Removing a book from lists and deleting a list

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Removing a book from lists and deleting a list

Fev 27, 5:08 pm

I can't find the option to remove a book I added by mistake in a list, even after selecting the option so that only I could add books.

Also, is it possible to delete a list after created?

Fev 27, 6:18 pm

>1 grendel92: Each book on the list has a big green button that says "On your list". If you hover over it it changes to red and says "Remove" and you can click it to remove.

No, you cannot delete a list.

Fev 27, 6:40 pm

So simple! I didn't think in hovering it.

A pity I can't delete a list. I would be good for ephemeral and private lists that I don't wish to add to my library.

Fev 27, 10:31 pm

You can empty it, and reuse the same one next time.

Fev 28, 3:14 am

>4 Aquila: Nice idea. I will be using it.