American reaction to Papal visit

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American reaction to Papal visit

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Abr 19, 2008, 4:17am

Can someone in the U.S. post a comment about reaction to Papal visit in the States and/or their own reaction?
Many thanks,

Maio 18, 2008, 9:28pm

I was very pleased with what he said. I think he has the potential to be a great pope.
I was disappointed that my protestant friends paid so little attention to the visit.

Ago 30, 2008, 10:14am

Welcome to the group judithrs. I'd almost given up on the idea of anyone ever commenting!Thanks for the comment. I see we now have a group member in Australia. I'll ask him to comment about the trip there.

Personally from this distance (France) the American visit was the more successful and impressive, and the American welcome more whole hearted than the Australian. They seemed to forget that he was there specifically for WYD and not to the country in the same way as to the US.

One thing that did blight the US trip for me, articularly in view of all the recent Pelosi stuff, was the giving of Communion to public figures who are openly pro-abortion. One's views on that issue are not relevant, but the Pope's are. Did he really knowingly agree to these people receiving at his Mass? Or wasn't he aware of it? Any ideas?

I'm about to embark on 'The Spirit of the Liturgy' Have you read it by any chance?

Ago 30, 2008, 10:33am

Here's a link to Fr. Neuhaus in First Things, on the "triumph" of the visit. I'd agree, wholeheartedly, having been lucky enough to be in D.C. at the time of his visit. We watched the speech and the reception at the U.N. from airport televisions, everyone quiet, in a usually busy terminal, and focused on the screen.

From it:

"There is no doubt that the word of “Christ Our Hope” has been delivered with uncompromised clarity and persuasiveness. Benedict did what good pastors do. He encouraged, taught, and, where necessary, corrected. It was by any pertinent measure a triumph. The papal week that was, I feel confident, will continue to be with us for a very long time."

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