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Vanishing titles

Jan 4, 3:10 am

I have been cataloging my books and books read here for years. Sometimes I add a title and it comes up in red saying I've already added this book. But when I type the title or the author into the search it doesn't show up in the "Your Books" list and scrolling through in alphabetical order it's not there. Happened again tonight and I added the book again, but when I added the tag Crimean War, I knew I'd already added it as that's not a common topic. How do I find the hidden originally tagged books?

Jan 4, 3:32 am

If you already have the work entered, the box on the main work page will include information and link to your other copies.

Jan 4, 3:35 am

Maybe check that you're looking at All Collections (top left of your library interface), and haven't filtered your catalogue to one collection, that the books you are looking for aren't in?

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Jan 4, 5:45 am

Also, if you know what you want to tag something, you can search your library for that tag and find the list of just those books. For instance, your listing for Crimean War (selecting all collections):

Editado: Jan 4, 6:10 am

But if you are only searching one collection, it still won't help you if the book is in a different collection.

Jan 4, 4:26 pm

Thank you! Clicking All Collections seems to have worked. I was unaware I had more than one collection! Is there a simple way to merge to just one list?

Editado: Jan 4, 4:31 pm

You can use power edit (the lightning icon) to move everything into 'Your books'. But then you lose the information about the books that the collections give you. I find 'To read', 'Read but unowned' and so forth very useful.

And All collections gives you a single list when you need it.

Jan 4, 4:38 pm

>7 dtempleton: Power edit :)

Look at the top of the catalog. There is a lightning icon. Click on it. It opens the catalog in a new way. Select all titles and using the Collections tab, add all of them to one collection (pick which one). Now select all books again, selection ALL collections but the one where you just added all the books into and use the Remove from collections (same tab, different radiobox). Now all your books are in the one collection (and All Collections shows the same as that collection). Switch off Power Edit (same button)

Then you can disable the ones you are not using so books don't end up there by mistake (click on the dropdown of collections where you just clicked to see All Collections (top left in your catalog). At the bottom of the collections list is an Edit Collections link. Open it and then click on each collection which is not the one you picked to be the only one and uncheck "Active" under it. Once done, you have a single collection. if you ever change your mind, you can re-activate a collection or even create your own.

Keep in mind that the standard collections have some tied-in features:
- Currently Reading shows up under your profile automatically (see my profile to see the section for example). You add a book there, it shows up on the list in the profile, you remove it, it is removed.
- Wishlist, Read but Unowned and My Library show up in different colors in lists and series and author pages (purple, blue and green respectively). If you leave only My Library as your active collection, all your checkboxes will be green.If you leave a personal collection, they will be grey.

Jan 5, 10:46 pm

I also had this issue. Came here looking for answers. Switching to "all collections" worked for me as well. Thanks, everyone!