Deleting/Correcting a wrong title

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Deleting/Correcting a wrong title

Jan 18, 9:45 am


I checked if this was previously answered, but I could not figure it out.

Anyway, this situation already happened twice to me.

Once, I added a nook manually. Later I noticed that there was a typo on the title, so I edited the title to correct it. Now, this creates a new edition of the same work: same author, same ISBN.

A moment ago, I added the 1996 Portuguese edition of "The Seville Communion" by Arturo Pérez-Reverte ( This time, I grabbed the data from Amazon, and the title included a typo: the Portuguese title is "A Pele do Tambor", and the last word was incorrectly written as "Tambour" (French). Again, I corrected the title, but the incorrect edition still showed and combined to the canonical title. I already separated this wrong edition from the main work (, but I wonder if this is correct to do, and if there is any way to work this situation around?

Editado: Jan 18, 10:29 am

No, do NOT remove the corrected edition from the work. Just leave it there.

If there are no other copies you may need to correct the work title by clicking on Recalculate title/author

Jan 18, 10:42 am

The reason to not remove the incorrect edition from the work is that in the future someone might add the book with the same typo (maybe from the same source) and it needs to automatically combine with the right work. If you separate out the typo edition (even if it has 0 copies) then a new book with the same typo will be automatically combined with the typo edition.

Jan 18, 6:26 pm

And the reason that it's ok to have an edition with a typo in the title is that it's a zero-copy edition so LT won't use it for calculating the work title.

Jan 18, 7:02 pm

Thank you all for the clarification. It helped me to understand this issue. I'll recombine back the title with the typo.

Jan 18, 7:05 pm

Update: it turned out, someone (I did not check who but it is not relevant, I think) already cleared what I messed up 😉

Thank you! 😊