UK Secondhand bookshop Guide.

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UK Secondhand bookshop Guide.

Ago 3, 2021, 1:47 pm

The Book Guide is back.

The Book Guide (TBG) was an invaluable resource for second hand book buyers across the country to locate and review second hand bookshops, sales, fairs etc, in fact, anywhere where we can browse and buy secondhand books. When it shut down, its Bookshop-owning creator trying vainly to retire, I stared a FB page to try and preserve its core information about second hand bookshops in the UK.

However, it has now been superseded by a re-invigorated, improved and web based guide available at

Please feel free to review the second hand bookshops you visit and make the guide interactive and accurate by submitting updates ie closing / opening, shutting down etc.

Let us know, at the guide or on the fb site what you think.