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Private (feature is in development)

Jun 15, 9:36am

I'm suddenly seeing this new selection in the Collection drop down in Your Books....when I click it it returns one book, which isn't toggled as Private.

Jun 15, 11:38am

That is very weird behavior, indeed. I'm not seeing it on my account or my test account, but I am seeing it on yours.

For developers to reproduce:
1. Go into Taliesien's account on LibraryThing
2. go to “Your books”
3. open Collections drop-down menu. Note that there’s a “Private (feature is in development)” collection showing up at the very top of the list.
4. click to “Edit collections”. the collections manager/edit lightbox should open up.
5. Note that there is no “Private” collection listed there.

Bug: The “Private…” collection should not be showing up, to my knowledge.

Jun 15, 3:42pm

Jun 15, 6:41pm

>3 lorax: It may be an old, old issue, but one that apparently was never resolved since it just showed up in my collection drop down menu for the first time ever today. And it doesn't even show the books I've marked Private, just one book that isn't marked Private. See screencap below.

Jun 15, 7:03pm

>4 Taliesien: The check box for making individual books private is broken, has been since it was introduced, and as such shouldn't really be used, because you'll find that sometimes a glitch will keep you from accessing those books.

Jun 15, 7:34pm

>5 gilroy: I've not had any issue accessing the books I marked private in the almost six years I've been a member, but that's neither here nor there. My report was about a new Collection option that just magically appeared this morning and doesn't even correctly list the books marked private, which is what I believe it was intended to do.

Jun 15, 8:58pm

>6 Taliesien: But since you apparently do have books marked private, which most people don't use, it's likely a clue as to what the bug might be

Jun 16, 5:25pm


I am not under the slightest delusion that old issues are necessarily resolved. My comment was not directed at you for mentioning it, but at kristilabrie as a reminder of the, shall we say, vintage of this bug.

Jul 8, 9:03am

Also reported here: I've asked the OP to post details here.

Jul 8, 9:06am

>1 Taliesien: And now there appear to be 4 books in that collection. Hmm.

Jul 8, 10:46am

>10 kristilabrie: yes it seems to be fluid. I've seen mine go as high as 200+ but now down to about 38. Iirc when I set my whole profile to private, that was when I saw the numbers climbing in that collection. (I've never marked a book private, this is all happening on its own)

Jul 8, 2:59pm

Previously posted to a different thread; asked to re-post here.

18 of my books now appear in the "Private" collection, but I didn't put them there, and that feature box is not checked on the records themselves. So what is happening?

For 17 of the 18 titles I used the "Add books" search; 1 title I entered manually.