atozgrl (Irene) Tries ROOTs in 2023

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atozgrl (Irene) Tries ROOTs in 2023

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My name is Irene. I'm a recently retired librarian, and am coming back to LT after a long period of inactivity. I found and joined the 75 Books Challenge in January. You'll find most of my commentary over there ( I'm also taking part in the 2023 Nonfiction Challenge: Favorite Pastimes in February ( A couple of the folks over on that thread told me about the ROOT Challenge and invited me to join, so here I am!

I have collected a lot of books over the years, and I haven't had the time to read them all while I was working, so I'm hoping to start putting a dent in that this year. That's my main reading goal this year, and it fits right in with the ROOT Challenge, so here I am.

Since this is my first year doing this, I have no idea really how many to set as my goal, so I just picked 40. We'll see how I do this year, and adjust next year accordingly.

Fev 10, 2:21 am

Welcome and good luck with your goal!

Fev 10, 7:18 am

Welcome to the ROOTers, Irene. Enjoy your retirement and your books.

40 is a nice goal and leaves room for new books you might buy and you want to read too. Any ROOT you read above your goal counts for the grand total. Also a good thing since some members won't reach their goal.

Fev 10, 2:10 pm

Welcome to the group! I hope it helps you ROOT out all those unread books!

Fev 10, 3:43 pm

That makes two of us - librarians who are retiring. I am retiring effective March 1. To that end I am stocking up on books and reading, reading, reading. And of course, there is coffee and tea. While reading. But first, I have to clean my office out. :-)

Fev 10, 4:22 pm

Welcome aboard and have fun! A goal of 40 books sounds reasonable. You can also reduce your goal later on if you need to :)

Fev 11, 9:46 am

>3 MissWatson: >4 connie53: >5 Jackie_K: Thank you all for your encouragement! I'm looking forward to tackling my unread books.

Fev 11, 9:54 am

>6 benitastrnad: Your retirement date is coming soon! Congratulations! You will enjoy having more free time.

I had to rush cleaning out my office. We had been working from home for an extended period during the COVID lockdown, and I was still in the office only three days a week as I was preparing to retire. I thought I had cleared out everything, but my boss found some pictures in my filing cabinet a few months later and mailed them to me. Hopefully you'll have better success at cleaning your office out than I did! :-p

Fev 11, 9:58 am

>7 rabbitprincess: Thank you! I guess we'll see what kind of progress I make. It's good to know that I can reduce my goal if I need to.

Fev 11, 7:05 pm

Hello, Irene. Welcome to the group. Happy ROOTing.

Fev 12, 12:35 pm

>1 atozgrl: Found and starred!

Fev 13, 7:06 pm

>12 fuzzi: Welcome!

Fev 16, 9:39 am

Glad you found us, welcome, Irene!

Fev 16, 10:28 pm

>14 cyderry: Thanks!