crafting for a better 2021 - lesmel - part 2

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crafting for a better 2021 - lesmel - part 2

Editado: Maio 23, 10:08am

Woot! I actually made it to a "part 2" in a single year! Now the pressure is on to make at least another 150 posts to continue into next year.

Maio 23, 2:36pm

The good thing is that congratulations are in order for all that work!

Maio 23, 2:53pm

>265 I love those. Will you "fix" the pocket? I would be tempted to leave it alone for the sake of individuality. But my mother did very little garment sewing, and was famous for little girl dresses with crooked pockets. We decided to make it a thing to celebrate!

Maio 23, 6:06pm

>3 sallypursell: I left them as is. What's the point of handmade if it looks commercially produced (that's my story and I'm sticking to it 🤣)?

Maio 24, 4:28pm

>1 lesmel: Congrats on the new thread! :-)

Jun 6, 10:39am

I have lost my sewjo. I'd blame it on the heat, but I haven't worked on anything quilty in probably two months. I had hoped the aprons would be just the thing to jump start me; but I still have the final double slice quilt sitting on my table not finishing itself.

I think I will be a mean taskmaster for myself this week and insist on at least SOME work on the double slice. If I can get in the groove again, I can probably stay consistent if slower. Which is fine. It will also encourage me to listen to more books rather than trying to cram read in 24 hours.

Also, I have a box of mystery fabric coming sometime soon. I can't just let that sit there doing nothing. HA!

Jun 7, 5:57am

>6 lesmel: Sorry to hear you have lost your 'sewjo'. This happens. There is no shame in setting aside a project for a while (or even years, as I have done).

Your box of mystery fabric might indeed inspire you to put together an interim project and you can return to the other at another time?

Jun 16, 9:40am

I am a TERRIBLE taskmaster. I have done one thing on the remaining double slice quilt -- made the second cuts. HOWEVER, I feel the juices starting to move...sluggishly, but moving.

Mystery fabric arrived! It's an interesting mix of prints and lengths. I've got one piece that is like...8" wide and the largest looks to be maybe a full yard.

My haul:

Some of the pics are blurry because they are screenshots from a video I made for a friend.

Jun 16, 9:46am

>8 lesmel: Nice! I really like the honey one and the ones with heartbeats and hearts.

Jun 16, 12:24pm

So - mystery? You didn't pick them out? Or you forgot what you ordered? (Been there.)

Jun 16, 2:30pm

>10 dudes22: I did not pick them! It's an "end of bolt box" from MSQC. You get what you get.

Jun 16, 2:59pm

That mystery fabric collection is very inspiring! I would be super tempted by it but I already have several tubs of mystery fabric in the shed...

Jun 16, 7:03pm

>11 lesmel: - AAH! I'll have to check that out.

Jun 17, 6:39am

>8 lesmel: That surely is a mix of fabric! It will be interesting to see what you do with it all!

Jun 17, 11:05am

>8 lesmel: Nice assortment.

Jun 17, 11:17pm

I love your mystery fabrics. I can see where you could get lots of use out of those, and that would be fun, too.

What's MSQC?

Jun 18, 1:02pm

>16 sallypursell: MSQC = Missouri Star Quilt Company

Jun 18, 7:22pm

Oh, thanks. I went there, but couldn't figure out how to order a mystery box. What do I need to know?

Jun 19, 4:21pm

>18 sallypursell: The end of bolt box is out of stock right now: I'd guess since they have reopened to the public, the box goes out of stock more often!

Jun 19, 10:09pm

>19 lesmel: Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for that.

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