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Similar libraries and books you share

Jan 6, 12:12 pm

Many, many years ago, I disabled what's now the "Similar Libraries" feature on the profile page.

However, it also means that people viewing my library can't see shared books.

Since I participate in SantaThing annually, I probably should fix this. I can't remember where I did it, and I can't find it in Settings.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Jan 14, 9:16 pm


Editado: Jan 21, 10:35 pm

You need to check the "include in connections" box for your various collections.

Your Books > Collections > Edit Collections > Choose a collection > check "include in connections".

Editado: Jan 21, 5:20 pm

>3 lesmel: Thank you, lesmel! I'd looked through all the account settings, but I hadn't thought of the settings for my collections at all. Cheers!

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