Creating new sub-collections out of large collections

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Creating new sub-collections out of large collections

Mar 2, 3:21 pm

Hi -

I am using Library Thing/TinyCat as a ILS for my small library. I have a main library location and three separate mobile libraries I push around on book carts.

The problem is that the mobile libraries are transient collections with materials that change weekly as things are checked out and returned at different times and in different locations. I would love to be able to indicate a certain book is located on a specific cart without needing to individually edit some field in each book at that location. I am pushing 5000 items so sifting through pages and pages of records to click on each record to then power edit is a nonstarter.

Ideally, it would be great to scan the barcode (or search the title) and have the record added to a custom list which then could be power edited to put/remove the materials into a specific location collection all at once.

Does anyone else have an idea about how I could indicate materials are temporarily located on a mobile book cart?