Discussão2023 ROOT CHALLENGE

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Fev 16, 11:52 pm


I am curious about how this group works. when you say books waiting to be read- do u mean physical books on a shelf? Or books in a category- waiting to be read, such as Newberys, Classics, etc?

Fev 17, 6:02 am

>1 EGBERTINA: Hello! The only criteria is that they are books we own. Trying to reduce the pile of unread books we already have at home - but they can be physical books, ebooks, or audio. Lots of people define their ROOTs as books they've owned before January 1st this year, but others (like me) just define them as any books they own. Beyond that, how you organise your reading (categories, classics, whatever) is entirely up to you.

Fev 17, 12:46 pm

>2 Jackie_K: Exactly that.