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duplicated tags

Jan 26, 10:03 am

Often (but I do not understand why) , I have found the same tag twice on the same book.
Is there anyone with the same situation? How could I check the presence of a double tag?

thanks in advance

Jan 26, 10:05 am

Do you have an example of a book with the same tag twice?

Jan 27, 6:13 am

Sorry but after many cleanings, I cannot show more this situation,
You can close this item.

Fev 3, 11:41 pm

I'm glad this topic is here because I was just searching for something about duplicate tags.

In the last couple of weeks, I've been doing some editing in my LT catalog, including adding some tags I hadn't used before. Sometimes, this results in duplicate tags on certain books. It seems to be only these newer tags (from the past few weeks) that are having the problem. These are genre tags I hadn't used before (fiction, nonfiction, romance, and mystery), as well as: read, own, and translation.

Here's one example:

And here's one more:

I've also been doing a fair amount of power editing to add the new tags, so some of this might be "user error," but I've been using LT for a long time now, and even when I'm not doing any of the social things, I rarely get too behind with adding or removing books, or with tracking my reading dates and related collections.

I tried power editing to remove the duplicates, and of course it removed BOTH occurrences of that tag from the selected books, so then I immediately ADDED the tag back, and it only put one on there. But as the original poster said, the tags aren't duplicated on EVERY book, so it's hard to know what the deal is without keeping careful track of every book you edit.

Thanks in advance for any insight or help!

Fev 15, 9:38 am

Suddenly the problem reappeared, I have some new books with duplicate tags, and I don't know the reason
For some I'm just sure I moved them from one collection to another
Here are some examples.


Fev 15, 10:34 am

>4 HeathMochaFrost: and >5 LIBRERIACASA: Can you please post your details with live examples (please don't fix all of them, yet - OK if you want to fix some) to the thread >6 lilithcat: mentions? Thanks so much.