Juli (SuziQoregon) Reads - Thread 1

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Juli (SuziQoregon) Reads - Thread 1

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Oh, why the heck not? Let’s give this a try again . . .

I'm Juli and I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been with the 75 books group. I have a bad habit of disappearing partway through the year and showing up again in January with high hopes. I currently live in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon (but that’s changing next month) with The Hubster and two very spoiled cats. I'm retired. The Hubster is still working so we're not a fully retired household yet.

Expect books, cats, jigsaw puzzles, and other random nonsense around here.

Good to be back. Hope it sticks this time.

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Books Read January through . . .


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Currently Reading

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My Rating Scale

This has been my rating scale I've used since 2009 but I'm posting it here not only as information for others but as a reminder to myself to look at this carefully before assigning a rating to books I read.

No stars – I couldn’t even finish it

1 star – I didn’t like it but I managed to finish it. I probably finished it out of some sort of misplaced sense of obligation due to having the book on a challenge list.

2 stars – It was OK. Not good, but seriously just OK. I probably kept reading hoping I would like it better or there was some plot point I had to know the answer to even though getting to that answer was maybe more work than pleasure.

3 stars - I liked it. I didn’t think it was great, but I thought it was good entertainment. Many of the series books I read are in this range – they’re enjoyable, but not great literature. These are books I might recommend, but only if I really know that your reading taste meshes with mine or if you already have an interest in the subject.

4 stars – I really liked it. I really think you might like it too. These are books I’d recommend but maybe with a caveat that ‘it’s not for everyone’. Many of these I pass along to The Hubster. I’m more comfortable recommending these books to a wide audience.

5 stars – It was amazing. I’d recommend this to just about anyone. These are the books that really made an impression and I’ll remember them for a long time. I’ve probably handed my copy to someone or said “you really should read this”.

Jan 1, 6:13 pm

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Hello and Happy New Year

As I mentioned above we’re going to be moving soon. After 24 1/2 years in this house we’re moving across the river to Washington. We’ll be moving just north of Vancouver. We’re looking forward to being in a one level home and there are definite tax benefits for us. It’s a newly built house. We close later this month but won’t fully move in until February 20th. That will give us some time to get some things done before we move (blinds, cable/internet, and putting in a cat door and enclosed cat area for their litter in the garage). Plus we have a pre-existing beach weekend the second weekend of February that we have to work the move around.

As for reading I’ve had a good few months recently. 6 books a month for the past 3 months is more than I’ve read in ages. I partially credit using the Bookly reading tracking app for kick starting my reading again. I like the stats and infographics and it’s easy to track my reading time on my watch. I have to admit seeing my current streak of consecutive days with at least some reading is a motivator for me. I want to see that streak continue.

Jan 1, 6:59 pm

Wishing you a comfortable reading year in 2023, Juli.

I hope you stick around too as I always enjoy your company.
Looks like exciting times are ahead with your move.

Jan 1, 7:18 pm

>9 PaulCranswick: Thanks Paul.
Unfortunately I don’t see the image you posted. Weird.

Jan 1, 7:19 pm

>10 SuziQoregon: A couple of people have said so, Juli, but it shows up fine on my computer?

Jan 1, 7:21 pm

>11 PaulCranswick: very strange. I’ve tried in multiple browsers and still can’t see it.

Jan 1, 7:26 pm

I hope that works, Juli. It is a wax and other pigments on wood by Mahi Binebine whose book The King's Fool I finished today.

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Back to the cats . . .

Steve (top) is 2 years old and now weighs 15.5 lbs and is still growing. They say Siberian cats take up to 5 years to be fully grown).

Sophie (bottom) is a year and a half old and not far behind Steve at 12 lbs.

They're both completely spoiled and unaware of the changes in store when we move.

Jan 1, 7:28 pm

>13 PaulCranswick: That worked!! Love it!

Jan 1, 7:29 pm

>8 SuziQoregon: Juli! Oh yay, you've come back. AND in a year you'll be moving...you are a brave soul.

Here's to hoping the 2023 reads treat you well.

Jan 1, 7:33 pm

>16 richardderus: Thanks my friend!!!

Jan 1, 9:34 pm

Welcome back, Juli! I hope the move goes well.

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So now that you are moving to WA, are you going to change your LT name? LOL Good luck coordinating the move!

Jan 2, 12:04 am

Happy New Year, Juli. Good luck with the move.

Jan 2, 3:35 am

Happy new thread for the new year Suzi! I also have been using the Bookly app this past year to help track my reading and am quite committed to trying to keep my streak going and the stats are nice, I'm always curious to see how my reading rate fluctuates.
>14 SuziQoregon: The cats are adorable! My oldest cat's name is Steve and he is also a large cat at 20 lbs.

Jan 2, 11:45 am

Happy New Year, Juli! Wishing you good luck with the move and hoping that it goes smoothly for you.

I am not familiar with the Bookly app - must investigate.

>14 SuziQoregon: Steve and Sophie are full of adorable!

Jan 2, 5:00 pm

Happy new year, Juli! Your cats are so cute.

Jan 12, 7:04 am

Happy reading in 2023, Juli!

>14 SuziQoregon: Your cats are so beautiful. Sophie has grown a lot since the first pictures you posted.

Mar 28, 7:41 pm

Very quiet over here, Juli.

I thought it a good time to take advantage of my time difference to wish you a very happy birthday.

Editado: Mar 28, 8:48 pm

>25 PaulCranswick: Thank you Paul.

It’s been a super busy February and March with packing, moving, unpacking, and getting the old house ready to put on the market. I think things are finally becoming less chaotic and hope to put in a real appearance around here soon.

Mar 29, 1:03 am

>26 SuziQoregon: I hope so too, Juli, as I have missed you around here. Have a lovely day.