Sex abuse Scandal, US Catholic Church


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Sex abuse Scandal, US Catholic Church

Dez 17, 2022, 11:01 am

With sadness I post this on this site because I am not allowed to post the truth next door at "Traditional Catholic". Some statistics on the ongoing abuse scandal just in America. (1) It took 766 days to issue the McCarrick report. (2) Francis has failed to respond to Archbishop Vigano's (papal nuncio to the US) allegations 1600 days ago. (3) 9 bishops have resigned. (4) 6,754 clergy have been credibly accused of sexual abuse. (5) 27 diocese have declared bankruptcy. (6) 20 states have active investigations. (7) there are 20,100 victims of sexual abuse. (8) 4 billion has been paid out in abuse settlements....JMJ....

Dez 19, 2022, 2:20 pm

Fr Rupnik is now the new boulder running down the Vatican Hill. "Rupnik Gate" as it is now being called is once again calling to attention to the lack of transparency coming from this transparent pope. This world renowned artist, Jesuit, and associate of the popes' has been accused of crimes for so long the statute of limitations has squashed most of em. Not all however Rupnik got himself excommunicated for the heinous crime of absolving someone he commited a crime with. The coverup with this elite jesuit goes right to the top. In Jan he has a private audience with the pope and somehow after pressure exerted by Rupnik himself gets himself UN-excommunicated. This kind of corruption flows downhill. Meanwhile Traditional Catholic priests all over the western world are being persecuted for being as Francis himself says, to rigid and backward....JMJ....

Mar 22, 9:22 am

With current scandals rocking the Holy See we find out Tuesday that since 1974 the Congregation of St Basil, the Basilians in Toronto, a list was made public of the predation of minors and homosexual active clerics involved with post pubescent boys. The yearlong investigation by City News revealed the problem was rooted in homosexual clerics and the coverup of their crimes involving teenage boys and minors, these creeps have managed to keep this under their cowls for 50 years....JMJ....

Mar 28, 7:03 pm

Another "revered" catholic Jean Vanier who founded the international L'arch federation a man who was "revered", established a cult of disgusting sexual degradations of at least 25 mentally disabled adult women. Vanier and his "spiritual father" a Dominican priest Fr Phillipe abused these women we know off no telling how many women were abused by these perverts, for over 38 years. These big shot catholics sure know how to coverup their deviance. PF even eulogized Vanier as a "great" christian. The twisted theology of these two perverts and resulting sexual abuse could not have been kept a secret for all these years when will we stop covering these perverts?....JMJ....

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>4 brone:

Yes, very tragic. I myself always thought of Jean Vanier as a "great Christian", as apparently did your "PF", whoever those initials stand for, and much of the rest of the world. There's no doubt L'Arche did a lot of good, and Vanier's writings have been very helpful for many people. I think it shows how devious sexual abusers can be at hiding their activities for many years, decades even, grooming and intimidating their victims into silence. Most sexual abusers (at least before the internet era of online grooming) are not some shadowy figure "out there" but someone we know, love and trust - a parent, a relative, a friend, a neighbour, a teacher, a priest, a sports coach, a scoutmaster, a work colleague, a police officer - and the first reaction when their abuse is exposed is always complete disbelief that this person could have done such a thing. I know personally some sexual abusers who have been caught, and I suspect all of us unwittingly know sexual abusers who have not yet been caught, and we will be shocked when we learn of them.

We're constantly discovering historic cases of abuse in churches and faith communities, not only the Catholic Church, but most faith communities have now put in place robust safeguarding protocols to limit sexual abuse and to prevent cover ups - I say "limit" because there will always be abusers and as with any crime, no matter how vigilant a society is, it is impossible to eradicate it completely. I'm familiar to some extent or other with the safeguarding protocols and procedures in a number of Catholic dioceses and organisations, and the Anglican communion. I know a lot of bishops, priests and laity who are working very hard on this issue. I'm sure you're aware that Pope Francis has just extended the scope of the Catholic Church's norms concerning sexual abuse to include lay leaders of Catholic organisations and not just clergy, so this would include the likes of Vanier (link). As new cases emerge, faith communities are learning and adapting. Our prayers are with the victims and all those who are working to prevent abuse, and we must pray also for the perpetrators.

Mar 29, 12:10 pm

Fr. Hans Zollner part of the Jesuit cabal running the Church has resigned his Pontifical commission on the protection of children. Zollner will probably head into the Jesuit ice box for his comments on the way the commission is run, In his swan song resignation statement Zollner criticises the Commission in his perception of where it is going, (jesuit ambiguity) in areas of responsibility, compliance. accountability, and transparency, not to mention his questioning the financial accounting of the commission, staffing issues, and decision making, in other words I'm outta here this is to deep church for me see ya....AMDG....

Abr 7, 10:17 am

Easter Bombshell presented to the Church by Maryland AG. More than 150 priests are acussed in the Baltimore diocsese of Maryland (1st in US) of sexually abusing 600 children that they know off. In one parish 11 perverts took part in molesting 100 children. The coverups are staggering and still going on. even this report is redacted to protect grand jury material (the identities of other abusers) The culpability of the Church Hierarchy from Rome to the dioceses is in question....AMDG....

Abr 7, 10:36 am

>7 brone:

As usual you do not cite any source. I've found several articles related to this story. Let's take the AP story, Catholic church in Maryland slammed after sex abuse report, as representative.

I note a few points. This is about historical abuse going back 80 years. It is not about current abuse. The archdiocese had released a list of priests associated with child sexual abuse, but it seems some names were omitted. The sexual abuse survivors' group SNAP is quoted as saying that some omissions “might be understandable”, while calling for the archbishop to “err on the side of being more transparent”. The archdiocese acknowledged the discrepancies. 33 of the 39 missing names have died, and most didn’t make the list because they are laypeople, including deacons and teachers; they were never assigned to ministry in the Archdiocese of Baltimore; or they were first accused posthumously and received only a single, uncorroborated allegation. The archdiocese is reviewing its list “in light of the Attorney General’s report” and expects to add more names soon, probably expanding the list to include non-priests. The current archbishop did not contest the allegations in the report, saying in a statement that it served as a “sad and painful reminder of the tremendous harm caused to innocent children and young people by some ministers of the Church” (link). And the State of Maryland is passing legislation that would eliminate the existing statute of limitations on civil litigation against institutions like the archdiocese in cases of child sexual abuse, which should help to investigate and prosecute these historical cases.

Abr 7, 11:14 am

>8 John5918: 2004 is not ancient history....JMJ....

Editado: Abr 7, 5:00 pm

I usually stay out of this group. Also, brone's posts are difficult to follow, so I won't reply to them directly.

However, I'm here because at the same time I'm looking up materials to introduce my child to contemporary (opposed to historical) Catholicism as a part of our home studies on the world's religions, I'm repeatedly faced with mention of the sexual perversions of church leaders targeting children and women.

Understanding the systematic culture of sexual abuse seems like an important part of understanding Catholicism and possibly Christianity as a whole in the affects of religious practices on people's daily lives.

So, I'm dropping links to return to when I can better stomach this news.

"Americans See Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse as an Ongoing Problem" | Pew Research Center | 2019

"The global scale of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church" | Al Jazeera | 2021

"FBI opens investigation into sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in New Orleans" (LA) | PBS | 2022

"Church Sex Scandal Widens: Hundreds More Catholic Clergy Accused Across CA" | NBC (Cali's Bay Area) | Feb 2023

"Child abuse found in Portugal Catholic Church is 'tip of iceberg', commission says" | Reuters | Feb 2023

belatedly found a missing link hiding beside another

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>10 aspirit:

Thanks for your post. You're right that it is difficult to stomach. There are no excuses. All I can say is that the Church has, far too slowly and timidly, put in place measures to make new cases of abuse far more difficult (no crime will ever be made completely impossible in any society), and has begun, again too slowly and inadequately, to deal with the cases of historical abuse. There are many, many Catholic bishops, priests, nuns and lay people working very hard to prevent abuse and to deal with the past cases, and the tide has definitely turned, the culture shifted, and some at least of the systemic issues are beginning to be addressed. There are few new cases and it is far more difficult to cover them up, but unfortunately there is still a small hard core who resist attempts to deal with the past. There is a lot of good in our Church, and it is a tragedy that there are some who still resist efforts to weed out the bad. As a committed Catholic, and as one who has played a small role in introducing and implementing safeguarding measures in my own bits of the Church, I suppose all I can say is, sorry, or in a phrase recognisable to Catholics, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Our hearts go out to the victims.

Abr 7, 4:15 pm

Speaking of victims and hard to follow posts what if I told you this on going sexual abuse scandal is alive and still thriving in today's church, in Chicago this week the renowned professor, author, Dr Dennis McNamara a former faculty member of the Mundelian seminary is alledged to have made inappropiate advances (they can't say homosexual advances causes phobia's I guess) Ole Mac was up until this week out on the professional the catholic book and lecture circuit selling his wares, after the brave seminarians (really brave in Cupich's fiefdom) complained of these abuses rhis week not 80 years ago Mac has cancelled all pod casts is now incognito waiting for the coverup to begin....JMJ...

Abr 11, 7:21 pm

In the green hills of Nothern India the exiled old pervert the Dalai Lama is living in exile. The ole Lama is caught on video pulling They say, it looks like force to me, a young boy for a "hug" instucting the boy to "suck his tongue". The spin,fondling and abusing a boy by the head Lama is ok tradition you know, The old goat was "just fooling around" This Buddhist Enlightenment is well known in Catholic clerical circles. This is the second Guy I've heard of who won the Nobel peace prize the other a well known Latin American bishop be praised and admired world wide and behind doors they are monsters. Ya think this is the 87 year old's first fall from grace, Bergoglio, the Lama, these guys are the head of 0 tolerance, God help us....JMJ....

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>13 brone: the Nobel peace prize the other a well known Latin American bishop

Could you name the bishop? The only Nobel Peace Prize winning bishop whom I can find who has been accused of sexual abuse is Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo who is from East Timor, not Latin America. He is 75, not 87. When allegations were made, the Vatican promptly took action against him.

Abr 12, 1:41 pm

The new religion of wokism and its 1st commandment "gender mainstreamig" support by Academia, Media, Governments, have pooled all their resources to enforce on us who dissent their mandates. This commandment is that "all the differences whatsoever between male and female must be abolished. Gender is now not determined by biology but rather by society, "male" and female" behaviors are now roles in which people will be trained in order to over come society's "unequal treatment" this ideology is EU policy the US is still in opposition but it does not look good for anyone who professes that God made man and women in his image, male and female He made them....AMDG

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>15 brone: If this was bot-generated, then someone should adjust the inputs to ensure the message makes at least a little sense within the topic.

Anyway, I've copied my links above, so there's no need for me to return here again.

>11 John5918: good luck to you.

Abr 14, 3:15 pm

The Transgender ideology's willingness to sacrifice a child's happiness and memories to one's own gratification as a drag queen "twerking" in the face of a child of kindergarten age presented to us by photographers and an indulgent media as mainstream America is the ultimate and absolute evil of our day. The refusal to recognize the innocese of a child, the refusal to take an interest in that child's welfare is the ideology that would detroy the innocense of all children this is an ostentatious and provocative contempt for Catholic moral teaching. We must have more comdemnations of these sinful acts from Rome and local churches. Fake catholics who support this ideology are rife with hypocracy, of acting: that of "playing church" these "catholic" politicians turn sacred things into occasions of amusement, endearment and political sanctimoniousness. When Catholics are busy playing church there are no lines outside the Confessional....JMJ....

Abr 14, 6:14 pm

>16 aspirit: I've often thought that John5918 has more patience than most mortals.

As for 15, I think you may be on to something! The only real explanation for broning on would be if the conversation is being generated by a bot. It also explains the persistent failure of the brone bot to cite references, and inability to make logical conclusions.

I'm going to do some thinking about that.

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>17 brone: a drag queen "twerking" in the face of a child of kindergarten age

In the UK we have a long tradition of performers dressing up as the opposite sex in family comedy pantomimes based on well known fairy tales, and it includes bawdy comic innuendo, which often passes over the heads of the younger children who are enthralled by the slapstick comedy, the songs and the audience interaction ("He's behind you!" "Oh no he isn't!" "Oh yes he is!" "Oh no he isn't!" "Oh yes he is!" repeated ad nauseam) while the adults snigger at the double entendre, a classic form of British humour. These range from high profile performances featuring famous actors and celebrities, to local amateur productions. There's usually a man dressed as a comedic cantankerous old woman such as a Widow Twankie figure, or the two sisters in Cinderella, the evil queen in Snow White, the witch in Hansel and Gretel. The young male lead is traditionally played by a woman dressed as a man, such as Dick Whittington, Prince Charming, Aladdin or Peter Pan. Families have taken their kindergarten age children to see this for generations, and it's considered a normal and much anticipated form of family entertainment, especially over the Christmas and summer holiday seasons. Good, harmless, traditional family fun.

In these more enlightened times there are questions as to whether some of the traditional pantomime lyrics are racist, sexist and homophobic, but pantomimes are still immensely popular and I don't think there's any traction in claiming they "destroy the innocence of all children". We British are considered rather prudish compared to the rest of Europe, but it seems Americans out-prude us! Long may pantomimes continue to delight innocent young children!

Editado: Abr 15, 3:24 am

I think the innocence of the children is more likely to be hurt by having to pass through a demonstration to get to a book reading that their parents have chosen to take them to.

Far right activists have been demonstrating about a children's book reading here in Vienna at the House where LGBT+ people get support. The whole big deal made of it made me wish I had children to take to the event.

Abr 16, 8:24 pm

If the story time for children is anything like the disgusting lewd pornographic "dances" and parades that children have been subjected to here by Transtrender biological males dressed as striptease dancers. Im not descibing reading a book here or a "pantomine" Evil is what I'm describing something progressives/marxists deny exist....JMJ....

Abr 17, 8:30 pm

On April 17th, 92 year old Uncle Ted McCarrick is charged with another sexabuse crime this one involving an eleven-year-old boy for 7 years Ole Ted is also accused of "sharing" the child with other perverts at parties. Meanwhile in Chicago Cupcake Cupich is selling St Adalberts Catholic church which has long been the Apex of Polish Catholics in Chicago. Danny Davidson well noted "celebrity entertainer" who puts on Homoerotic simulated orgies for the elite as private "luxury" shows in a Jewish Synagoque in Miami featuring Madona's daughter Lourdes in a sleaze performance. Danny reports the sale of St Adalberts he will preserve its religious Identity while satanic orgies are performed. I somehow don't get the impression that Cupcake will be sending any money to his brother bishop in Ondo Nigeria to help in the relief of suffering there, or do I think ole cupcake will restore the Latin Mass in those parishes he shut down. But Danny Davidson and his troupe of satanic perverts is sold a beautiful Catholic Church....AMDG....

Maio 10, 9:45 am

The diocese of Oakland became the 29th diocese in America to file bankruptcy with hundreds of credible abuse cases being decided. The diocese is also accused of trying to hide their assets with regards to the settlement. Meanwhile while the diocese bishops and priests are scurrying, Dr Monica Miller the famous Pro-life advocate was released from jail friday leaving 4 of her fellow pro-lifers still incaserated including one priest. Dr Miller comments should be noted as a contrast to the evil doings of her diocese. She is qouted leaving jail. I have just checked out of the Oakland "Hilton" after being on a jail retreat, counciling alchoholics,addicts and criminals, starting a Rosary club in the Day Room something never seen before. While the bishop of Oakland protects his precious ASSets, street evangelizers like Dr Miller are the true faithful Catholics....JMJ....

Maio 11, 1:26 pm

The Supreme Court has upheld an Indiana law which required aborted children to be buried or cremated humanely, instead of being treated as medical "waste". The law was challenged by pro abortionists alleging proper buriel was a futher burden on women after all it all boils down to the burden of children doesn't it....JMJ....

Maio 12, 12:07 am

Pope Francis says abusive Catholic clergy 'deserve punishment' (NCR)

Punishing and condemning those guilty of clergy sexual abuse is an act of charity, Pope Francis said. "The abuser is an enemy. Each of us feels this because we empathize with the suffering of the abused," he said... Those guilty of abuse "deserve punishment, but they also deserve pastoral care"...

Maio 13, 11:50 am

>25 John5918: Maybe His Holiness will have something to say about Bishop Stika (I doubt it) of Knoxville who paid the tuition and livinging expenses for Wojciech Sobczuk's education out of funds donated from the parishes of Knoxville. This shockingly enough after Sobczuk's dismissal from St Meinard Seminary for an alledged rape. Not to worry ole Wojie we'll send you to the Jesuit run University of St Louis, talk about disregard for the people in the pew. This done right under the Pope's nose Jesuits involved scandals are church wide....JMJ....

Editado: Maio 14, 1:30 am

John Sentamu forced to step down from C of E after failing to act on abuse claims (Guardian)

Former archbishop of York found to have failed to act on allegations of child sexual abuse by vicar...

One of many examples showing that sex abuse and failure by the institution to act on it is not limited to the Catholic Church, or for that matter to the Christian faith community. This is a historical case, from forty years ago, and the retired archbishop contests the findings of the report. I had the privilege of working with him for a few days many years ago on a retreat for Catholic and Anglican bishops in South Sudan.

Editado: Maio 17, 11:04 am

May 13th On the day Our Lady appeared at Fatima some noteworthy developments occured, Bergoglio in a meeting with his jesuit brothers in Hungary voiced his consideration of offering "Christian love" love to pedophile priests. I suppose this would apply to "Fr" Michael Zacharias who was convicted of three counts of sex trafficking young boys commercially in Ohio. He "groomed them while in the seminary became their trusted friend and mentor, then abused them and blackmailed them into silence. Mike deserves "christian love" I'm all for that when Mikey is behind bars for life. on May 13th at the prestigious college of the Great Saint Ignacious Loyola three protesting students were shouted down because they felt a drag queen show on a "catholic" jesuit run college is inappropriate. Then on May 13th a video on twitter exposes another 'catholic' university progessive marxist ideology when a trantrender male student is invited to live in a women's dorm of which the girls who live in the dorm were not told of the trans girl living with them...This all-in prelude to the upcoming homosexual pride masses being held next month in hundreds of parishes in what was once a month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. All of these incidents are available if you search, disagreeing with all this Bergoglio would say you belonged to a 'sect' his word....JMJ....

Maio 18, 2:56 pm

The self-perpetuating problem of Homosexuality in the Church is simple, homosexual seminarians become homosexual priests, who become homosexual bishops, who become homosexual cardinals, who then vote for a pope who himself maybe a homosexual or sympathetic to advancing homosexuality. The longer the ordination of homosexuals, the more pervasive homosexuality becomes in the church until the ultimate effrontery to God a "synod" or "pope" declares that homosexual acts are no longer sinful-dispite every word in Holy Scipture condemning it as well as 2000 years of Church teaching....AMDG....

Editado: Maio 20, 2:03 am

>29 brone:

Is homosexuality really a "problem", or is it simply an issue which all Christian churches are struggling to come to terms with in the light of our current understanding of sexuality?

There has always been and still is a very large number of homosexual bishops and priests, so this is actually not a new thing. There's a thread somewhere on LT with the title "The Catholic Church is hoaching with gay priests", quoting from a published article, and there's another thread somewhere about gay saints. I'm travelling at the moment and can't immediately find them on my phone, but if anyone wants, I can cite them next week.

As for every word in Holy Scripture condemning it, that is simply not true. There are actually very few references to it in the bible, and each of them needs to be unpacked in its specific context using the tools of biblical exegesis.

And while it may be true that 2000 years of Church teaching condemns it, in practice, for most of that period, the Church has been very tolerant of homosexual clergy on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis.

And finally, homosexuality per se has nothing to do with sexual abuse. There is a minority of both homosexual and heterosexual clergy who commit abuse, while the vast majority of both sexual orientations don't.

Maio 19, 3:49 am

This reminds me of the person I met on the internet years ago who wanted HIV to spread more and kill all the homosexuals because he had been sexually attacked as a boy, which shouldn't have happened because 'That's what girls are for.'

Maio 22, 11:06 am

Homosexual predator priest Fr, Mailard of the SSPX society in Vendee France of which I have mentioned before on another post was a problem for the 27 boys he is accused of attempting to rape, all over 15 Mailard is also accused of corruption of minors, and assorted molestation charges. He was arrested from the SSPX's "golden prison" where "wayward" priests are sent to "pray and do penance". Of course we have the usual story of coverup. Vendee is as I have mentioned is the place of "France's genocide" where tens of thousands died in defense of the Church against an onslaught of Atheistic Freemasonry called the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, much like the unbloody revolution in the Church today....JMJ....

Maio 23, 8:35 am

>28 brone: Our Lady appeared at Fatima

You'll be pleased about this bit of news!

Pope Francis to Travel to Portugal for August World Youth Day, to Visit Fatima (ACI Africa)

The Vatican announced Monday that Pope Francis will travel to Lisbon, Portugal, for World Youth Day this August with a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima...

Editado: Maio 24, 2:51 pm

Yesterday the Attorney General of Illinois reported over two thousand sex abuse cases credibly being investigated involving more than 450 priests. The abuse scandal in the US is just horrendous and continuing, It took 766 days for Bergoglio to issue the "McCarrick report" he was notified of uncle ted's affairs 1600 days ago by the Papal nuncio of the US. Nine US bishops have resigned for covering up predator crimes. almost 7,000 US priests have been credibly accused of sex abuse. 29 dioceses have declared bankruptcy, 20 states have ongoing investigations, 20,100 known victims of abuse, and 4 billion in abuse settlements. Bishops, popes, priests, lay employees who knew about these predators and concealed their abuse are worse than the crime itself, they enabled these monsters to continue to groom victims. Bishops, Mark Leonard, Joseph Binzer, Paul Bootkoski, Joseph Bransfield, James Checchio, Blaise Cupich, Timothy Dolan, Kevin Farell, Jorge Bergoglio, Witon Gregory, Joseph Hart, Michael Hoeppner, Howard Hubbard, John Tenite, Barry Knestout, Michael Mahoney, David Mulloy, Richard Malone, Robert McElroy, Robert Morreau, Joseph Myers, Sean O'Malley, Christpher Pierre, Alexander Salazar, Joseph Tobin, Henry Vigeron, William Wuerl.All have been accused of coverups in one way or another. Covering up the coverups is now the new scandal. "it is better that the truth be known than the scandal covered up" Augustine....JMJ....

Editado: Maio 26, 3:58 am

On the 24th of May Cdl Sean O'Mally, president for the protection of minors is himself accused of not protecting them by covering up a sexual abuse case in one of his own high schools. This guy is in charge of the protection of minors worldwide and is accused of covering up a horrible incident a few doors down from his own residence, maybe Sean can have his predcessors room in the vatican, (Cdl Law disgraced for the same crime lived out his life in prayer and penance and fine Italian Restruants in the Vatican.) O'Mally is quoted as Saying, " abuse cases is a subject of intense criticism both internally and externally". Really Sean thats your report. This particular case he is being sued for was particularly vicious and didn't happen 30 years ago it happened less than 10. Coverups are worse than the crime and this Franciscan knows that. Pray it won't be long before this generation of abusive priests and the big shot popes and cdls who enable them are gone....JMJ....

Maio 26, 4:24 am

>35 brone: Pray it won't be long before this generation of abusive priests and the big shot popes and cdls who enable them are gone

Indeed most of them are from an ageing generation and will not be with us for too much longer. May they rest in peace as they face judgement by the only Judge who is both truly just and infinitely merciful. But it is not just one generation. Sexual abuse and its cover up, whether by clergy or by anybody else, is a perennial problem which goes back millennia if not to the beginning of modern human existence hundreds of thousand years ago. Snide remarks about fine Italian restaurants will not make it go away, but the measures which churches and other institutions are implementing, as well as increased awareness within society at large, can at least reduce the opportunities for sexual abuse and make it more difficult to cover up. The tone of your posts suggests schadenfreude and a desire to snipe at church leaders whom you disagree with on an ideological basis rather than a genuine attempt to deal with the issue.

Maio 26, 1:00 pm

Silence on the part of Cdl Law, bishops, seminary rectors, religious orders, followed by scandal most horrible, scandal most hateful, despicable, vicious perversion that has swept away miters, defrocked priests, closed hundreds of parishes. Most of what we put in what we used to call the "poor box" goes to pay for crimes of predatory homosexual priests molesting young boys...our children. They even have a euphemistic term for selling of parishes to pay for these crimes 250m in Boston and still counting, they call it consolidation, translation try to find a priest untainted, and he can happily run three parishes as one. Just Yesterday the head of the Stop all these crimes is himself accused of what he is commissioned to stop. Much like O'Mally, Francis plays the silent card, "I will say nothing about that" As the Emperor has no clothes, the church has no vestments and the faithful perceive this, Humiliating as it is Ceasar not Pope Francis in all his words and letters who are investigating, prosecuting with vigor, I sting from this justice but if it takes the secular order to bust this perverted abuse and coverups so be it. At least in this modern-day people like the President for the protection of minors might think twice before they cover up the vicious abuse O'Malley is accused of sweeping under the rectory's rug....JMJ....

Maio 31, 6:59 pm

This week in the current sex abuse scandal, We Have the Pope's abuse watch dog sued for covering up a particular modern nasty crime. The Bishop of Portland is facing a lawsuit for facilitating sexual abuse. The Diocese of Springfield settles after many years a rape of a man by Bishop Weldon. The Illionios St Attorney General is proceeding on over 2,000 cases of abuse by over 340 priests. A Mother Superior of a Carmalite monastery is suing her Bishop over sex allegations, He in turn is suing Her. The Archbishop of St Louis is shutting down 35 parishes, the diocese of Columbus 15 parishes are closing. Meanwhile the pope is complaing about fossil fuel, and claiming he didn't say a fetus is a person, During his General audience he is seen chatting on his smart phone. These bishops have the gall to allocate 28million for "Understanding the Eucharist". Do you think any of this dough will come from the 29 dioceses who filed bankruptcy, I don't think so elite donors maybe When will the pope wake up and put an end to this madness?....AMDG....Quo Vadis America.