entering pagination with Roman numbers

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entering pagination with Roman numbers

Fev 4, 6:11 am

This might be a silly question.
Let's say I'm adding a book that has 8 pages of introduction with Roman numbers (I-VIII) and then 100 pages of text (1-100): I can double the "pagination" field and select from the dropdown menu "i, ii, iii" first and then "1, 2, 3".

However, how do I enter the value for the introduction pages? Do I enter "8" or "VIII"?

If I choose "8", I see the pages are displayed like this in my catalogue: "8, 100". I don't like that and I'd prefer "VIII, 100". But if I enter "VIII", does the system "get" that this is a number so there are in total 108 pages of text (8+100) to read in that book, or is "VIII" just the letters "V" and "I"?

Fev 4, 8:56 am

>1 Moloch: Yes, you can just enter it in roman numerals e.g. "VIII" (or "viii" as I find it more often published). If you sort your books by number of pages, "viii, 100" will sort between 107 and 109.

Fev 4, 10:15 am

ok, thanks