the last 2 days, Carson from Vancouver! ;-) They all seem to be based in Vancouver when I call. I like that at least I get to speak to a human and not a robot. That's also a huge plus for me.

Mar 26, 10:58 am

It was just a matter of figuring out the order of the letters:

Wordle 645 3/6 meaty, pious, untie


Mar 26, 11:03 am

And yes, another call to tech support will happen later. I have discovered that I can't find how to crop photos I take. On my previous phone, when viewing my photos in my gallery, the edit/crop option showed in plain view below each photo. Not so with the Samsung. I played around and looked for it but I can't find any way to do that. Seems rather counter-productive. Digital photography is supposed to make things easier but if you can't edit or crop a pic, then are you supposed to just assume to take a perfect shot every time? This can't be right. It has to be there but if so, it's well hidden. Or I am just stone stupid, which of course, with technology, is highly likely but that's why I will need tech support, to tell me what to do when it's something that I KNEW how to do and think should be obvious and intuitive, but isn't.

Not happy...

Mar 27, 9:12 am

Purely guess work today. And not easy at all.

Wordle 646 5/6 meaty, pious, board, liana, guano


Mar 27, 12:29 pm

>86 jessibud2: Shelley, there should be a pencil icon below your photos and you can use that to open the editing suite.

Mar 27, 2:36 pm

>88 MickyFine: - Found it, thanks, Micky. And it works! Now, maybe you can explain to me why I can't attach photos from my phone gallery to a text, only to an email. In my previous phone, there was no difference and I was able to attach to either with ease. When I try to attach a pic to a text in the new phone, it tells me I need to use something smaller than 1.05 MB. Am I now supposed to resize every pic I have taken? If I even knew how to do that, which I don't. And why does it attach with no issues to an email but not to a text? Grrr

I will never understand technology!

Editado: Mar 27, 3:04 pm

Have any of my Canadian LT friends watched (or listened to) the first day of Canada Reads? I watched on tv as I find it much more interesting to see the defenders than to just listen to them. Plus, the trailers of each book are visual, and probably less effective on radio. I thought day one went very well.

I will admit that I had to listen extra hard to understand Gurdeep's accent but in spite of that, he did well. I will also admit that, other than Mattea, I was not familiar with the other 4 defenders. I am intrigued with a few of the books and I think I want to seek out and read at least 2 of them, one being Station Eleven. Another being Greenwood by Michael Christie. They all sure sound interesting. I also loved the recorded messages of the authors to their defenders! Can't wait for tomorrow at 1 pm!

Mar 27, 3:29 pm

>89 jessibud2: I'm not sure about that one. If I want to text a photo, I usually go into my texting app, tap the picture button (far left at the bottom), choose whichever photo I want, and the messaging app does the rest. If that's not working for you, I think you'll have to go back to tech support.

Mar 27, 3:52 pm

That's how easy it was on the old phone, not so on this one. I did and they weren't helpful. I may try again and hope for a different support person. :-)

Mar 28, 6:59 am

Luck of the guess today.

Wordle 647 3/6 meaty, pious, hurry. I almost guessed worry before I chose hurry


Editado: Mar 28, 8:20 pm

The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree by Paola Peretti. I found this book on the sale table of withdrawn books at the library. It is told in the voice of Mafalda, a 10 year old girl in Italy who has been diagnosed with Stargardt disease, or Stargardt *mist*. I had never heard of this disease so, as one does, I googled. It is also known as macular degeneration in children, with the same tragic outcome of diminishing vision leading to blindness. How Mafalda navigates her way through this scary and confusing time in her young life is touching, brave, sad and sometimes even funny. With the help of a loving caretaker at her school, a good friend, her beloved cat and even The Little Prince, Mafalda is one special little girl. The prose is lovely.

"The early spring blossoms must be out on the cherry tree today. I try to do as Ravina suggested, so I shut my eyes and breathe deeply. Right away my nostrils feel cold inside, but when the air hits me, I can smell it: the scent of spring. For me, it smells of Grandma's rhubarb sweets and of bunches of flowers - not the ones at the florist's shop all squished together, but real flowers, wild ones growing in fields and in the gardens of kind old ladies.....So, even though I'm not sure I can see clearly, I start counting - one step, two steps, three...The closer I get to the school, the more I inhale the fresh scent of spring that smells of sweets. The air on my face, in my hair, feels like the brush of the blue silk scarf of a smiling lady...I count the steps and get to fifty-two. I'm twenty-six meters from the tree. It still counts, doesn't it, if the balled-up flowers and the tree that I saw are not strictly real, just the way I remember them?"


Edited to say that there was one thing I forgot to add. The author herself, Paola Peretti, was diagnosed as a teenager with Stargardt disease, so she truly had an insider's understanding of what Mafalda was dealing with and going through. I thought that made the story all the more authentic.

Mar 28, 8:12 am

HAppy Tuesday!

Sorry to hear about your new phone issues. Did it not come with an instruction booklet of a pdf download online? Have fun! :)

Mar 28, 8:19 am

>95 figsfromthistle: - Hi Anita. Nope, nada. Nothing but the tech support. I am slowly trying to figure things out on my own and asking friends but I have a list going of things I can't find or can't do. I will make another call once I have a few more things on the list so as not to waste the call, hehe.

Mar 28, 8:15 pm

The Canada Reads program looks really interesting! And I did like the two books on the list that I've read---Station Eleven and Mexican Gothic.

Editado: Mar 28, 8:22 pm

>97 banjo123: - Rhonda, you can catch it all on youtube if the direct links to CBC don't work for you. Today was day 2 and it was very good. The discussions are so articulate! In any case, the link is in >90 jessibud2: if you want to check it out. It ends Thursday.

Mar 28, 9:33 pm

>96 jessibud2: What? Samsung doesn't have a pdf online for their phone? Ridiculous. I was thinking of buying one the next time around, but not if I don't get a guide to help me figure out how to use it.

Mar 29, 9:50 am

>99 ffortsa: - In truth, Judy, I didn't check online. I can just say that there was no manual in the box it came with. I guess I should get with the program and see what I can find online. I just find it easier to speak to an actual human when asking questions and seeking guidance.

A bit trickier today but at least the streak lives:
Wordle 648 5/6 meaty, pious, geste, reset, beset


Mar 29, 2:36 pm

Hi Shelley. I enjoy your visits to my thtread. Thanks for letting me know you were there.
I thought it would be nice to visit and leave a message too, instead of lurking all the time. The painting at >62 jessibud2: is marvelous. Thanks for sharing.

Mar 29, 2:58 pm

Hi Sandy. Thanks for delurking! And yes, the Christi Belcourt painting was new to me and wonderful. My photos really don't do it justice.

Mar 30, 7:52 am

Phew indeed. Another mistake of attention, in my third guess but still, I don't think it should have taken me all 6. Oh well

Wordle 649 6/6 meaty, pious, chafe, wreak, dread, bread


Editado: Mar 30, 4:52 pm

So, Ducks Two Years in the Oil sands has won Canada Reads. I didn't actually read any of the 5 books and am not sure I will but I watched every day of the competition on tv and I thought the discussions were so very good, so articulate. It was a great one this year. Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands was championed and defended by Mattea Roach, of Jeopardy fame, by the way.

Mar 31, 12:31 am

>104 jessibud2: Interesting! That is one I hope to get to . I have seen at the library as well as in the stores, I'll have to put it on hold at my library.

Editado: Abr 1, 6:51 pm

Hi, Deb. I thought all 5 books seemed a bit *heavy* for the reading mood I'm in lately. Because of the ongoing issues and stress in RL, with my mum, I find myself seeking out lighter reads. But I greatly enjoyed the discussions and insights by the panelists on each of these books and all 5 feel familiar to me now, almost to the point that I don't feel the need to read them! Sounds crazy, I know but so be it.

Today's wordle was a totally out-of-left-field guess and it worked!

Wordle 650 3/6 meaty, pious, every


Abr 1, 8:18 am

Wordle 651 3/6 meaty, pious, march


Abr 1, 5:36 pm

Nice wordling, Shelley! Yes, with your mom unwell, and the stress that goes with that, I can totally understand preferring lighter reads. We have an unexpected sunny day today, I will head out shortly to enjoy it.

Abr 1, 8:16 pm

Happy weekend's reads, Shelley!

Abr 1, 8:32 pm

>108 vancouverdeb: - Thanks, Deb. I find myself leaning toward memoir and similar types of books these days. I am now reading Jann Arden's latest, If I Knew Then. I have read almost everything she has written and I like her a lot. Including her music. I am also reading a book by Carol Burnett about the 11 years of her tv show. Quite coincidentally (since I have had this one on my shelf for years), I just heard she is turning 90 this year and on April 26 (her birthday), there will be a 2 hour special on tv celebrating her. I love her and loved her show.

Abr 1, 8:33 pm

>109 richardderus: - Hi, Richard, thanks! You too!

Abr 2, 10:43 am

Wordle 652 4/6 meaty, pious, short, stock


Editado: Abr 2, 11:40 am

How cool is this?!

Several years ago, 2 bookcrossing friends and I did our first *field trip* (the same 2 friends who accompanied me in >47 jessibud2:, oddly enough) to explore a small indie bookstore here in Toronto that boasted a book vending machine. I will try to remember the name of the shop - at the moment I am drawing a blank other than it had the word *monkey* in its name - but the weirdest, and probably funniest, part was that you put your toonie (a $2 coin) into the slot and you had no idea what would come out. More than likely, something obscure and totally boring. But it was fun. We spent more than a couple of toonies.... ;-)

At least with this one in the article, you know what you're getting!

Edited to add that I remembered! The shop is called The Monkey's Paw (named after some creepy story, I believe). Here is a pic of The Bibliomat vending machine:

Not sure when or where this pic is from. I somehow remember the store being much smaller and more crowded. This pic looks like it's in a spacious location.

While it was fun, I still think I'd prefer to spend my money on something I want...

Abr 2, 4:57 pm

Ooooh, The Monkey's Paw! Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it.

That book vending machine sounds like a cute fun idea, but, like you, I'd rather spend my $$ on something I really want.

Happy Sunday!

Abr 2, 11:49 pm

I was reading on Anita's thread about your trip an Ice Hotel in Montreal, Shelley. How cool and fun that must have been!I totally understand your need for lighter reads. I enjoyed Carol Burnett back in the day!

Abr 3, 8:07 am

>114 Storeetllr: - Definitely agree on that, Mary. But this was just too fun to pass up so we tried it. One visit was enough, lol.

>115 vancouverdeb: - The Ice Hotel was just outside of Quebec City, actually, Deb. It was a great experience. I will post a few photos on my thread once I go into my computer and select a few. I see we went back in 2008! Wow, that's a long time ago, lol! Stay tuned...

Abr 3, 8:32 am

Wordle 653 5/6 meaty, pious, groan, adorn, flora


Abr 4, 8:37 am

Wordle 654 4/6 meaty, pious, taint, ratio


Abr 4, 10:32 am

Ok, I am going to take a little trip down memory lane. From a conversation started on Anita's (figs) thread, about the Ice Hotel, I am going to post some of the photos I took back in 2008 when a friend and I decided to go there ourselves. A little background. The Ice Hotel is built from scratch, every December and dismantled in April, for obvious reasons. There are 3 or 4 levels of *packages* and while our budgets allowed for only the lowest level, without any side trips, and while it was still what we considered pricey (I honestly don't remember now what we paid), I would say that the experience was well worth it. The mastery and artistry of this place, new and unique every year, was gorgeous. The blocks of ice used are several feet thick, so no drafts or cold air come in. All seats, benches, chairs, beds, are made of ice but covered with fur pelts. The walls have original artwork sculpted right into them or art embedded into blocks or pillars of ice. By far, the most often heard exclamation as we walked through (as you would in a museum), was, "WOW! Look at that! Look at this!". Etc. :-)

There was a slide (for kids, I guess; I didn't try it), an ice chandelier, a bar, a chapel where people actually have gotten married, even, if you can believe it, a central fireplace (I am not smart enough to even try to figure that one out!).

I have uploaded 8 pics to my gallery and will post a few here. If it wasn't so far away, I might be tempted to go again. It was a 6-hour drive to Montreal, then 3 more hours north to Quebec City, then the hotel is half an hour outside the city. The hotel package also includes a room in the chalet, on the same grounds. We were determined not to wimp out and sleep in the chalet room, but we did place our suitcases in it to keep them warm, and we used its shower the next day. Also, ate our meals in its dining room. We did the trip in 2 stretches (driving first to Mtl and staying overnight at my mum's place then on to QC the next day), and took in some of the City, as well. The whole experience of this highly creative and unique vacation was just magical. A short vacation but probably one of the most memorable I've ever had.

Editado: Abr 4, 10:36 am

The entryway, with the chalet behind me:

Some of the sculptures, which were showcased every way you turned:

Pelts on benches, feathers in ice, right inside the entryway:

Abr 4, 10:38 am

Great photos!

Editado: Abr 4, 10:39 am

The N'Ice Bar, lit up at night:

Entryway to the chapel:

The slide (don't know why this is smaller):

Editado: Abr 4, 10:52 am

One of the more elaborate bedrooms. Each one is different; ours was a *low end* not nearly as pretty, lol:

A little sweet treat left by the bedsides at night: water (that did not freeze, and Hershey's kisses):

Truly, I could have added a lot more photos but I think this will do! We did this trip in 2008!

Abr 4, 10:42 am

Thanks, Cyrel

Abr 4, 10:46 am

Did you sleep in your warmest clothes in the ice room? ( just curious)

Editado: Abr 4, 10:57 am

Oh yes. We were given a list before we left, of what to wear: long johns, hat, mittens. I wore flannel pjs and socks, and I also used those *hot shots* that you shake up to keep inside my mittens at night and that was a great thing. Then, when we got there, there was an *orientation*, where we were each given a thermal sleeping bag with a hood and shown how to get into it (my friend volunteered to be the model, lol). The beds are covered in pelts, as well and it was really quite ok. I slept well. There was a bathroom just down the hall. Oh, and we used the outside hot tub! It was -23C that night but it was amazing in that tub, my first (and so far, only) time in a hot tub. We wore bathing suits, of course, but the change rooms were right next to it.

Abr 4, 4:24 pm

Hi Shelley my dear, what fantastic photos of your trip to the Ice Hotel, it all looks fabulous and i am sure you had a really good time.

Hope all is well with you my dear, sending love and hugs to you from both of us, dear friend.

Abr 4, 5:56 pm

Wow! What an amazing place , Shelley! What an adventure, and it’s so gorgeous. Thanks so much for posting the pictures . It’s fantastic to see The Ice Hotel !

Abr 4, 9:20 pm

>127 johnsimpson: - Thanks, John. It really was a very special and unusual vacation. It was 15 years ago exactly as we were there over Easter weekend.

>128 vancouverdeb: - Thanks, Deb. It's funny. My friend Marie is the only one of my friends willing to even consider such an adventure. Most of my other friends thought I was crazy. I even surprised myself, because I am a person who does not like the cold, generally speaking. And I loved every minute of that weekend. We had initially booked for Feb. and since we were both still teaching then, we (separately and without indicating we were doing it together), booked off the Friday and the Monday in order to go. We'd call in *sick* for one of the days then say we had an appointment for the other. Fate had other plans, though and in fact, there was a very bad snow storm that weekend and we both got truly sick so we never did book any days off and even cancelled our reservations. But we had the chance to re-book for the Easter weekend, right before they shut down for the season and so we had Good Friday and Easter Monday off without having to lie! And the weather was perfect.

Abr 5, 12:20 am

>120 jessibud2: The Ice Hotel is amazing! Thanks for posting these lovely photos!!!

Abr 5, 6:44 am

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Ice Hotel, Shelley.
Obvious a trip doesn't have to be long, to make a lasting impression!

Abr 5, 7:41 am

Oh wow! What awesome pictures. Looks like quite a unique experience.

Abr 5, 8:07 am

Happy Wednesday, Shelley. Love the Ice Hotel photos. What a unique and interesting experience.

Abr 5, 8:32 am

Thanks, Linda, Anita, Anita, Mark. I enjoyed looking back at those photos, too. It really was a fun adventure. And Quebec City is a cool place, too.

Abr 5, 8:35 am

Wordle 655 4/6 meaty, pious, chasm, smash


Rainy here today with quite a lot of thunder and lightening. I am waiting till the wind dies down a bit before putting the feeder out as I don't want it to blow off its hook as it did the other day. I am seeing a lot of goldfinches, and they are starting to show the smallest hint of yellow as they transition from winter drab back to their spring wardrobe. Still seeing the cute juncos, too and I had a mourning dove the other day, too.

Abr 5, 12:13 pm

Great photos! The Ice Hotel is beautiful, but I still wouldn’t want to stay there. Wouldn’t mind a drink in the bar, though.

Abr 5, 12:31 pm

>123 jessibud2: W.O.W. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing the images!

Abr 6, 8:48 am

>136 Storeetllr:, >137 richardderus: - Thanks, Mary and Richard. It was fun looking back.

Wordle 656 6/6 meaty, pious, weary, beady, leaky, leafy.


Abr 6, 9:37 am

Wow! The ice hotel photos are amazing, even if I do get goosebumps...

Abr 6, 9:50 am

Thanks, Beth.

Abr 6, 2:04 pm

>138 jessibud2: Sheesh is right. I had the same letters you did through the 4th level and managed to get it in 5, but it was pure luck. I hate guessing game days like this.

Abr 6, 2:12 pm

>141 Storeetllr: - I didn't have a single *wrong* letter* or placement (ie, yellow) and it still took me 6! I guess I should be grateful to have gotten it at all! You just never know...

Abr 6, 10:28 pm

Happy Passover, Shelley! I hope you are able to celebrate in some way. We have a family dinner for Easter on Sunday and I'm hoping to get together with the grandchildren soon too - preferably before Easter, as I have chocolate eggs and Lego for them.

Abr 7, 7:02 am

What an experience Shelley. Stunning place.

Abr 7, 7:40 am

>143 vancouverdeb: - Thanks, Deb, and a good and happy weekend to you and yours!
>144 Caroline_McElwee: - Thanks, Caroline. It really was.

Another alphabet soup day:

Wordle 657 5/6 meaty, pious, bonus, focus, locus. Ha! If there had been more room, I would surely have got to hocus pocus!


Editado: Abr 7, 11:03 am

I finished a short quick read by Canadian singer-songwriter, Jann Arden. I have read most of her books and this was her most recent, I think, written in 2020. It's called If I Knew Then - Finding Wisdom in Failure and Power in Aging. The book she wrote about caring for her mother a few years before that when she (mum) had Alzheimer's, Feeding My Mother, really resonated with me at the time. This one was a more introspective book, about her coming into herself as she herself is aging (she is 62, I think), getting and staying sober, and healthy and not just appreciating but enjoying getting older. Anyhow, it's vintage Jann, take no prisoners, no holds barred, and a bit of potty mouth thrown in. Yet insightful and uplifting. And let's not forget funny. Jann Arden is a very funny lady. She was always a bit of a wild child personality, so completely unlike me, but still, I found a few quotes that did strike a few chords for me.

"- the curse of Alzheimer's is also the blessing of Alzheimer's: there's a mental vacuum that allows you to be unaware of everything that's happening to you...

- But it turns out that what seems impossible is anything but that when you're dumped into it. It never ceases to amaze me how adaptable we are. We can, and do, change to cope with lives that are endlessly pushing us into new territory. My parents' illnesses and deaths taught me that I can cope with profound change...

- If you don't learn about problem solving at a young age, you can't expect to effectively navigate problems in adulthood.

- Criticism says more about the person handing it out than the person on the receiving end. I would rather be the creative person who wrote a bad song than the critic calling it a bad song.

- What feels better than being sure of yourself? What feels better than knowing yourself? What feels better than at last knowing how to look after your physical and mental and spiritual health? For me, nothing feels better.

- Grief shared is grief lessened.

- You had to pry words out of Dad's mouth with the goddamned jaws of life.

- Time gives me the clarity that only comes when the days and the months and the years pile up on each other so you can stand on top of it all and have an unobstructed view."

Abr 7, 12:23 pm

>146 jessibud2: I'm not familiar with her Shelley, but like the quotes.

Abr 7, 12:36 pm

>146 jessibud2: Time gives me the clarity that only comes when the days and the months and the years pile up on each other so you can stand on top of it all and have an unobstructed view.

Awomen, Sister Jane, awomen. Wonderful stuff, Shelley, thanks for sharing it.

Editado: Abr 8, 8:31 am

>147 Caroline_McElwee: - She is a wonderful singer-songwriter, Caroline. I have seen her live a few times and as crazy and funny as she is, naturally, her songs are often melancholy and profound. Some of her more famous ones include *Insensitive* and *Good Mother*. I also went to a show of hers at Christmas time, and though I am not Christian, I have always loved Christmas songs. She has a powerful voice and her renditions of those beloved songs made the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Insensitive (with Anne Murray!)

The Christmas Song

I Would Die For You:

>148 richardderus: - I felt that way, too, Richard. Jann has a way with words, no doubt about it. Once, she was a guest speaker at the Spring Home Show, of all things. She was talking about how spring just does something to the soul that's been cooped up all winter. She said, take advantage of it! Don't call in sick, call in well! Hello, I'm too well and happy to come into work today". I am still laughing at that one!

Edited to add that I found this lovely interview Jann had when this book came out. She talks about the book itself and herself. (Allow a couple of minutes to get past the intro of the program):

Abr 7, 1:17 pm

>149 jessibud2: Just had a listen, agree, nice voice.

Ha, like the idea of calling in well.

Abr 8, 8:05 am

>150 Caroline_McElwee: - Yes, Caroline, that still resonates!

Phew, indeed!

Wordle 658 6/6 meaty, pious, fence, dente, hedge, ledge


Abr 8, 8:10 am

Jann Arden's TV series was fun to watch( very loosely based on her life)

Abr 8, 8:54 am

I never watched her tv show, Cyrel, not sure why. I just edited in to my thread >149 jessibud2: a lovely interview she did with Steve Paikin, after the release of the book. Worth the listen, for sure.

Abr 8, 10:51 am

Well, today is bright and sunny. Still too cold for my liking but looking at next week's forecast, it shows sun for 7 straight days and temps into the upper teens and even 20s C!!! (it's 0 degrees now as I speak). Be still my heart. I may even treat myself to a trip to the garden centre, which, truth be told, holds as much control over my will power as a trip to a bookstore. Yes, it's true.

I am preparing myself by washing out some of my planter pots and maybe I will even remove the covers on my patio table and chairs and arbour today! I actually have a cold right now but I think fresh air, however chilly, might be a good idea. I have 2 books I plan to finish this weekend but they can wait for a bit, while the sun is shining! Haven't seen much of that orb in quite awhile!

Abr 8, 6:14 pm

The ice hotel pictures are gorgeous!

Abr 9, 7:44 am

>155 banjo123: - Thanks, Rhonda.

Today's wordle was tricky!

Wordle 659 4/6 meaty, pious, quasi, snafu. I actually tried *shamu* but it wasn't accepted. Am I remembering that word as the name of some cartoon character, maybe?


Editado: Abr 9, 9:35 am

My chickadees are back! And the goldfinches are getting *golder* by the day! Yesterday I had a few goldfinches, a red-breasted nuthatch and a male downy on the feeder all at the same time. I wasn't fast enough with the camera but in truth, the new phone (Samsung) has a lousy camera. Very disappointing. Zooming even a tad renders pics fuzzy. I may have to start toting around my Canon camera again. What a pain in the ass to have to add the weight to my purse.

The weather is gorgeous and getting warmer by the day.

Edited to add that right now, there is a goldfinch on the feeder and a junco and Mr. Cardinal on the ground beneath it!

Abr 9, 10:18 am

I just finished The Happiest man on Earth, a memoir by Eddie Jaku. Published in 2020, when he was 100 years old, it is the story of his survival during the Holocaust. How he managed to survive the many many trials and tribulations he endured, is remarkable. His engineering skills and his youth (he was only 18 the first time he was arrested and taken to a camp), are certainly part of it. But also, his determination and positive attitude, and a good friend, were also factors. His refusal to hate (that would a difficult one, for me, I can tell you), also. He says he doesn't hate anyone but with the caveat that he also can't forgive or forget. So he teaches, and advocates for peace and happiness.

I also just listened to his TED talk and a short interview with an Australian interviewer (he moved to Australia in 1950) and his words say it all much better than I can:

Ted talk:

interview: Remembering Eddie Jaku :

Eddie Jaku died in 2021, at the age of 101. A life well lived is the very best revenge.

Abr 9, 11:18 am

>156 jessibud2: I was lucky with today’s word and got it in 3. (shamu was one of the old Sea World orcas, I think .)

That’s a shame about your Samsung. I wonder if it isn’t defective, because I had one a few years ago that took good pics, and I know they’ve improved since then. Or supposedly they did.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

Abr 10, 1:39 am

>146 jessibud2:If I Knew Then - Finding Wisdom in Failure and Power in Aging sounds really interesting. I'll check and see if it is at my library. And of course, I am familiar with Jann Arden. I'm glad to read that your weather is improving and that you will soon be at the garden centre. Our weather is rainy but a decent temperature. I had look in a garden centre yesterday, but as I was walking Poppy, I did not buy anything, but I took a few pictures for when I get back there.Pleased to read that you are getting so many in your birds in your bird feeder.

Abr 10, 10:01 am

>159 Storeetllr: - I plan to make a call today, Mary, though who knows if they will even answer, as it's Easter Monday. I also got my bill today and it's higher than usual. I have to check that though it may be due to changing the phone before the contract was up. Always something...

>160 vancouverdeb: - Hi Deb. Starting today, I think we will be having a full week of sun and increasing temps, into the low to mid-20sC by week's end. For sure a garden centre visit is in the plans! And yes, Jann Arden is always interesting. Did you ever see her with Rick Mercer? The two of them, together, craziness!! But fun!

Abr 10, 10:01 am

Wordle 660 5/6 meaty, pious, chute, quell, under


Abr 11, 7:45 am

Wordle 661 4/6 meaty, pious, unarm, qualm. Odd, I don't think I ever heard this word used as a singular, only as plural.
Learn something new every day...


Abr 11, 9:23 pm

No, Shelley, I did not see Jann Arden with Rick Mercer, but I sure enjoyed The Rick Mercer Show, I think Rick Mercer got his start on This Hour has 22 Minutes. He's a fun guy!

Abr 11, 10:18 pm

>164 vancouverdeb: - Oh Deb, they are hilarious together. She has been on his show many times. Here's an example:

He can bare keep it together in this one.

I also love Rick Mercer. I remember him from 22 Minutes. Boy, that was a long time ago!

Abr 12, 8:24 am

Wordle 662 6/6 meaty, pious, favor, moral, koran, borax. Interesting. Is wordle now allowing proper nouns? I only got it because I thought Koran was a proper noun and when I couldn't think of anything else to fit the pattern, I tried borax, which I thought was a brand name, and therefore, a proper noun. A stretch for sure.


Abr 12, 9:45 am

>166 jessibud2: I only knew it as a proper noun, too. I looked it up before I guessed it. It's a substance:

Abr 12, 10:17 am

>167 kac522: - Well, we learn something new every day, Kathy! I sure did. But I wonder about *koran* being accepted. That was my second to last guess and I always thought that was capitalized as a proper noun. Maybe not, I guess

Abr 12, 10:50 am

Hi Shelley! Hoping you're having a wonderful reading experience of a week.

Editado: Abr 12, 11:30 am

>166 jessibud2: I also went with a religious book for one of my guesses today but I did torah, which was also accepted. :)

Abr 12, 2:48 pm

>170 MickyFine: - Head smack! I never even thought of that one, duh! Shame on me! lol

Editado: Abr 12, 3:02 pm

I spent way too much money at the garden centre yesterday. Here is what I bought. These flowers in the boxes will get potted this afternoon:

I bought these 2 hanging pots of ivy which I think will work on my arbour. I may move them up a bit once I get the rest of my arbour organized:

And here is my newest hellebore. It is the 4th I have and probably the last as my space is limited in the shade corner. The oldest of my other 3 isn't looking very good, though and I will have to wait and see if it has survived the winter. I just love these perennial beauties:

And, off I go to putter!

Editado: Maio 9, 7:26 am

>169 richardderus: - Hi Richard! I just started another book, which I am finding pretty fun and fascinating, called Your Call Is Important to Us: The truth About Bullshit. What's particularly funny (if not scary) is that it was published in 2005, long before the trump era yet already, just a few pages in, it sounds like she (author) could be writing about him and the fake news era we are currently wading in (a term that wasn't even invented then). Stay tuned...

Abr 12, 10:03 pm

Gorgeous spring plants, Shelley. I've yet to get any plants. I've looked, but Dave drives the SUV that has a area to put the plants. My Toyota Corolla, as much I love my car, I'm afraid plants would tip over in the car or the passenger seat. Not as warm yet here, but very nice a warm enough. I wore short sleeves and a light windbreaker jacket today.

I watched Rich Mercer and Jann Arden >165 jessibud2:. I laughed out loud myself ! As for your having Purdy's just ten minutes away, yes that is dangerous! I try to stay away from the one that is a 15 minute drive from me.

Abr 12, 10:25 pm

Today's Wordle was tough!!!!

Abr 12, 10:30 pm

Re Wordle, i think it will "let" you use proper nouns and even words that aren't words, but they won't be correct. I don't know this for sure but, unlike Quordle on the Merriam-Webster site, Wordle doesn't turn red or anything to indicate that the word you've entered - but not yet submitted - isn't a legitimate word. Sometimes I just try letter variations hoping something will jar my brain. That's how I got today's.

>167 kac522: I also looked it up before I submitted it. So I learned something today! 😀

Editado: Abr 13, 10:26 am

>174 vancouverdeb:- Deb, my last car was a Corolla. I now have a Nissan Versa, my first hatch back and though they are pretty much the same size car, I love and will forever, going forward, get a hatch back. To prevent plants (and groceries) from tipping over in the car, I use boxes to put them in. It helps a lot. Sometimes garden centres will provide them or you can just get them from supermarkets.
Yep, Jann and Rick are a hoot. You know it's funny when Rick himself cracks up uncontrollably.

>175 EBT1002:, >176 EBT1002:- Ellen, I have actually noticed that if you try to enter a word that isn't really a word, wordle will tell you so and not allow it to be entered. I have tried, lol. Try it and see if that happens for you, just enter a random combo of letters. That's how I knew today's was OK, in the end. It wasn't rejected.

Abr 13, 7:39 am

>172 jessibud2: You got some lovely flowers, Shelley, and the Helleborus is very beautiful.

Abr 13, 7:43 am

Wordle 663 5/6 meaty, pious, track, cards, carat. Again, I flubbed that third guess, not paying attention. I also thought carat was spelled with a *k*, karat


Abr 13, 7:45 am

>178 FAMeulstee: - Thanks, Anita. I love hellebores. Once the others flower, I will take photos of them too. I have one I bought 2 years ago that has the same marking as this new one but in white with the pink markings, Another is a deep burgundy, solid colour

Abr 13, 9:43 am

Sweet Thursday, Shelley. Love the flowers. They are going to look gorgeous and congrats on spotting the chipping sparrow. I have not seen one this year.

Abr 13, 9:54 am

>172 jessibud2: It's a beauty, that one. Calling it "Rio Carnival" seems odd since I didn't think hellebores grew in Rio, but it gets right to the point of such beautiful coloring.

Abr 13, 11:11 am

>172 jessibud2: Lovely Shelley.

Abr 13, 2:24 pm

Loving the flowers! It is certainly tempting to make a visit to the garden centre with these warm temperatures. Just be careful, next week it is supposed to cool down a bit. Happy planting :)

Abr 13, 5:05 pm

>172 jessibud2: Oooh! Spring gardening time! My favorite time of the year! Beautiful flowers and plants! Can’t wait to see what you do with the arbor.

Abr 13, 5:32 pm

Thanks, Mark, Richard, Caroline, Anita and Mary. It reached 29C today, 27C yesterday and will be 27C tomorrow, too. While it was pleasant to be gardening, it worries me that it is so hot so soon. It's only April! It will cool down over the weekend and will only reach a high of 8C Monday and Tuesday. In fact, just from this morning, I think I was in the sun too long and now have a headache. I will have to pace myself tomorrow. I am not a hat person so I have to remember to work in the front in the morning (when the sun is in the back, and the back in the afternoon, when the sun moves to the front. I did buy 2 pansy bowls today (they can stand cooler temps well) and that's it till May for me, as far as purchasing. No veggies till then, for sure. I will spend the ret of my gardening time cleaning up, adding compost and fresh soil to the garden and maybe splitting a few plants and relocating them. Much easier to do now, before everything starts growing. I also need to cut back a lot of dead stuff. I have done some but not all. No complaints, as I love doing this. I just hope that this summer isn't too hot to sit outside and read, in my little oasis.

Abr 13, 7:10 pm

>166 jessibud2: One of the rare occasions I didn't play yesterday and it was probably a good job too because I might not have gotten that one.

Abr 13, 8:49 pm

>187 PaulCranswick:- I have found the last few days to be hard and even, somewhat odd words in wordle, Paul.

Abr 14, 12:56 am

Send some of that heat out west, Shelley. We have been below regular temperatures for weeks now. I loved the pictures of the ice hotel and your latest of the plants your warm weather enticed you to buy. Are those pics from your phone or have you resorted to a camera?

Editado: Abr 14, 8:46 pm

>189 Familyhistorian: - Hi Meg. They are from my phone. What I have done is email the pics to myself then drag them to my desktop and can then upload from there to LT. I am even able to attach pics to texts now. Not sure what, if anything, I did differently, but when I first got the new phone, I was not able to do that. And now I can. I don't question...

Abr 14, 7:26 am

Wordle 664 5/6 meaty, pious, their, thine, thief


Abr 14, 8:05 am

Great plants, Shelley. I was talking about gardening with a friend, and she reminded me that we are only in mid-April, too soon to get stuff in the ground here, even though the weather has been warm.

Abr 14, 8:18 am

>192 BLBera: - The rule of thumb here, Beth, is usually nothing in the ground before the May long weekend (weekend of May 24th, in Canada). But since it's been so warm here this week, I will put my new hellebore into the ground today so it gets established. Then I will spend the rest of today raking up winter debris, adding compost and some fresh soil and working it into the garden, and cutting back what's left of the winter dead stuff. I need to water too since we haven't had rain at all this week and won't, before Sunday. I have only actually bought flowers that can take cooler temps as it will get much cooler next week before it warms up again. This weather is such a tease and hard to resist for weaker-willed people like me. And though it feels lovely, it's also worrisome, because of climate change. Not to mention how confusing and possibly disruptive it must be for birds and wildlife, whose cycles depend on day length and temperature.

Abr 14, 8:30 am

Beautiful plants! It is strange that we have had such really temperatures. I finally made an appointment to get my winter tires taken off.

Abr 14, 7:00 pm

>194 torontoc: - Me too, Cyrel but it will be after I get back from Montreal. I will be there next week.

I worked all day - ALL DAY! - in my garden. Mostly just amending soil. I cut back the rest of the dead stuff, aerated the soil a bit, removed a few old plants that simply have had their day and looked like they didn't make it this year. Then I slowly added some fresh soil, then some compost, mixed it up a bit then watered. That was in the front, this morning, when the sun was in the back. It was lovely to work there then. Quiet street, the lightest breeze and at one point, the red-breasted nuthatch, so flighty most of the time, was on the feeder, inches from my nose and he just looked at me. I said hello, he grabbed a seed and left. I rarely get that close!

After lunch, I moved to the back. Much harder work there and I think I have come to accept the fact that I really can't do this work any more. My lilac tree is in what I call my shade corner. It's a very tiny space and rather hard for me to squeeze myself in to get under the tree to clean up. The lilac, gifted to me 22 years ago as a housewarming gift by a friend, when it was itself quite tiny, a mere *shrub* brought to me in a small box, has grown enormous and now has 4 or 5 very solid trunks. It has also sent out a network of little roots. Little surface roots, that is. I foolishly decided I would pull them out. Ha! Anyhow, long story short, I did my best. I think the tree won but I still managed to get the space looking half decent. Then I did the same as I had done in front this morning, regarding the soil. I also decided to get the new hellebore into the ground. I originally wanted it in the back of that space, against the fence but I just could not contort myself to squeeze in there so it's now in the front of the space, closer, unfortunately, to the lilac. I hope it does ok there. Time will tell. One of the other hellebores is already flowering, one has buds and the oldest one, well, fingers crossed. I cut off the leaves that looked sad and gross and will hope for the best. Then I watered.

I was going to start on the other side of the patio but I was just too tired. Maybe tomorrow. If I can move tomorrow...

I will upload photos later on tonight. Watch this space...

Abr 14, 8:23 pm

>190 jessibud2: Good to see you got your phone photos working, Shelley. Yes, no need to question how if it works. There seem to be a lot of things like that. I'm looking forward to your garden photos.

Abr 15, 10:51 am

Wordle 665 3/6 meaty, pious, agony


Abr 15, 2:34 pm

When you're done, can you come down here and help me with my garden? LOL. I am waiting for some more warm weather to see if a few plants are going to make it or not. Did the leaf collection and aerating. Still need to add some fresh soil...Some day. But not today! : )

Editado: Abr 15, 6:55 pm

My front garden, before I cleaned it up. I live in a townhouse with postage-stamp sized front and back space.

And after:
The yellow pot in the last photo contains 2 Dahlia tubers I found in my garage. No idea if they are even viable but I figured I'd plant them in a pot and see. Well, they didn't last 24 hours. When I went outside this morning, they had been dug up and left for dead by - I'm sure - the resident bushy-tailed rodents. Oh well. I usually fill in the empty spaces with pots of colourful annuals.

The daffodils I planted last fall, and a closeup. They have white and yellow petals and are very pretty:

Editado: Abr 15, 10:38 pm

My little shade garden in the back:
The lilac tree with its multiple trunks is on the left. The new hellebore, front and centre with the small dark burgundy hellebore, already flowering, to its right. The pretty pink and white one is at the back, right side, not flowering yet but the buds are popping up through the soil and the one I fear may not make it (but we'll see) is at the back left, sort of behind the lilac. The other tree is a burning bush. Both trees are full of blooms at the moment! I like to fill in the rest of that empty space (later on, once it gets warm enough) with pots of annuals, coleus being my favourites. There are so many varieties of coleus and I love their colours and textures. That space is my favourite of my whole garden.

A couple of the flowers I potted. A beautiful ranuncula and the other, I forget...

Abr 15, 6:55 pm

>199 jessibud2: Wow! You certainly did a lot of work...and in that heatwave that we have to boot. the garden looks beautiful!

Editado: Abr 15, 7:04 pm

And, from the *can't make this up* file. My basement windows are below the ground and I have window well covers to prevent stuff from getting down there. A few years ago when I had the excavation to repair the foundation after the tree roots cracked it, they rebuilt the backyard a bit higher. They left the old window well frame and its cover down there and just put in a larger one around it. Well, the other day, I lifted the cover to try to scoop out some junk and wedged between the old and new frames, I saw... pine cones. Not just a few. A ton! I got down on my knees (using my gardening kneeling cushion) and started removing them to put them in the yard waste bag. It was a tight squeeze and I don't have small hands. I now have a bruise on my arm from trying to get at the darn things. 132 and counting!! There are still some I can see at the bottom that I simply can't reach. What I'd love to know is how the damn squirrels got them in there. The window well is covered. And the cover is kind of heavy. I am beginning to believe they are a species of higher intelligence....

Abr 15, 10:25 pm

Great photos! And what a lot of work.We're supposed to get snow tomorrow, so no gardening for me in the next little while.

Abr 16, 8:14 am

>198 Berly: - Ha! Because I am heading back to Montreal tomorrow, the gardens will have to survive without me for the next week.

>201 figsfromthistle: - Thanks, Anita. It sure was hot this past week and because of that, I got a lot less done than I had hoped. But the cool down is beginning and we will get rain, too, which makes me happy as I won't be here to water next week!

>203 BLBera: - Snow! Eek. We are cooling down next week but not that far down! (I hope!)

Abr 16, 8:16 am

Pulled this one out of a hat!

Wordle 666 4/6 meaty, pious, tread, dwelt


My *official* streak will end this coming week because I always wordle on my laptop. When I am away, I use my phone or tablet to play but the streak doesn't carry over on those devices. I don't much care because *I* will know if I keep it going but it is kind of annoying that it won't show that way in the stats. Oh well.

Abr 16, 8:32 am

Happy Sunday, Shelley and good luck with those pine cones. Yikes. Back to cool, damp weather here in Chicagoland.

Editado: Abr 16, 12:56 pm

Great photos Shelley. The pinecone story made me smile. Squirrels not really being the brightest critters!

Abr 16, 3:42 pm

Hi Shelley my dear, Great gardening photos and you are making the most of your limited space.

Abr 16, 6:58 pm

Beautiful gardening photos, Shelley! I'm hoping to get to the garden centre still. Yes, your suggestion of a hatchback car is great one. 29 C already in your area! Not us, but we do get the mild winters. Best wishes travelling to see your mom tomorrow. I hope all goes well. Currently we are focussed on decluttering to make room for a new couch and a couple of new chairs for our living room. We've gotten rid of our old couch, about 100 books! argh - some of which were Dave's. Tuesday I am off to dentist as I discovered a crack in my lower incisor. Ugh. And then I have to do both my and Dave's taxes. Oh well.

Abr 17, 8:58 am

Wordle 667 5/6 meaty, pious, chick, whirl, whiff


Editado: Abr 19, 6:58 am

>206 msf59: - Yeah, Mark, weird for sure. And here's another weird story. I went to the pharmacy yesterday and it's in a shopping plaza. Right there, on the median where cars drive by and beside a parking lot, a Canada goose had built her nest and was sitting on eggs. Someone had been kind enough to put a dog bowl of water next to her and I even saw her drinking but honestly, what could she have been thinking, to build a nest THERE!? She herself seemed undisturbed by the cars driving by and parking within feet of her but how on earth will her chicks survive there once they hatch? I did take some pics but I can't upload them now because I am leaving soon to head to Mtl again.

>207 Caroline_McElwee: - On the contrary, Caroline. Our squirrels seem to be smart, smart enough to confound us mere humans!

>208 johnsimpson: - Thanks, John.

>209 vancouverdeb: - Well, Deb, it's 8C this morning and only going up to 10. Last week was just a big fat tease! Good luck with the decluttering and congrats on the new furniture!

Abr 18, 9:22 am

Got wordle in 4 today
meaty, pious, dough, hound

Abr 18, 12:48 pm

Hi Shelley! Lots of fun stuff going on here.

The pine cone hideout your squirrels used made me smile. How clever. But could they even get those pinecones out of there?

It’s been cold here for days, and even now it’s chilly and windy. But 27C is too much of a good thing! Lovely Hellebores, you have planted. Do you know that bumblebees love them?

>211 jessibud2: Ducks and Geese can be pretty stupid. Someone will have to rescue her ducklings after they have hatched.

Abr 19, 7:08 am

Hi Ella. Re the pinecones hideout. I wondered the same thing. Wondered, too, how they got them in there in the first place! When the lid is down (as it always is) it's heavy for ME to lift and and I can't really see a gap big enough to even push pinecones through. Ah, the mysteries of the animal kingdom...😁

Thanks for the info re bees and hellebores. I did not know that but am happy to hear it. I am trying to plant things that are good for the environment (e.g., local, not invasive, insect friendly) and last year I planted something that was gorgeous and always had a lot of bees on it. I will check the name when I get home, as I can't remember offhand.

I am sure you are right about the goose chicks. What makes it worse is that geese can be very nasty and aggressive if they feel threatened and can be dangerous to people. They are quite big and if they charge at someone, can really do damage. When I get home on Friday, I may try to phone the wildlife centŕe and let them know about this situation and see if they can do anything before it gets to that point.

Abr 19, 7:13 am

I got wordle in 4 again.

meaty, pious, trump, thump. I truly did not want to use that third word but it was the only thing that came to mind when I saw that I had 4 of the letters after my second guess. I was sure that NYT hated *him* and maybe thought that their readers did too and therefore would not choose that word in order to trick us. Well, thankfully, it wasn't that word!

Editado: Abr 19, 9:52 am

Hi Shelley. Thanks for keeping my thread warm while I couldn't "do" computers.
I loved your Ice Hotel tour and tge story. I thought you'd gone to Finland! (or somewhere). I don't remember the country but I think there's an ice hotel in Europe. I felt cold looking at the idea of sleeping on a rock-hard ice bed!

Gorgeous spring flowers too. We're in the middle of a spring snowstorm (started yesterday). Not unusual and our province was so dry, I think we all welcome the moisture. Not very cold at all but it does slow down the gardening activities. >199 jessibud2: Love those daffs with the frilly centres.

Abr 19, 12:31 pm

>202 jessibud2: They're Squirrels, The Greatest Hiders in existence today. But *1*3*2* of them! Yowza!

Editado: Abr 19, 1:54 pm

>217 richardderus:- yep. Truth. ;-p

>216 SandyAMcPherson:- Hi Sandy. I think the original Ice Hotel is in Sweden. It really wasn't bad and not uncomfortable.
Weather here is still chilly. I heard there was a bit of snow, and sleet in Toronto but it won't last. We really don't do real gardening till Victoria Day weekend in May, when it's pretty safe from frost at night. Last week was truly an anomaly. I did a lot of walking here in Mtl yesterday and while it was chilly, it was OK.

I hope your vertigo is gone by now. Not fun at all, I know.

Abr 19, 1:45 pm

Great garden pictures, Shelley. I like the two tone daffodils. Amazing about the pine cones, they are amazing beasts. I watched a squirrel climb up a picture window once on the glass. Scary critters.

Good luck in Montreal. A friend near Ottawa just let me know it was snowing there.

Abr 20, 8:56 am

>219 Familyhistorian:- yes they are, Meg. Still cute in my eyes, but I'd prefer to admire them from a distance, not on my property.

meaty, pious, plate. Easy for me today, given that my first 2 words pretty much handed me what I needed on a plate.

Abr 21, 10:08 am

meaty, pious,bylaw, kayak

Abr 22, 9:57 am

Home, and back on my laptop, and I just broke my streak. Too many options.

Wordle 672 X/6 meaty, pious, whole, grove, froze, drone. I might have got there eventually, if I had say, 6 more guesses


Abr 22, 10:50 am

I know I need to start a new thread. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow. I need today to unwind. it's gray and drizzly here. I also need to get to the supermarket at some point but that too, may wait.

The week in Montreal with my mum was ok, as it goes. Her memory and language gaps (word retrieval, following a conversation, processing information) continue to diminish. Once in a blue moon, she has a moment of clarity and is alarmed, herself, telling me she *thinks she's losing it!*. I hired a *companion* for her, 4 hours a day (afternoons), 3 days a week. She takes her to activities or just downstairs to sit and socialize. That is priceless to me as it gets her out of her room and prevents her from sleeping 24/7. Also, it's someone who will monitor and make sure my mother remembers about using the brakes on her walker properly, something she is doing less and less, on her own. She texts me after each day, and reports, and I met her in person this week and she is a delight. Whew!

I also spoke to the head of nursing again this week and now there is a notice in my mother's room as well as all the staff, on all shifts, have been informed that they now have to go into her room to get her for meals and not just call from the door. I told her that I am aware and I accept, that my mother can fall at any time and it wouldn't be anyone's fault. But calling her for meals is a preventable fall time. It takes just an extra 30 seconds of their day to go into her room and make sure the gets up from the sofa or chair safely. The head of nursing was appalled when I told her this wasn't happening. She said it's part of their job and should be part of the routine. Same as getting her into bed early (by 7 pm) because if she is tired and no one is there at that time to help her, she tries to get herself into bed and that is another prime time for a fall. Something I stressed from day one when we moved her there. Dina, the head of nursing, said, this too, will happen moving forward and I should let her know immediately if it isn't. The one staff that I had issues with, had told me on more than one occasion, that she would come get my mother ready, after she finishes her break. To me this was unacceptable, that she should take her break while my mother waits. How about having a break after my mother is safe? I really hate to go to the expense of having cameras installed in the room (some do have that) not only because of the expense, but because it signals lack of trust on my part. I hope it will be enough to have Dina *update* the staff on their responsibilities and it won't have to come to that. I can't tell you how much I hated having to do this, talk to her at all. Most of the staff are very good, a few are outstanding, but the evening staff, it seems, not so much. And no one sees them, when they are with my mother, one on one. And unfortunately, my mother can't tell me if I ask her anything, how things are going. I worry that they will be mad at me for opening my mouth and take it out on her. Of course, they shouldn't, if they are professional, but they are also human and we all know how humans are.

And then, there is public transit. I had a couple of appointments with the accountant, for her taxes. I had to go back on Thursday to sign and finish up. No problem getting there, one bus, one short subway ride, one hour total. You'd think, logically, that getting from point A to point B, you simply do the reverse, to get back to point A. Well, Montreal is known for it's constant construction and traffic messes. You would think, expect, that if bus routes are detoured or changed, the drivers ought to know about this, wouldn't you? Silly me, I certainly thought that. Very long and aggravating story short, apparently not. It took me 4 buses (because drivers kept giving me the wrong info!), and over 2 and a half hours, and a lot of walking, to get back. Thank goodness for the kindness of passengers or I'd still be walking. Thank goodness for the great weather that particular day, sun, no rain, so perfect for walking. The very last driver also refused to look at me, or even attempt to communicate in English (I know, it's Quebec but most drivers do, especially when I say I am not from Montreal and don't know the streets). By that point, I was so frustrated, I asked (perhaps a bit louder than I normally would), if there was a single bus driver in the city capable of giving correct info to passengers. He started to remind me about the rule of not harrassing the driver. What a bastard. I asked him, calmly but sarcastically, and how about the passengers. Another passenger at that point, came up to me and told me the stop I need to get off, which was all I was asking. As I left the bus I turned to the driver and said, VERY sarcastically, thanks for ALL your help. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Someone said I should have got the bus number and reported him. I never thought of it but it would have been a waste of my time and energy as no one there cares, and I know it.

And - sort of funny but not in the moment - I finally got home yesterday to find no connectivity in the house. No tv, landline or internet. I called my server (on my cell) and asked if there was a problem in the area, which is usually the case when this happens. He checked and said no, then asked me to check to see if the modem was plugged in. I looked behind the tv, where the power bar is and guess what? Modem is unplugged. I plugged it back in and voila! All is up and running. Now, I can't blame Theo this time. It was Owen! And how do I know this? Because I have a great catsitter, who rats them out! She told me she had seen Theo in the living room staring at the blank tv. She was curious so she just waited and suddenly, Owen's paw popped out from behind the tv. He must have managed to dislodge the modem plug.

Never a dull moment around here. Next on the list for the handyman: create a cover or something for the power bar so it can't happen again.

And yes, I bought books. And no, I didn't finish a single one of the 4
I brought with me. C'est la vie.

I did sleep well in my own bed last night!

Abr 22, 11:33 am

>223 jessibud2: A lot of aggravation and anxiety there, Shelley. But the catsitter who rats out the scoundrels gave me a smile. I hope you could chuckle a little too.

Abr 22, 12:20 pm

>223 jessibud2: - Hi Linda. Yes, my catsitter is a keeper. Once, she told me she saw Owen on the counter, trying to get more food, "But you didn't hear that from me!" she said. And, when she told me Theo's bowl was empty, "but that doesn't necessarily mean that HE ate it, because we know Owen is an opportunist!". Yes, I did chuckle. Anything to do with these cats (well, most things), makes me laugh.

Abr 22, 1:11 pm

>223 jessibud2: All very frustrating Shelley. You do an amazing job for your mom, and don't need all the extra hassle.

We have some problems here with bus drivers too, most are pretty sullen. It stands out when someone is kind, courteous, not the other way around. I grew up around bus drivers, and that never used to be the case.

Abr 22, 1:41 pm

>223 jessibud2: Wow! What a trip! Glad your mum is relatively okay and you are safely back home. Rest up and get back out there in the garden. That'll put a smile on your face.

For me, tomorrow is the International Day of the Book street festival in Kensington, Maryland. I am chair of the Bookcrossing tent. This will be the firtst book festival we've done in FOUR years due to pandemic. I am so excited! We have collected over 1,400 books to give away for free. It's always such a fun event.

I've been doing this festival since it started. At the first festival, I was the sole Bookcrosser with 25 books on a card table. Now, all of BCinDC is there with many more books. Fortunately, the weather outlook is good...which often can make or break the festival. I am so glad I don't have to deal with masks at the festival this year as it's all outdoors. Masks are no longer required anywhere...even in my Kaiser health facility.

Abr 22, 3:11 pm

Hi Shelley! Sorry for all the frustrations. Your mom is lucky to have you looking out for her.

Abr 22, 5:09 pm

>223 jessibud2: I am so aware of that "some staff are good and some just do the minimum" issue. I expect you doing the hard thing and having the conversation with Dina will have the desired effect. No manager is ever eager to have a potential reference/referral think poorly of their facility.

Back to the books at last.


Editado: Abr 23, 7:32 am

>226 Caroline_McElwee: - Thanks, Caroline. To be honest, this particular driver just rude. Most, I find, are not. Most are helpful and fine. The fact that I had been given wrong information on the previous 3 buses, made me just lose patience by the time I got on this guy's bus. My reaction and what I said to him is very out of character for me. But he had it coming, for sure.

>227 SqueakyChu: - Madeline, I hope everything goes well today. It's amazing what you do! I love outdoor fairs. We have *Word on the Street* here in Toronto every September, which is similar to what yours sounds like. Enjoy!

>228 banjo123: - Thanks, Rhonda!

>229 richardderus: - You are exactly right, Richard. The main problem with lazy or disinterested staff is that, one, many if not most, are unionized so it's hard to simply get rid of them if they are not good. And also, staffing is always a problem. Being short-staffed seems to be a chronic problem. For sure, no one should be there just for the pay cheque. When working with vulnerable people, be they children, seniors or sick or disabled people, a certain personality and qualities are required: compassion, kindness, gentleness, humour. As I said, in my mother's case, most of the staff I have met and interacted with are fine, a few, outstanding. But not all. Dina, the head nurse, told me of one case where they wanted to fire someone on another floor because she was awful and her union fought it and won. How frustrating is that?! And wrong! As a teacher, I was part of a union (no choice there), and I have very mixed feelings about them. But I won't go into that now.

Abr 23, 7:30 am

Wordle 673 4/6 meaty, pious, unpin, unzip


Abr 23, 1:27 pm

Shelley, I'm sorry your week with your mum was full of frustration. And I'm glad you were there to observe how things are going and make some adjustments in how the staff are caring for her, especially around fall risk.

I'm glad your connectivity is back up and running!

Abr 23, 1:41 pm

>230 jessibud2: There is no single answer to the issue that makes unions desirable, but the tension will always throw up problems for the families as well as the cared-for souls. I hope you have indeed solved the issue that led to the conversation.

Editado: Abr 23, 6:12 pm

Despite all the frustrations with the staff, you are really lucky to have someone you trust to be companion to your mum 3 days a week AND lets you know how she's doing. When my mother was at the end, she refused to leave her house, which we agreed to honor; but she needed 24-hour care, so she had a vast rotation of people, making it hard to know if they were good, bad or indifferent. This only lasted about 6 weeks until she died, but it was constant phone calls and arranging on my end (from work) and very stressful.

Abr 23, 7:35 pm

>230 jessibud2: We had a fabulous book festival. The day was mostly bright and sunny except for a 30 minute rainshower near the end of the day. We released about 1,500 books in all. It was so nice not wearing masks and being able to talk to people. I missed those days so much. We will do a repeat in May when my same Bookcrossing group will do the Gaithersburg Book Festival in Gaithersburg, Maryland. WEell have to start collecting more books...starting today! :D

Abr 24, 3:07 am

Hi Shelley! You really had a stressful time, with trying to get your mother well cared for. You are doing your very best for her, and that companion you found for her sounds like a very good one.
The situation with the buses is just what you don’t need at such a moment! Sounds like some bad management there.
I hope you can unwind and relax a bit now.

Abr 24, 9:18 am

>232 EBT1002: - Thanks, Ellen

>233 richardderus: - Well, I wish it were that easy. Dina, the head nurse, put up a sign in my mum's room, reminding staff that she needs to be in bed by 7 pm. Last night, I phoned to say good night, starting at 6:45 and by 7:15, there was still no answer in the room. I will call again today and... here we go. Maybe I need to be a bit less anal, but on the other hand, all it's going to take is one fall, and then what? Even if I were to know who was responsible for not being there at the time, what good would that do, after the fact? The union protects the worker, not the patient/resident. It's just one big fat stress.

>234 kac522: - Yes, Kathy, this lady seems to be very good. I know from last year, before we moved my mum to where she is now, I had hired someone through an agency for just 2 weeks and it ended up being a rotation of people. Not ideal, though only one of those was bad, the others were good. I guess it's luck of the draw. This one is independent and seems very honest, too. For example, we initially thought to do Mon, Wed, Fri. After the first week, she actually told me it was a waste of my money for Friday as nothing was going on and maybe M, Tu and Th would be better (re taking my mother downstairs to activities). *My money*. She didn't need to tell me that, it wasn't to her benefit, but she did.

>235 SqueakyChu: - So happy to hear this, Madeline! Congrats!

>236 EllaTim: - Thanks, Ella. I am trying. If our weather would only warm up, I could get back to the garden. It's only going up to 6C today and that's in between rain showers. Oh well, it will happen eventually. I have been checking and at least none of the flowers I bought 2 weeks ago have died. That's a good sign!

Abr 24, 9:20 am

Wordle 674 4/6 meaty, pious, girth, ditto. I wasn't paying attention in guess 3, and I had to walk away and come back but I did get it without bombing.


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PSA: Richard, skip this post!

I went to PetSmart yesterday to get some litter and made the mistake of walking by the adoption centre. Lucky for me, I already have Theo and Owen because if I didn't, it could have definitely been a very expensive visit. There were 3 10-week old kittens in one cubicle. You'd never know it by looking at them but they were from the same litter. One, all black (I always wanted a black cat, never had one), one all white with big orange patch markings and a totally orange tail, and one tabby, brown and orange markings. I totally fell in love with them. Of course, I would never have really adopted them (getting Theo as a 9-month old was crazy enough; having 3 energetic kittens would be insane at this point in my life). Two at a time is also my limit, as I do have asthma and it has not been aggravated by 2 but I wouldn't want to push that luck. Of course, being litter mates, I hope they get adopted together and are not separated. There is much to be said about keeping siblings together. But, OMG, they were adorable!!

Abr 25, 1:31 am

>239 jessibud2: Oh they are darling, Shelley! I can see how it was hard to pass them by! Wise to know your limits, though. There is Boselys' / Tisol's / Petsmart about 1/2 a mile from us. Poppy loves to go there, and today she and Dave headed in to the store and Poppy picked out her own treat. Grabbed some chew stick and Dave purchased it for her. She knows the clerks there, and they know here. Dave said she seemed a littler reluctant to walk far this morning as it was raining, but when he asked it she would like to see Linda, one of the clerks, she pulled Dave along her leash. It's surprising how much animals understand.

So sorry to hear about your travails with the bus driver and your mom's care home. It must be so hard, but you can rest easy knowing your are doing everything you can. Okay, maybe not rest easy, but try to so.
Wishing you some relaxing stress free days ahead. And happy gardening. So far Dave and I have not got anything at our townhouse and I feel it we need some colour.

Abr 25, 8:29 am

>239 jessibud2: They are very adorable!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Abr 25, 9:04 am

>240 vancouverdeb: - That's so funny, Deb, and yes, they understand a lot more than we give them credit for!

>241 figsfromthistle: - Thanks, Anita

Wordle 675 4/6 meaty, pious, throw, joker. Again, I wasn't paying attention in guess 3. It seems to be a mental block with me, doing that!


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Wordle 676 3/6 meaty, pious, metro. Maybe because I just got home from Montreal... ;-)


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If anyone else besides me loved watching Carol Burnett on tv back in the day, tonight on tv there is a 2-hour special, celebrating her on her 90th birthday.

I also recently read In Such Good Company, her memoir of her 11 year tv show and the fun and personalities involved. I am really looking forward to this tonight.

I loved when they parodied popular movies. Probably their classic was the one they did on Gone With the Wind. They called it *Went With the Wind* and it was hilarious

I am still in the mental space of not being able to read (or watch) too much *heavy* stuff so spending 2 hours watching this tonight is just the ticket, right now, too.

Abr 26, 8:22 am

>237 jessibud2: Oh no, Shelley! Not great news indeed. I hope it's sorted easily and quickly.

Abr 26, 1:24 pm

>239 jessibud2: So cute Shelley.