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lesmel - tickled ink in 2023

Editado: Jan 21, 9:36 am

I started the year off with catching up on the Saga graphic novels.
#1 Saga, 8
#2 Saga, 9
#3 Saga, 10
You're only going to read these if you have already read the first seven. The storyline, while interesting, is violent. Also, I'd forgotten how absurd the storyline is.

I'm finally nearly done with Booth, Fowler. It's too long and too detailed. For being a character study with ZERO plot, I would expect to hate it. Instead, it's decent.

Jan 7, 8:39 pm

>1 lesmel: starred!

Editado: Jan 21, 9:30 am

Finished #4 Booth, Fowler. Spoiler alert, the world hates the Booth family for a long while. Apparently, that part of human nature never seems to change no matter the century or decade. I'm glad the narrator read the afterword and the author note at the end. I spent most of the book trying to decide just how fictional/factual Rosalie was. Turns out, not that factual at all because there are so few primary source documents related to Rosalie.

Jan 10, 3:54 pm

Bookclub was pretty consistent about Booth, Fowler -- it's too long and would have done better with some strong editing. Overall, the book got mostly 8s and a few 6s. There were 12 or 13 of us in person and 2 online.

Jan 21, 9:31 am

#5 We Love Color: 16 Iconic Quilt Designers Create with Kona Solids
I was expecting something...actually, I'm not sure what I was expecting; but this is just average.

Jan 21, 9:34 am

#6 A Strange and Stubborn Endurance
I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. It's maybe a little longer than it should be; but I liked the book and now have to wait nearly a year for the next book.

Jan 21, 9:38 am

#7 A Dangerous Business, Smiley
Boooooooring. I read about 30% and skimmed the rest before jumping to the end and discovering the ending is as boring as the beginning.

Editado: Jan 22, 10:35 pm

#8 Grievers, Adrienne Maree Brown
A novella. Kinda...weird? It's slow and methodical. Very low in plot. Very high in character study.

Jan 22, 11:00 pm

#9 How High We Go in the Dark
I was expecting to actively dislike this book. It keeps being called a novel; but it's a collection of interconnected short stories. I can't say I liked it; but it was...thought provoking.

Jan 24, 11:20 pm

#10 Just the Nicest Couple
Good thriller. Suffered a little too much obfuscation for the sake of obfuscation. Also, the end is a little weak.

Jan 28, 8:50 pm

#11 Remarkably Bright Creatures
Really sweet. A bit sad. I spent a lot of time wishing Cameron would run away to a circus even though I know his place in the story the entire time.

Jan 29, 11:40 am

#12 Clean Sweep, Andrews
I wasn't sure about this mostly because I didn't really care for Magic Bites...or, I should say, I didn't like it enough to read the rest of the series. Turns out this is a fast, fluffy-ish read. Just perfect for a rainy Sunday on the couch.

Jan 31, 5:11 pm

#13 Magic Dreams, Andrews
Novella length. Read because the premise was interesting. The story makes more sense if you read the whole series; but it's not a requirement if you just focus on the events happening within this single story.

#14 Magic Steals, Andrews
Novella length. Read because it's the follow up to the first novella with these characters. The story makes more sense if you read the whole series; but it's not a requirement if you just focus on the events happening within this single story.

Fev 1, 9:36 pm

#15 Iron and Magic
Read because the premise was interesting. The story makes more sense if you read the whole series; but it's not a requirement if you just focus on the events happening within this single story.

Fev 7, 4:38 am

I binged the rest of the Innkeeper Chronicles
I like the series. It's mostly lighthearted fantasy with an interesting premise and a main female character that isn't a damsel in distress.

#16 Sweep in Peace

#17 One Fell Sweep

#18 Sweep of the Blade

#19 Sweep with Me

#20 Sweep of the Heart

Fev 8, 8:44 pm

#21 Strange Practice
I want to like it more than I did. It's a weird mix of stuffy Victorian-ish (that's not exactly accurate) vibes kludged to contemporary London bolted to monster trope retelling fantasy. It's not terrible; but it had a lot of room to grow or fail...and it didn't really grow or fail.

Fev 11, 5:45 pm

#22 Servant Mage
Interesting story. Not super fleshed out. Ends...abruptly-ish. I'd totally read a sequel.

Fev 18, 7:35 pm

I've gone to Half Price Books at least twice this year. And maybe 10 times last year. Until my most recent visit, I walk out empty handed. I'm not sure if that is a reflection of my reading, the stock, my preference for the library, or some combination there of. Yesterday's foray saw me leave with a copy of an EQ workbook: EQ with Me Quilt Design: Design Tricks From EQ Experts

Fev 19, 10:43 am

#23 Dead Space
I don't know how to describe this book. It's a sci-fi thriller. The main character isn't really likable; but that's not a requirement for me. I'd like a sequel.

Fev 19, 10:46 am

#24 The Prison Healer
Fantasy. I think it's billed as YA because of the character ages; but it reads more like new adult. The end was actually unexpected.

Fev 19, 10:50 am

#25 Whisper
Fantasy. Ok read. It's a little predictable. Weirdly, the second book isn't anywhere online that I have access.

Fev 19, 10:53 am

#26 The Gilded Cage
Not as good as the first. A little predictable.

Fev 19, 10:56 am

#27 The Blood Traitor
Excellent finish. Stayed up to read it after finishing the second book.

Fev 19, 10:58 am

#28 More 90 Minute Quilts
Eh. It's fine. There's not much new here. Some of the methods are worth a try.

Fev 19, 11:02 am

#29 Terrific Tees
Interesting ideas. I like seeing different ways to create t-shirt quilts that aren't just squares or rectangles.

Mar 2, 9:10 am

#30 How to Embroider Almost Everything
I really like this. It's far better as a print book than an ebook. Also, I'd still need videos to explain some of the stitches.

Mar 2, 9:11 am

#31 A Canadian Werewolf in New York
Light-hearted. Almost pokes fun as the werewolf trope.

Mar 2, 9:12 am

#32 The Girl from the Well
Creepy. If I were younger (and less immune to horror fiction) I'd probably find this incredibly scary.

Mar 2, 9:14 am

#33 The Anthropocene Reviewed
Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Listen to it. John Green reads it. Then go follow his YouTube Channel. Now I think I have to go read everything else he has written.

Mar 2, 9:17 am

#34 The Woman in the Library
Not a fan of metafiction; but this was a fast, compelling read for me. A friend says she knew almost fairly early who the villain was. She even pointed out why she knew...and she's right. This trend she pointed out now rubs me the wrong way. lol

Mar 12, 10:37 pm

#35 Murder at Haven's Rock
I don't know if this is really a spin off or a new series. It's the exact same characters just a new town. That doesn't mean it's good, it's just weird that the series has changed.

Mar 12, 10:40 pm

#36 Path of Bones
Ehhhh. No.

Mar 12, 10:46 pm

#37 A Solitude of Wolverines
Nope. Repetitive. Preachy. On the wrong side of unrealistic.

Mar 12, 11:12 pm

#38 Encore in Death
Reading it for the sake of the series; but I might be reaching my breakpoint.

Mar 18, 11:37 am

#39 In the Quick
Interesting read. Ends before the ending if that makes any sense; but at the same time, the end of the story matters less than all the other action. Feels a little disjointed.

Editado: Mar 18, 11:49 am

#40 The Sound of the Stars
Good read. It's emotional and a bit dark. Ellie and M0Rr1s are interesting characters. A few of the secondary characters feel flat; but I expect the next book may improve on them. At least, I hope there is a next book.

Mar 28, 9:01 pm

#41 The Queen's Price
Good read. I'm a little disappointed in the direction Bishop has taken Daemon and Surreal. I have this suspicion Bishop is trying to wrap of the series in a more permanent way.

Mar 28, 9:05 pm

#42 Song of Blood and Stone
Strong start to a new series for me. I'm please to realize that it appears to be a complete series.

Mar 28, 9:14 pm

#43 Weapon
Eh. Read it because I wanted to know how the story ended. It isn't terrible; it was just long too long in arriving via ILL and I'd lost interest.

Abr 4, 7:13 pm

I keep having these reading jags and then I stagnate. Neither is really long; but I feel like I have reading whiplash. 🤣🤣🤣

Abr 4, 7:32 pm

I think I need to start keeping a small notebook for my bookclub reads. I read the book, discuss it, and then forget what I've said when I'm ready to post here. {sighs}

Abr 4, 7:37 pm

#44 The Candid Life of Meena Dave
Decent read. I struggled some with the main character's behavior.

Abr 4, 7:39 pm

#45 Women Talking
Excellent book. I liked the movie better. For a book that is about women, women talking, and female agency at a moment in time that they desperately need it...Toews is weirdly focused on the male perspective.

Abr 4, 7:40 pm

#46 Traditional Quilts with a Twist
Good book; but not my aesthetic at all.

Abr 4, 7:42 pm

#47 Easy Stack Quilts
Yet another variation of "stack and whack." Very detailed. I'm never gonna do this style of piecing...at least, not from a book.

Abr 4, 7:49 pm

#48 Pillows & Quilts
Shabby chic-y? aesthetic. Interesting projects.

Abr 4, 7:53 pm

#49 Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures
Really lovely projects that I'll never make; but I can oooh and aaah over.

Abr 4, 8:19 pm

#50 This Time Tomorrow
Eh. Didn't hate it. Didn't love it. It's character driven -- not a fan. It does have time travel (magical realism more than fantasy) in a manner I don't dislike. The story is basically a love story; but the love between fathers and daughters.

Abr 5, 8:25 am

>41 lesmel: I am not involved in a bookclub, but I try to write my LT review within 24 hours of finishing a book so I don't forget.

Abr 7, 10:31 pm

>49 fuzzi: I read a lot around my book club titles. I could post more frequently; but I never seem to manage it.

Abr 7, 10:58 pm

#51 The scourge between stars
Short, fast read. Very reminiscent of Alien.

Abr 27, 12:52 pm

#52 Black Cake
I really enjoyed this book. I listened to it. It really needed more editing; but I heard the original draft had seven parts and not just four.

Abr 27, 12:53 pm

#53 The Spare Man
Wonk. Wonk. This was a fail for me. It was trying to be too much all the time for all the reasons.

Abr 28, 7:25 pm

#54 The late great wizard
Wonk. Wonk. (Again) This was a fail for me. It was trying to be too much for all the reasons and has zero resolution which means forcing readers into the sequel if they can't not know. I am no longer a completionist.