Elizabeth's ROOTs 2023

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Elizabeth's ROOTs 2023

Jan 13, 1:41 pm

My goal this year is 24 ROOTs. In addition to reading 24 of my own books this year, I am also going to reduce my intake of books. I read 30 last year but probably bought 15 new ones, oops!

My first completed ROOT is The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner. Gorgeous cover, but it was definitely a debut novel that read like a debut novel.

Jan 13, 4:12 pm

Welcome back and have a great reading year!

Jan 13, 5:09 pm

Good to see you again!

Jan 14, 2:14 am

Glad to see you back, Elizabeth. Good start to a new year of ROOTing. Although the book you've read did not quit do it for you.

Jan 14, 10:10 am

Great to see you're back.

Fev 4, 2:29 pm

#2) Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor. It was good, but intense. The author does not hold back in descriptions of hateful actions and the inner monologues of terrible people.

Fev 14, 9:11 am

#3) The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See. While I liked learning about the haenyeo and seeing the relationship between the two main characters evolve, I was not prepared for the level of graphic violence on the page.

Fev 19, 7:03 am

>7 readergirliz: Violence is never nice to read about, but I guess it's inevitable in some stories.

Fev 21, 5:30 pm

#4) The Unfinished Child by Theresa Shea. Yikes! This was a book which involved a mother giving up her child with Down's syndrome to an institution, and another instance where a mother aborts her child with Down's syndrome. Decently written, but I was not prepared to read about these things. I wish there was a way to know about these triggers without going to the LibraryThing page for the book, as there are also occasional spoilers in the descriptions.

Mar 23, 1:09 pm

5) Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanna Fluke. The best part about this book is the witty banter between characters. This author has no idea how to write Gen X characters, their names are pretty outdated (for 2007, the year it was published), and I just hated the way everyone seemed obsessed with Hannah's weight and calorie intake. This is why women have such poor body image!

Abr 26, 11:38 am

And, currently catching up on ROOT posting!

6) Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood
7) Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips
8) The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (reread)
9) Games and Rituals by Katherine Heiny
10) Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks

Maio 24, 6:56 am

Hi Elizabeth. Just popping in to see what you have been reading. I hope you are doing fine.