A Christmas story for Covid times

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A Christmas story for Covid times

Dez 17, 2021, 5:45 pm

Let me introduce you to Boris. Boris is a polar bear. A special polar bear, because he really lives at the North Pole. He's part of the Polar Bear Brigade, a team of polar bears that makes sure that explorers and adventurers and such don't find the real North Pole. You know: where Santa's workshop is. It's amazing how easily such people can change direction when they see a polar bear!

This year there is a problem at Santa's workshop. It's called Covid. Well, we all know about Covid. So does Santa. Santa got his jabs early. So did all the elves. They got their boosters as soon as they could. And they still all wear masks in the workshop. Just to be very sure that nothing gets in the way of Christmas.

But they didn't think about the reindeer. Most of the year Santa's reindeer migrate around Finland with the other reindeer brousing on moss and such. It's what reindeer do. We all know that not only people can get Covid. Lots of animals can get it, too. It turns out that reindeer can get really bad cases. But for some reason polar bears don't. It might have something to do with the fact that reindeer like to run around in herds, but polar bears prefer to be alone. Or it could just be that polar bears have a different immune system.

So you can guess what's coming. Christmas Eve is coming, but when the reindeer show up at the North Pole, most of them are sick. Many of them are very sick. Even those that aren't sick need to stay in quarantine. Santa can't possibly take Covid around the world with the presents, so he can't use the reindeer.

What now? The techy elves are trying to get Santa to use drones. However, they are a lot louder than reindeer. Their batteries won't hold enough charge for a full night of flying. And let's face it: They just don't look right.

So the polar bears were asked if they could maybe help out. They don't sound like reindeer, but they are quiet. Most polar bears can't fly, of course, any more than regular reindeer can. But we're talking about Santa's special Polar Bear Brigade. Of course they can fly, just as well as Santa's reindeer can. But they still don't look right.

So the sewing elves looked in the cupboards and found a big supply of brown flannel. They started sewing. So now Boris and his friends all have reindeer costumes to wear when they pull Santa's sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve.

Boris says to tell you that he doesn't really like cookies. He can't stand carrots. But if you happened to have some herring or smoked salmon, he quite likes those.


Sorry, I have pictures of Boris, but I can't get them to upload tonight.

Dez 17, 2021, 5:53 pm

Dez 17, 2021, 5:54 pm

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I've had this bear for years. I totally embarrassed my boys when I insisted at buying it at the airport restaurant. We're talking over 20 years ago. Back when they were shorter than me. Anyway, he came into my mind tonight, and suddenly I knew his story.

Merry Christmas!

Dez 22, 2021, 1:52 pm

>4 MarthaJeanne: I love this story, and the bear. I have a couple standard Coca Cola bears on my shelves, but not with a reindeer outfit.