Ann_R Tends Her ROOTs in 2023

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Ann_R Tends Her ROOTs in 2023

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ROOTs Currently Being Tended:

By the Shores of Silver Lake

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Total ROOTs Completed in 2023:


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Hi all. My name is Ann and I live in the US. Although I'm new to ROOTs this year, I actually followed the 2022 group for about 6 months, so in a way I kind of feel like I've already gotten a decent grasp on how things work.

I made a list of approximately 103 books I own and I'd like to focus on reading some of them this year. For now, my tentative goal will be 20 ROOTs, as I don't want to get to overly ambitious. My only rule is I need to have owned the book, ebook, audiobook prior to January 15, 2023 for it to count in my stats. My plan is to read at least one nonfiction book off the list each month, in addition to the more numerous fiction books I've collected.

Wishing everyone a happy year of ROOTing here. Thank you to Cheli for continuing on and organizing the 2023 group.

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Books Purchased Placeholder:
I'm supposed to be on a self imposed Kindle purchasing hiatus between January 1 - June 30, but we shall see how that goes. :-)

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency (Books 1 - 23) Paperback

Dez 31, 2022, 11:01 pm

Welcome Ann, hope you enjoy your experience!

Dez 31, 2022, 11:13 pm

>5 cyderry: Thank you! I'm sure it will be a fun year of reading. I'm definitely counting on this group to help keep me motivated and focus on my ROOTs throughout the year.

Jan 1, 6:18 am

Welcome to the group! Good luck with that kindle purchasing hiatus (I wouldn't dare impose anything like that on myself!).

Jan 1, 11:06 am

Welcome aboard and have fun! This group is a great motivation for reading your own books :)

Jan 1, 1:49 pm

>7 Jackie_K: >8 rabbitprincess: Thank you for the warm welcome! As for the Kindle ebook hiatus, that is going to be a challenge in and of itself.

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Welcome to the group - I’m sure it will en a good experience for you. I regularly discover gems on my shelves. After all, there was a reason you bought the book in the first place.

Jan 4, 12:20 pm

>10 Henrik_Madsen: Thanks for the warm welcome. You are absolutely correct about having purchased specific books for a reason.

Jan 5, 5:44 am

Welcome and have a good time with your ROOTing!

Jan 5, 8:13 am

Happy New Year, Ann and welcome to a year of ROOTing. Nice to see someone new here. Have fun!

Jan 5, 5:07 pm

>12 MissWatson: >13 connie53: Thank you and Happy 2023 to you both.

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ROOTs Read:
Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder ★★★★
Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt ★★★
A Better Quality of Murder by Ann Granger ★★★
A Particular Eye for Villainy by Ann Granger ★★★★
The Testimony of the Hanged Man ★★★★
The Song of the Cell ★★★★★+
Little House on the Prairie ★★★
The Personal Librarian ★★★
The Dead Woman of Deptford ★★★
The Truth Seekers Wife ★★★★
On the Banks of Plum Creek ★★★★
The Age of Innocence ★★★★

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ROOTs Read:

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ROOTs Read:

Fev 8, 1:22 pm

My Favorite January ROOT:

The Song of the Cell by Siddhartha Mukherjee ★★★★★+

Part science, part history, part autobiographical in scope, Mukherjee manages to cover single cell biology all the way through current immunotherapy. He doesn't talk down to the reader, nor does he simplify the science of cellular biology too much. He shows wary elation over progress that's been made in the field yet readily admits there's multitudes that isn't understood by researchers. Worthy of 10+ stars, I read one chapter a day to soak the words in. (Originally posted on Litsy.)