Added some books - no they have the same "edition"?

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Added some books - no they have the same "edition"?

Jan 25, 11:43 am

i just added these 5 books:

i manage to create a new series for these books.
but i couldnt figure out how i can put these books into the series.
I shows only one cover for all the five books and what i also dont understand is the thing with the editions.
No matter which of those 5 books i click on, it shows me that my other created books are all other editions of this one.

Can anyone help me?

Jan 25, 11:45 am

>1 icerno78: They need to be separated. On it

Jan 25, 11:50 am

Done, you can add now volumes 2-4 to the series (either from work page or from series page)

Jan 25, 12:03 pm

Thank you!

Jan 25, 12:38 pm

Welcome. You can do it yourself too if you wish in the future. Just go to editions page and click separate on those that do not belong to the same work. Also, you can seek assistance for either separating or combining works in combiners group Auto-combiner is decent, but there are still often cases that need to be done manually

Jan 25, 2:05 pm

If titles are the same for over 20 characters, the autocombiner will usually combine them. It also ignores everything after a colon.