Putting Books in Order

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Putting Books in Order

Fev 8, 11:38 am


Can anyone please tell me how to put my list of books in alphabetical order by author surname.



Editado: Fev 8, 11:47 am

Fastest way - click on the header of the Author column in your catalog.

Fev 8, 12:14 pm

If you want the books alphabetical by title within the author, first click on title, then on author.

Fev 8, 12:16 pm

>1 Billybackup: Unfortunately you have your author names entered in a mix of "Firstname Surname" and "Surname, Firstname" formats. There isn't going to be any way to consistently sort those by surname. You will need to edit your books to have your author names in a consistent format. "Surname, Firstname" is highly recommended as the preferred format.

Fev 8, 12:50 pm

>4 Foretopman:

The author's name should be entered "Last, First" - it isn't just highly recommended. It is even prompted as such under the input box on a manual entry.

Billybackup also has a couple of books where they have not entered the author at all.

Fortunately their library is relatively small and it should be quick enough for them to put right.

Editado: Fev 8, 1:20 pm

One of the advantages of using the general standards is that the books get combined either right away or easily. I have done several of the singletons, but there are more.

Fev 8, 2:26 pm

>5 andyl: Yeah, I know. I was trying to be gentle

Fev 8, 2:54 pm

>6 MarthaJeanne: Some of the remaining ones have the wrong author I think - they are manual additions... and it feels like the author name remained from a previous entry...

Editado: Fev 8, 3:59 pm

No idea, I just stopped. I got tired of doing all the combinations the hard ways.

Oh, yes Ingrid Alexander is not only backwards, but also misspelled. It should be Alexandra, Ingrid.