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Cookbooks Won

Editado: Nov 17, 2022, 10:33 am

I won Everyone's Table, Global Recipes for Modern Health by Gregory Gourdet. A lot of the spices and foods I do not have but I will try some of his recipes. The pictures are really beautful and the book is the size of a college textbook.

Editado: Jan 25, 5:46 am

I won mostly plant-based, 100 Delicious PLANT-FORWARD RECIPES USING 10 INGREDIENTS OR LESS by MIA SYN from GR. I am not finding it on LT. Published 2023.

Jan 25, 10:36 am

Where are you winning these? Congratulations!

Jan 25, 11:27 am I entered the last one on the last day and surprised I won. Both are great cookbooks.

Jan 25, 5:43 pm

>2 mnleona: You can add it using Bowker as a source.

Jan 25, 6:01 pm

>2 mnleona:

I hope her recipes are better than her grammar!

Ago 7, 9:57 am

I won Lilo and Stitch: the Official Cookbook by Tim Rita. I do not have some of the ingredients but can be found at an Asian market. A fun read.