Oh god no, I think I ruined it.

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Oh god no, I think I ruined it.

Fev 14, 8:23 pm

I was in the settings, and selected the add barcodes to the ones I haven’t read and it’s horrible. I hate it. Can you please please please take it back?!

Fev 14, 8:52 pm

Go back to Settings - Barcodes and click on “Show Barcode Actions” at the bottom. Click on delete all active barcodes and the system will remove all the barcodes from all your books.

If you want to keep some of the barcodes, you will need to clean them up manually from the books you don’t want them to be in.

Fev 15, 10:58 am

>2 AnnieMod: yeah i did the manual removal last night. it wasn't fun but i think i fixed it. thanks!