June is bustin' out all over

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June is bustin' out all over

Jun 1, 1:37pm

... for both good and bad.

Jun 1, 1:42pm

This evening's news had an insert on don't believe all the urban (?) legends / conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccines, just get your shots. One of the legends is that the shot changes one's gender. so, says the speaker, don't believe that one. Which would have been less surreal if the speaker hadn't been Evita Bezuidenhout.

(Do I need to remind anyone that Evita Bezuidenhout is the local equivalent of Dame Edna Everage?)

Jun 1, 3:42pm

That was... weird.
Here focus is more on spreading information on how the vaccines actually work, plus what to expect once you get the shot, time until the vaccine can be expected to have done it's job, so to speak, and so on.

Today I went to the office, for a collaborative meeting, in person. It was fabulous. All three attendees have had covid-19, and two of three has got the first shot (one is too young, he'll have to wait a couple of weeks until vaccinations will open up for his age group).
We managed to get so much creative work done, made so much progress, and it became so obvious how stunted we are when trying to do certain types of work using tools like Miro or Mural.

It was hyper strange to take the tube to work, though. I've quite successfully evaded public transport, and emerging from underground I realised that I've had a severely circumscribed action radius, for a long time now. Walking into the head office, blipping my key card, using the coffee machine... wow.

Jun 1, 5:02pm

June is very much busting out here:

I forgot how to fix the upside down issue...

Editado: Jun 2, 8:45am

>4 Marissa_Doyle: How lovely!

>2 hfglen: Wait, you mean Bill Gates isn't planting microchips in the vaccines on your side of the world?

>3 Busifer: Glad things are good, even if they still feel surreal.

Jun 2, 12:30am

My husband and I are booked for our second Covid shots on Thursday. We had to book individually but we did it on separate computers at the same time so we were able to select the same time slot. We had AstraZeneca the first time but have selected Pfizer or Moderna (you don't really get to choose) this time, since the most recent medical opinion is that one can mix vaccines and still get excellent protection.

I have also completed planting all of my veg garden. I still have some amaranth and celeriac to fit in, but if I don't, it's not the end of the world. On a less fun note, I spent most of today removing as much as I could of the noxious weed known as Creeping Bellflower. This is a losing battle, but I do my best. I'll finish up tomorrow, and then do it again in a couple of weeks.

It's very hot this week - high 20s - and I love it, but it does make it hard to get work done outside, and my rain barrels are getting low, with no rain in sight. I hate using tap water.

Jun 2, 1:09am

I was able to book my second shot too, for next Tuesday. It will probably be Moderna, as that is what all the shots have been here.

I'm still working on Census follow up, but have a wildland firefighting course the next two days. It was supposed to be 3, but they decided to condense it, unfortunately that means 8 am to 9 pm tomorrow, but only 8-5 Thursday.

I've done very little work this spring on either my garden or the deck I started building last fall. I did go up into the mountains to go paddling last Sunday, though.

Jun 2, 5:56am

>5 clamairy: We have that story too, but the idea of Evita Bezuidenhout of all people debunking the one I mentioned was truly surreal.

Jun 2, 12:07pm

>4 Marissa_Doyle: Oh, lovely!

>5 clamairy: A meme, that I'm sure is global, that's been going around in Sweden is the "I got my first shot, now can someone tell me how I get 5G access? Do I need a password or something?!"

>6 tardis: and >7 NorthernStar: Congrats on 2nd shots!

Jun 2, 12:42pm

>5 clamairy: >9 Busifer: Funny how The Information Superhighway turned out to be The Misinformation Superhighway.

Actually, it's not funny at all...

Jun 2, 1:59pm

>10 ScoLgo: I think we can all agree that it is indeed not funny at all.
Rather, before all those weird theories could be contained and isolated. Now people can find them readily available on the net, and so they find more followers than ever before.

Jun 2, 3:46pm

Found this, to my great distraction: ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World.
Chose a starting point and a destination, chose season, mode of transport... and voila, you will get a route and the number of days the journey took, in Roman times.

Jun 2, 5:47pm

Background info: I've got this deadly congenital digestive disorder - a lack of epithelial cells that line the alimentary canal, and next to no productive mucous production. Lots of things in my eat-it-and-die list. Not an allergy nor a bacteria; no epi pen solution; just do what you can to treat the resulting ulcers and hope you don't bleed to death in the process. It's a nasty business, but in actuality, I can have tiny amounts of anything, under the right conditions.

Back in late September, I had something that contained a lot more onion juice than was indicated on the labeling. This resulted in hundreds of small ulcers from stem to stern, with several clustering in/near my vocal cords. Even breathing was painful, couldn't (didn't want to) talk; swallowing anything was tear-invoking. But, as I've been dealing with situations like this virtually all my life, I do what can, and in a couple of months, those persistent ulcers in my throat finally closed and I could make most sounds again.

So, now I've got dimples and scar ridges, and they they'll collect mostly fluids, but occasionally solids. Very odd.

And this is why I'm writing this: Pre-pandemic, I used to play guitar and pretend to sing at Open Mic Nights (OMN) in my area (central Texas). I'm introduced as: Mike, the Song Butcher. I've got a whole different singing voice now. There are warbles and tremolos that come out all the time, whereas before, that was an impossible feat for me. My speaking voice is lower, but my singing voice, although the range remains the same, is actually stronger, but edgier than before - that is, until I overdo it, and then I sound more like a cross between Steve Forbert and Rod Stewart, and maybe that guy from AC/DC. And people seem to like it! Yeah, I've been playing at two OMNs (all COVID restrictions strictly enforced) for the past 3 weeks now.
It feels good to be doing that again.

Jun 2, 6:19pm

>4 Marissa_Doyle: Those are really pretty.

Jun 2, 6:42pm

>13 WholeHouseLibrary: It's good to hear positive story came out in the end.

Editado: Jun 3, 5:00am

>13 WholeHouseLibrary: I am glad that your bad news turns out to have an unexpected silver lining. And that you are keeping on singing.

>12 Busifer: You have found us all a marvellous time sink.

Jun 3, 7:06am

>13 WholeHouseLibrary: Good that something good came out of it.

Jun 6, 1:19am

>6 tardis: Those purple-blossomed spears are bad guys? I always thought they were so pretty. They clustered by our garage when I was a child, and I was always pleased to see them. I still love that color.

I think of a weed as basically a plant you don't want, especially if it crowds out plants you do want. What are the charges against this one?

Jun 6, 5:30am

tax evasion and excessive apostrophe placement.

Jun 6, 5:32am

>19 MrAndrew: Evasion or avoidance? Asking for an accountant.

Jun 6, 5:54am

tomato, tomato. Depends on whether your creeping bellflower ends up in jail or on the Forbes rich list, which likewise depends on it's ability to pay for a top legal firm.

Jun 6, 2:03pm

>19 MrAndrew: Thank you for this.

Jun 6, 4:08pm

>18 Meredy: In addition to MrAndrew's charges, Creeping Bellflower spreads rapidly by both root and seed. The roots go about a foot deep. The upper roots are skinny; the lower ones are are fat white things, apparently edible, although I haven't tried them yet. When you pull the top of the plant the skinny roots break, leaving the fat parts behind. If you don't get every scrap of root they come back. They choke out native and more desirable plants, come up in the middle of other plants so you have to get rid of both if you want to get rid of the CBF. It's resistant to herbicides and is known locally as the Zombie Weed because it's so hard to kill. It's on the provincial Noxious Weed list. It really is VERY pretty, thought, and people often don't realize how bad it is.

Jun 7, 8:05am

fat white things, apparently edible... It really is VERY pretty, thought, and people often don't realize how bad it is.

Stop talking about me.

Jun 7, 12:59pm

>24 MrAndrew: How are you with some fava beans and a nice Chianti?
Asking for a friend...

Jun 7, 2:21pm

Jun 8, 1:58pm

Last few days have been a bit odoriferous here. Someone in the area has obviously been spreading muck (stable sweepings or cowshed waste) on their fields. The pong lingers. But you know, it’s impeccably organic fertiliser.
Anyway today was my day off and was a real top notch English summer day. The English summer, when it happens, is much better than you might think. So I celebrated with a nice salad and a glass of Australian wine for dinner.

Jun 8, 2:20pm

>27 haydninvienna: I know that feeling. Both of "organic fertiliser" and summer being better than what people tend to think.
Our cabin is in dairy country, though just south of the Arctic circle, and the farmers spread cow's urine on the fields... and our cabin is just 4 metres from one such field. I agree with local produce and local diary. I'm not equally convinced when the sun is scorching and the urine stench (and the flies!) are everywhere. Doesn't really go well with experiencing taste in food, for one...
I feel for you, but the wine sounds nice.

Jun 8, 2:39pm

>28 Busifer: The wine was indeed nice. And the smell of muck only hangs around for a few days at a time. At the moment it’s evening and I’m sitting in our conservatory with the doors open, listening to the birds singing. I may go out a bit later and see if the noctilucent clouds (https://spaceweathergallery.com/nlc_gallery.html) have shown up this evening.

Jun 8, 11:28pm

Younger son, Will, has been living with us during the pandemic, and requires a gluten-free diet. I have a new GF cookbook from the ever-reliable America's Test Kitchen, and have been trying recipes. Tonight was arepas, which are South American masarepa flour (kind of cornmeal) biscuits that are split and filled with a savoury filling. Both the biscuit part and the filling were very tasty. I'm planning to mess around with the biscuit part because I think they could work really well as a gluten free green onion cake (GOC), which is a thing that Will misses about not being able to eat wheat. Of course, I could just look up a regular GF recipe for GOC, but the arepas were just the right kind of tasty and I think they'll be a really good alternative.

Jun 9, 4:51am

>30 tardis: I love arepas! Are they easy to make?

Jun 9, 9:06am

>30 tardis: All these various meanings of the word "biscuit"...!
I had no idea what an arepa was, but at the point were they were split I realised that you were talking about a bread-like thing and not the hard thing I picture when reading the word ;-)

Editado: Jun 9, 9:15am

>30 tardis: Those sound amazing, as does the green onion cake. Turns out they are called something different here, but I've had the GOCs, and they are magnificent.

>32 Busifer: As a kid reading my first British books I was equally confused by the image of dunking biscuits in tea. LOL

Jun 9, 9:50am

>33 clamairy: Ah! Scallion pancakes! One of my all time favourite foods that I've never found in the UK.

Jun 9, 11:07am

>31 Sakerfalcon: Arepas are super simple to make. The hardest part was finding the right kind of corn flour because my local Safeway didn't have it. Had to go to one of the big groceries with more "ethnic" clientele.

Green Onion Cakes are Edmonton's unofficial "official" food. An immigrant from Northern China started making them in his restaurant in the late 1970s, and they were an instant hit. They spread to all the Chinese restaurants in town (and quite a few non-Chinese ones, too), and are served at nearly every local festival. You can also buy them pre-made and fry them up yourself, or make them from scratch. I like them plain or dipped in a mix of soy sauce and rice vinegar, but the rest of my family slather on the hot sauce.

Editado: Jun 9, 11:30am

>34 Sakerfalcon: Yes, that's what they called them when I had them. It's a magnificent flavor and texture combo! You'll have to make your own.

Jun 9, 1:18pm

>35 tardis: They're "scallion pancakes" in the northeast US as well. Our favorite Chinese restaurant serves them with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, chopped ginger and garlic, a little (very little) bit of mirin, and rice vinegar.

Jun 10, 5:29am

>36 clamairy: I always assumed they would be really complicated to make because of the flaky layers, but having checked out some recipes they look achievable!

>37 Marissa_Doyle: That sounds like my experience of them ... delicious!

Jun 10, 5:57am

These sound delicious. I must look up recipes.

Jun 10, 4:38pm

>33 clamairy: I can see why! The difference between biscuits and biscuits is somehow even larger than the one between pants and pants...

Editado: Jun 10, 6:04pm

>40 Busifer:
We had a great discussion about biscuits and biscuits with my US son-in-law. It was triggered by tge song, “Please Pass the biscuits.” (I will check the name and seek a link when not on my phone.)

The singer wanted biscuits to soak up his gravy. We could not work out how one could soak up gravy with a cookie.

Jun 11, 7:37am

And then there is the issue that gravy isn't gravy...

Don't even get me started on how grits aren't gritty.

Jun 11, 7:42am

>42 MrAndrew: I love the key role played by grits in the film, My Cousin Vinny.

Jun 12, 8:40pm

I used to think grits was just a southern dish, but a few years ago my wife and I had a vacation on CA. coast.
It was there I had some really good shrimp and grits.

Jun 16, 3:52pm

It's almost the last day of school. One more to go! This has been the craziest, hardest, and LOOOONGEST school year of my career. Thank goodness I had the class I had. They were/are amazing! I know I'm going to cry tomorrow. We've bonded like no other class has bonded. I guess that's what happens when living through a pandemic together. I am very much looking forward to time off in order to recover. TBR pile here I come!

Jun 20, 9:27pm

Happy Solstice everyone! I'm going out with friends to celebrate tonight.

Jun 20, 10:35pm

>46 NorthernStar: Ah, bring it in well, do. Will there be a ceremony?

Jun 21, 12:45am

>47 Meredy: - just a gathering of friends!

Jun 21, 2:29am

>48 NorthernStar: Well, happy solstice to you and everyone else. Solstices and equinoxes are such dependable features of life on this planet, when so many other things have become uncertain and untrustworthy, that I'm feeling truly grateful for that unbroken rhythm. The old guys were wise to give them special treatment.

Jun 24, 9:06am

If you don't see much of me here the next few weeks, be advised. My grandbaby is scheduled to be delivered by c-section on July 2nd. We may be occupied elsewhere for awhile. :)

Jun 24, 9:11am

>50 MrsLee: We will miss you but for such a wonderful reason! I pray that all goes well.

Jun 24, 9:21am

>50 MrsLee: I hope all goes well. I wish you much joy in welcoming the addition to your family.

Jun 24, 9:33am

>50 MrsLee: Hope all goes smoothly!

>46 NorthernStar: How wonderful that you gather for it!

>49 Meredy: Agreed. I feel the same way about full moons.

Jun 24, 10:15am

>50 MrsLee: All the very best for that great event.

Jun 24, 10:18am

>50 MrsLee: Best wishes to all of you: grandma, grandpa, mum, dad, the little 'un, and anybody else around.

Jun 24, 1:25pm

Good: still employed, able to read more again, able to write again, life is returning. Decent weather (right now.)

Bad: Bought a new laptop back in April (previous one was a 7 year old Toshiba that is . . . dying.) Due to budget, I had to go with a brand I'm not too fond of. And it proved to me that my dislike still fits. Motherboard fried after just two months. Now I have to ship it back (under warranty, thankfully) for them to replace the board. So shipping time, repair time, and all, I'll be without my new shiny toy for 3 to 4 weeks... And the day it died was the day I was about to do a major file backup... *face palm*

Jun 27, 3:47am

>50 MrsLee: Sending best wishes to you and all the family.

>56 gilroy: Sorry to hear about the difficulties - always disappointing but the inconvenience etc is not to be underestimated.

Jun 27, 9:13am

>50 MrsLee: Sending best wishes!

>56 gilroy: Oh no! I hope the new - ore repaired? - board will get back to you faster than expected.

My own good is that vacation starts real soon.
Also, I'm glad that I do have a job that I enjoy. I'm not equally glad that work has been in overdrive mode for the past weeks. Seems like management is bad at prioritization. We are a couple of newer employees who have decided to take that on because seriously: you can't do everything at once without it affecting the quality of the work.
Oh well.

Jun 27, 12:20pm

HOT! We're not used to days of temps in the 30s and nights in the high teens and low 20s, my house doesn't have air conditioning, my cats (well, mostly Newt) are unhappy about not being able to go outside, and my veg garden, fruit trees, and pots need to be watered at least once a day.

I have all the windows and curtains closed as soon as outside temps get higher than inside, we have a fan in the bedroom, and can take cool showers whenever we want. Newt gets his outside time just before sunset when temps start to go down.

On the plus side, I live in an older neighbourhood with big trees for shade, I have lots of books to sit in the shade with, and I guess in January when it's -30 I can appreciate the memory of the heat soaking into my bones.

Jun 27, 12:40pm

I went to the garden centres yesterday (not all the local ones, just 2 of them) and have been planting out the veggies I got along with some dwarf bean seeds (the local pigeon herd has been thundering through the patch...)

Fun with the brassicas - I'd dug over the bed, and dug the trench, got called to lunch, and when I came back, it was 'I'm sure there were 8 seedlings in that strip'... The young blackbirds had been rather over-enthusiastic. They are now netted in, so hopefully that will protect them.

One more strip to plant out, but I think I might leave it until tomorrow, but I will try and dig over the bed tonight. I also have some pots of herbs to plant out too.

And I expect to be eating our courgettes this week! 2 varieties - yellow globe and a traditional long type.

Jun 28, 5:15pm

Sorry I've been AFK. Both of my kids were visiting and we finally managed to have a picnic at the beach with some extended family. That was supposed to happen for Memorial Day but it got rained out.

I should be back more regularly starting tomorrow. My daughter is still here.

Jun 28, 6:41pm

Well, I'm completely at a loss, once again.
The coffee shop downtown closed yesterday.
My history with this place, the people, goes back at least twelve years.
It was our default place to go to for breakfast every weekend, except for when MrsHouseLibrary couldn't. When the venue for the writing group closed, I was able to arrange to has us meet there. Later I managed that group for eight years -- six and a half at their original and then current location, and after the meeting room was needed to expand their kitchen, another year and a half at another coffee shop that served coffee and pastries only. The thing is, we met usually twice a week, and in November, every evening for those of us who participated in NaNoWriMo. (Look it up if you want to learn more.)
But this place ... They also hosted the Open Mic Nights on Tuesday, then Monday evenings. And for a while, belly dancing. Go figure!
I was on a first-name basis with everyone who worked there, and they even had a page in their training manual about me and my dietary restrictions. I also taught them all the proper response to the compliment of "You are a gentleman/gentleperson and a scholar." That response is, "And there aren't many of us left." And, they all used it. About five years ago, they presented me with a rocks glass (a squat, squarish glass use for serving Old Fashions and whisky on the rocks, I'm told,) with the words "Gentleman & Scholar" embossed on one face.
Sometime after MrsHouseLibrary died, I knew I had to have a reason to leave the house. So, every (usually) Saturday morning, I'd get up at 7:30 and drive downtown to get breakfast and journal for a good three or four hours. It was easy to judge the impact Karrell had on the folks there because there were immediate tears flowing from those who had known her well.
And that was my routine until the pandemic hit. I'd get my order to-go and either go to a park to write, or bring it back home. And after things became less restrictive, I went back to writing at a small table against a wall, interrupted only by breakfast and getting refills for my bottomless cup of coffee.
This past Saturday, the owner brought my breakfast to me and sat down.
He then preceded the bad news by enumerating why he was going to tell me something that I was not to repeat to anyone, ever. Apparently,
1) I was their oldest (longevity, not age) customer.
2) I was their most frequent customer.
3) I had driven more business to them than anyone/anything else.
Plus, there was the distinguishment of being their first Customer of the Month -- a program that went only six months because they would have to continue to dilute the qualifications, rendering it meaningless.
Then he dropped the bomb. That part, I had to keep secret until after they shuttered their doors. The rest of what he told me - the whys and wherefores (nothing that involves anything nefarious), that's a confidence I won't betray.
But really, I'm bummed out.

Jun 28, 6:42pm

>61 clamairy: It sounds like you had a great time.

Jun 28, 8:03pm

>62 WholeHouseLibrary: It's a sad loss! I sympathize, having lost a really good coffee shop myself, although not as significant in my life as that one was in yours. I wish all the best to the owners and staff, and hope you find someplace new and comfortable, even if you can't replace that one.

The one that closed in our neighbourhood did so in spring 2019, and in spring 2020 I was thankful that they'd been able to go out on their own terms and not been forced out by stupid Covid.

Jun 28, 8:39pm

>62 WholeHouseLibrary: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I can relate to losing those perfect places, that look like restaurants or watering holes, but actually give us so much more. It's a gut punch.

I'm sorry for the owner and the staff, too. Hope everyone lands on their feet.

Jun 28, 9:22pm

>62 WholeHouseLibrary: oh, that sucks! Im so sorry!

Jun 28, 9:32pm

Well that's poop. I'm so sorry you've lost such a great place.

Jun 28, 11:33pm

>62 WholeHouseLibrary: I am sorry. Such a loss to the community, as well as individuals when a special place like that closes their doors.

I am glad to be able to report that our a/c unit is fixed. We thought it wouldn't happen until tomorrow, but the repairman (owner) showed up at 7:45 tonight and had it fixed by 8:30. Whew. We are still running over100 here daily.

Jun 28, 11:54pm

>62 WholeHouseLibrary: I am very sorry to hear about the closure of a place that has been such a significant part of your life and routine. I feel sorry for the owner and staff.

Jun 29, 5:53am

>62 WholeHouseLibrary: Eep. That sux.

Jun 29, 6:49am

>62 WholeHouseLibrary: I can see how much that place meant to you. You are lucky to have known such a special place. I hope that you will find some way to stay in touch with those people who became part of your life.

Jun 30, 1:43pm

The high today and tomorrow is supposed to be 37, with overnight lows in the 20s, so I'm still spending most of the of the day sitting in the shade, reading, drinking water, and eating chips (aka crisps). I'm back to reading my own books, due to the library not supplying any of my holds, although I did download another Heather Graham e-book for late night insomnia where brain just needs to be occupied, not engaged deeply. I would love an outside daybed or hammock to read (and possibly nap) in, but I don't have the energy to get one.

Jun 30, 1:51pm

>72 tardis: (Joke) Only 37 C? Is that all? (/joke)

Sorry, our heat index is close to 45c...

Jun 30, 2:11pm

>73 gilroy: Yeah, I know we're pikers compared to many places. This is record hot for us, though. I can walk around Las Vegas in a t-shirt when locals are wearing parkas, but push the heat over 30 and I melt. Especially at night.

Jun 30, 3:03pm

>74 tardis: How's your humidity been? Any relief in site?

>73 gilroy: Yeah, but you have AC and most of the Northwestern US and Canada does not! They have rarely needed it before.

Jun 30, 4:02pm

>74 tardis: >75 clamairy: Big reason why I labeled that as a joke...

Jun 30, 4:53pm

>75 clamairy: Humidity is low - 19% outdoors, 37% indoors. It generally is low here on the Prairies - this is also one of the reasons extreme winter cold is tolerable - "it's a dry cold" and it doesn't get into your bones the way humid cold does. It's also windy, which helps make the heat less oppressive (although makes winter cold MUCH worse!). If climate change means this kind of heat happens more often, we'll have to look into getting AC, but as Clam says, we have so rarely needed it before.

I've been in the Toronto area in the summer - the humidity there is killer, and they've always been more likely to get extreme heat. I think almost everyone there who can afford it has AC.

>76 gilroy: I got it ;)

Jun 30, 9:11pm

The heat has been crazy here. Thank goodness we have AC. But thunderstorms have arrived. :( with it so dry, there’s sure to be quite a few fires. We’ve already had a few. Yesterday there were 2 in the town just north of us. They are contained, but still. It could get very bad, very quickly.

Jul 1, 12:55am

We've had really hot weather since last week as well, I think up to 37 or 38 degrees, but today was cloudier, and only got to 31. We had thunderstorms and rain come through this evening and it is down to about 22, which feels blissful.

Yesterday the highway south was closed for most of the day for a wildfire. It was opened up today for a while to guided traffic, but is now closed again. There is no detour.

A good friend of mine died today. He was our museum curator, and, at almost 89, still a going concern until recently. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a few weeks ago, rallied and seemed to be doing well, then had a heart attack Monday and has been back in hospital since. His wife called to tell me this evening, and asked me to let other museum people know. He will be missed by many. The two of them recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, and have been like family to me.

Jul 1, 12:57am

>79 NorthernStar: Sad to hear about Marl :( Very cool guy.

Jul 1, 1:02am

Jul 1, 4:04am

>79 NorthernStar: I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. He looks like quite a character in post #81. My condolences.

Jul 1, 5:42am

>79 NorthernStar: I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

Jul 1, 9:05am

>79 NorthernStar: Oh, I am truly sorry. He sounds like an amazing man.

I hope the weather breaks for all of you who are suffering, without too many fires.

Jul 1, 11:35am

>79 NorthernStar: Condolences, and hugs.

And commiserations all around on the heat issues, everyone. That kind of heat really demands another kind of building (and city planning) than what we have were there's always been quite cold, relatively speaking.
Today, after a night of rain, we're at a chilly 25 deg C but indoor temps rarely go below 27, on any day, during a normal summer. The law says that the landlord has to fix cooling/heating if temps are consistently above 28 degrees, and not just during a heatwave. I so wish it was 27 degrees because then maybe I could finally get the window shutters that I long for (a/c will only work as long as you want or can pay for electricity and with rates predicted to soar due to demand being extremely high now that everything from phones to cars has a battery that must be charged I want to lessen my dependency...)

On my definite plus side: VACATION!!! Yay!
Another plus is I got my second shot the other day. Not so fun was my reaction, which was 12+ hours of fever, but now I'm good so yay for that, too!

Another plus is the gull chick in our back yard will soon be ready to fly off ;-)
He (?) is incredibly cute, started as a fist-sized spotted fuzzy ball that jumped up and down trying to fly, but he squeaks with a strong voice and his parental unit of two is extremely protective and so I've elected not to use my bike for the past three weeks: see, he use the bike shed as shelter and going there is just not worth it. I can walk just as well.
At least he has started to sleep from roughly sunset to dawn.

Jul 5, 1:34pm

A bit belated: my elder son David got married to his long-time girl friend on the last Saturday in June, and of course his sisters (both of whom live in England) and I couldn’t be there. But we recorded video greetings for David and Caitlin. They make a very cute couple: https://boothpics.com/OAQN/atzvqr (and if that link doesn’t work, I don’t know what else to do—it doesn’t seem to let me save the photo).

Jul 5, 1:43pm

>86 haydninvienna: Lovely couple! Wishing them all the best. Are juice boxes part of the usual fare at weddings nowadays?

Jul 5, 2:19pm

>86 haydninvienna:
Congratulations to your son. That is a lovely picture.
Is he the chef?

Jul 5, 2:23pm

>87 Taphophile13: No idea. I think the photo was probably a joke.

>88 pgmcc: The chef is Philip, David’s younger brother. David is most of the way through an Arts-Law combined degree. Caitlin, incidentally, is a dentist. Hang on to her, David.

And thanks to both of you for the good wishes.

Jul 5, 2:44pm

>86 haydninvienna: - Congratulations! Cute pics.

Jul 5, 2:56pm

>86 haydninvienna: Lots of happiness to all concerned!

Jul 5, 2:58pm

>90 NorthernStar: >91 hfglen: Thanks both of you!

Jul 5, 5:18pm

>86 haydninvienna: Congratulations! May they always laugh together.

Jul 5, 5:54pm

There seem to be quite a lot of comedy shots among those photos... unless that wedding had some very unusual guests!

My congratulations to the the happy couple.

Jul 5, 9:34pm

>86 haydninvienna: Congrats! How wonderful.

Jul 6, 2:06am

>94 -pilgrim-: Caitlin’s mother is/was in the Australian diplomatic service, so who knows who she might have met.

And >93 MrsLee: , >94 -pilgrim-: and >95 clamairy: thank you on their behalf.

Editado: Jul 6, 2:13am

>96 haydninvienna: Did the wedding take place in Australia? I don't think you mentioned that, so it wasn't clear why your family couldn't attend.

Jul 6, 8:09am

>97 Meredy: Yes, in Australia. Sorry.

From David: “ Thanks to your friends for the well wishes. The 'juice box' is a meal replacement drink called up and go. Caitlin had been on the go without eating all day so that was her emergency calories lol. Also those photos are all from the photo booth which was by the dance floor and mostly used towards the end of the night.”

Jul 6, 8:13am

>98 haydninvienna:
The photo booth seems to be the thing to have at your wedding. My daughters had one at their weddings. They loved the crazy photos of their friends.

Jul 6, 8:21am

>86 haydninvienna: Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law! That's a great photo.