The Holy Father's birthday

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The Holy Father's birthday

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Abr 6, 2008, 8:10am

Apologies to all group members for such a long absence from group page. Have been snowed under with work of various kinds.

Pope Benedict's birthday on April 16 has forced me to post this! If any of you would like to send him a birthday card and haven't got his correct address, here it is:
His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI PP
Apostolic Palace
Via del Pellegrino
Citta del Vaticano
Vatican City State, 00120
There is an email address which I have somewhere if anyone wants it, but I read somewhere once that he appreciates cards because he can see from the signature that a real person wrote it and because he is more likely to see it than an email message which could so easily get lost or deleted.

I'll be thanking him for everything he is doing and telling him I am praying for him and his intentions. Aside from birthday wishes I will add a prayer for his safe journey to America and back and for the success of his visit there.

Back as soon as I can
Greetings to you all,

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