Has the map disappeared?

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Has the map disappeared?

Fev 22, 11:02 am

Hello everyone. Until yesterday there was a nice world map in the "Nationality" section of "Authors". It was one of my favourite things, but I opened charts and graphs today and it's gone both from there and from the Overview. There's only the round graph and the text. Did I do something wrong, or has it disappeared for everyone? I checked someone else's collection stats and it's not there too, but it could still be that the problem is for my account. (Some time ago something similar happened: I has slow internet and the map wouldn't load, today I have slow internet again but it's not that it's not loading, it's as if it's not even supposed to be there)

Fev 22, 11:38 am

I also see just the graph. There was some discussion about the map not showing small countries,so perhaps it's being reworked

Fev 22, 11:53 am

The map has been removed for now, after some inaccuracies regarding Crimea were brought to our attention. We are looking into finding a solution.

Fev 22, 1:55 pm

Thank you for your answer. I'm happy it's only temporary.

Abr 2, 3:00 am

>3 AbigailAdams26: Hi. Just wondering how close a solution might be 🗺️ 🤔🙂

Abr 2, 8:14 am

>5 Michael.Rimmer: Ask Putin, maybe?

Abr 11, 11:06 am

Any word on this? It's disappointing that the only solution to "the map is not perfect" is "so therefore nobody can see it, ever".

Abr 11, 3:55 pm

Since it looks like we're going to need it again, I thought I'd dredge up my old directions for how to make your own map. I can't promise that either the Google Maps or Microsoft mapping functions, which this gives direction for using will have appropriate treatments of Crimea, but for those of us for whom that's not a 100% "nobody on the entire site should be allowed to see a map that gets this wrong" dealbreaker, it's better than nothing.


Abr 14, 8:17 am

>6 abbottthomas: 😄 I'll see what he says next time he's over for vodka shots!

Abr 14, 9:57 am

The map has been added back in with a note. LibraryThing's mapping solution currently colors Crimea as part of Russia, not Ukraine. LibraryThing does not support this coloring, and is looking into other options.

Abr 14, 12:29 pm

Thank you. I suspect the complainers aren't aware that this sort of thing isn't under your control - it's obvious to people with programming experience, but not to the majority of people.

Abr 14, 2:37 pm

>10 knerd.knitter: Thank you. That seems like a sensible workaround until you find a permanent solution.