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Brakketh ROOTs 2023

Editado: Ago 27, 1:24 am

Hello again all, I'm back for another year to continue my ROOTing ways. 2022 I managed 42 of my target of 50, to keep a stretch to my goal I'm aiming for 46 this year. Best of luck all and enjoy your ROOTing.

My definition of ROOT is any book I own prior to 1 January 2023. I believe I have around 80 books that meet this definition in my house right now.

1. Best New Science Fiction: No. 7, finished 25 January.
2. A Dream of Red Mansions Vol. 3, finished 14 February.
3. In the Heart of the Seas, finished 21 February.
4. The Second Sex, finished 5 March.
5. Growing up Queer in Australia, finished 18 March.
6. Fante Bukowski, finished 26 March.
7. The Rooster Bar, finished 13 April.
8. Hold Tight, finished 19 April.
9. Someone Please Have Sex With Me, finished 22 April.
10. The Best New SF 9, finished 4 May.

11. This All Come Back Now, finished 13 May.
12. Castle Rackrent, finished 12 June.
13. Out in Culture: Gay, Lesbian and Queer Essays on Popular Culture, finished 27 July.

Jan 1, 6:20 am

Good luck with reading those ROOTs this year!

Jan 1, 11:07 am

Welcome back and have a great year!

Jan 2, 12:39 pm


Jan 3, 6:19 am

Good luck!

Jan 5, 5:51 am

Happy ROOTing!

Jan 5, 10:28 am

Happy New Year, Kale and have a great time ROOTing.

Editado: Mar 5, 12:49 am

Thank you all, great to be back. A slow start as I make my way through a couple of chunkier ROOTs.

1. Best New Science Fiction: No. 7
The usual wonderfully curated selection of science fiction.

2. A Dream of Red Mansions Vol. 3
After a long delay between volume 2 and 3 I have finally finished A Dream of Red Mansions. A long and different tale from what I was expecting. Hard to follow at times with names that looked similar to me. Still engaging and a fascinating work.

3. In the Heart of the Seas
A mythic and poetic journey of the faithful to Israel.

Fev 19, 7:07 am

Hi Kale, I started 2023 with some BigFatBooks too. So my number of ROOTs is a bit behind plan, but there is lots of 2023 left to get that fixed again.

Mar 5, 12:49 am

Thanks connie53, hopefully will catch up though trying to follow my desire for longer stories this year.

Editado: Abr 1, 1:54 am

4. The Second Sex, powerful and well argued book.

5. Growing up Queer in Australia, emotive, striking and diverse stories of growing up queer in Australia.

6. Fante Bukowski, not in the mood for this satire, feeling very draining to see the continual negativity.

Maio 18, 1:49 am

7. The Rooster Bar, page-turner and glimpse into the legal training system in the US.
8. Hold Tight, page-turner but didn't really grab me.
9. Someone please have sex with me, not really to my taste.

10. The Best New SF 9, usual broad and wonderfully considered selection of the years short science fiction.
11. This All Come Back Now, enjoyable reclaiming of the speculative fiction space.

Jul 22, 5:56 am

Hi Kale, just popping in to see what you are reading. I hope you are doing fine and enjoy summer and some good reading.

Ago 27, 1:25 am

June and July
12. Castle Rackrent, multigenerational tale capturing the flaws of the English presence and landowning in Ireland.
13. Out in Culture: Gay, Lesbian and Queer Essays on Popular Culture.