Help wanted! FS Books 2017-2021 Print Locations

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Help wanted! FS Books 2017-2021 Print Locations

Maio 14, 4:49pm

Not sure just how much demand there is for this information generally but a few of us group members have the beginnings of a spreadsheet for collecting it.

Plenty of gaps remain and I'd like to ask for assistance in filling them.

Please feel free to reply here with any additions or, if you'd like to edit directly, you can PM your email address.

Maio 14, 5:01pm

Not a big customer lately, so these are all I can add:

2017 Pre-Raphaelite Tragedy: Neografia, Slovakia, Abbey Wove
2017 Spy who Came In from the Cold: LEGO, Italy, Abbey Wove
2017 Ten Days that Shook the World (fourth printing): C&C Offset, China, Yu Long Pure

Maio 14, 5:06pm

Hangman’s Holiday 2018 Slovakia Neografia
Time Traveler’s Guide Elizabethan England 2018 C&C China
The prophet 2019 Germany ottersweier
Sphie’s world 2019 lego Italy
Tales of Ancient Egypt 2019 Kosel Germany
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2020- Kosel Germany
Around the World 2020- Kosel Germany

Editado: Maio 14, 5:09pm

>1 adriano77: I never felt strongly about the choice for C&C offset to be added to the mix of printers used. I was actually interested to see the printing quality and style of a printer from a local steeped in book printing history. Then they botched the quality control of The Book Of The New Sun. This was entirely preventable and didn’t look good here and on social media. The distance between London and Hong Kong in times of Corona led to the floor falling out. So, I support this idea and have contributed where I could so devotees can make an informed decision. I ask as well to please help fill in the gaps and improve our collective knowledge.

Editado: Maio 14, 5:19pm

Thank you for the work on the spreadsheet.

Based on the data you currently have (why am I doing this on a Friday evening!):

2017: 7 Chinese, of 49 total = ~14%
2018: 13 of 51 = ~25%
2019: 4 of 25 = 16%
2020: 6 of 19 = ~32%
2021: 6 of 17 = ~35%

Read into that whatever you wish.

Maio 14, 5:32pm

SPQR: Germany, Kösel, Abbey Pure Rough
A Journal of the Plague Year: Slovakia, Neografia, Abbey Pure

Editado: Maio 14, 6:08pm

Time Machine & The Island of Doctor Moreau, The (reprint): Abbey Wove, Memminger MedienCentrum AG, Germany, bound by Josef Spinner Großbuchbinderei GmbH, Germany

Stranger in a Strange Land: Abbey Wove, bound and printed at L.E.G.O. Italy

Maio 14, 6:11pm

All 3 Hornblower sets (2018-2020): Slovakia, Neografia, Abbey Wove

Maio 14, 6:19pm

2020: The Tenent of Windfell Hall, C&C Offset Printing, Yu Long Pure
2019: The Secret Agent, Neografia, Slovakia, Abbey Wove
2019: Catch-22 (4th printing), C & C Offset, Yu Long Pure
2019: Selfish Gene (3rd printing), C & C Offset, Yu Long Pure
2018: Middlemarch, LEGO, Italy, Abbey Wove
2017: Guns, Germs and Steel, Memminger MedienCentrum, Germany, Abbey Wove

Maio 14, 8:46pm

>1 adriano77:
Defeat into Victory - printed on Abbey Pure paper at Nomos, Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Sinzheim, Germany. Bound by Josef Spinner, Ottersweier, Germany.

Maio 14, 9:48pm

A link to this thread has now been added to the FSD wiki here.

Maio 14, 11:57pm

>1 adriano77:
2018: Pirates - Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Abbey Pure
2018: Bomber Command - Meminger, Abbey Pure Rough
2018: Empire - Kösel, Abbey Wove
2019: Maigret Set Two - C&C, Yu Long Pure
2019: English Country House - L.E.G.O., Abbey Pure
2020: 1776 - C&C, Yu Long Pure

Maio 15, 1:16am

Spreadsheet updated to this point

Maio 15, 3:07am

>13 wdripp:

Rumi — Arctic Volume Ivory — Neografia, a.s. — Martin-Priekopa, Slovakia

Maigret set 1 — Yu Long Pure — C&C - China

Dr Zhivago — Kasadaka Natural paper — C&C — China

Around the World — Abbey Wove

Velveteen Rabbit is in the Nursery but I can check it in the morning.

Editado: Maio 15, 6:26am

The remaining Bonds:
Moonraker, Goldfinger, Live and Let Die, Thunderball, OHMSS, The Spy Who Loved Me, & You Only Live Twice
are all Italy/LEGO/Abbey Wove

Maio 15, 7:26am

A Life in Letters and Diaries: Printed on Abbey Wove paper at Neografia a.s. Martin-Priekopa, Slovakia.
Lord Peter Views the Body: Printed on Abbey Wove paper at Neografia a.s. Martin-Priekopa, Slovakia.

Maio 15, 7:30am

Maio 15, 7:33am

Essays (Montaigne): Printed on Abbey Pure paper at Kosel, Krugzell, Germany.
Velveteen Rabbit: Printed on Abbey Pure paper at Memminger MedienCentrum, Memmingen, Germany and bound by Josef Spinner, Ottersweier, Germany.

Maio 15, 7:43am

Waterloo: Germany/Memminger/Abbey Pure Rough

Maio 15, 7:43am

Collected Poems (Larkin): Printed on Yu Long Pure at C&C Offset Printing, China, and bound by them.
De Profundis: Printed on Abbey Wove paper at Memminger MedienCentrum, Memmingen, Germany and bound by Josef Spinner, Ottersweier, Germany.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: Printed on Abbey Wove paper at Kosel, Krugzell, Germany, and bound by them.
Structure of Scientific Revolutions: Printed on Yu Long Pure paper at C&C Offset Printing, China, and bound by them.

Editado: Maio 15, 7:52am

2019, Phantom of the Opera, Abbey Wove, printed and bound by Kösel, Krugzell, Germany

Editado: Maio 15, 8:02am

Brideshead Revisited
Abbey Pure Rough, Memminger, Germany

Far from the Madding Crowd
Yu Long Pure, C&C, China

Tess of the d’Urbervilles
Yu Long Pure, C&C, China

Abbey Wove, Memminger, Germany

Of Mice and Men
Schleipen Wove, Memminger, Germany

The Velveteen Rabbit
Abbey Pure, Memminger, Germany

Europe, A History
Abbey Wove, Kösel, Krugzell, Germany

Creators, Conquerors & Citizens, A History of Ancient Greece
Yu Long Pure, C&C, China

Nights at the Circus
Abbey Pure Rough, Kösel, Krugzell, Germany

Maio 15, 8:10am

2021: Captain America - Printed on Perigord Condat matt paper at Kosel, Krugzell, Germany

Maio 15, 1:28pm

Tales of Beatrix Potter - “Printed and bound in China” - no mention of printing house or paper.

Maio 15, 3:08pm

Thanks all. Updated.

>24 ChampagneSVP:

That's interesting that there's no mention of either.

Maio 15, 3:47pm

>25 adriano77: I presume it’s because the set is actually published by Penguin but “produced exclusively for the Folio Society”. The same was true of the double box set from the early 2000s.

Maio 15, 4:59pm

The Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England - Yu Long Pure, C&C, China.

A Life in Letters and Diaries – Abbey Wove, Neografia, Slovakia.

The Italian Renaissance – Abbey Wove, Kosel, Germany.

Under Fire – Yu Long Pure, C&C, China.

The Longest Day – Abbey Pure Rough, Memminger, Germany.

The Prince in Splendour – Abbey Wove, Kosel, Germany.

The Life of Thomas More – Abbey Wove, Kosel, Germany.

Mayflower – Yu Long Pure, C&C, China.

The Mask of Command – Abbey Wove, Neografia, Slovakia.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – Abbey Pure, Memminger, Germany.

Shah of Shahs – Abbey Wove, Neografia, Slovakia.

A History of Christianity – Abbey Wove, Kosel, Germany.

Iron Kingdom - Yu Long Pure, C&C, China.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – Condat Matt, Syl L’Art Grafic, Barcelona, Spain.

Maio 15, 5:28pm

>27 bookfair_e: Updated. Thanks.

Editado: Maio 15, 7:32pm

To anybody who is interested, I have done some very basic analysis of the data we have gathered so far, and created a few simple charts/graphs to display it (visible in a second tab within the spreadsheet labelled Graphs). It's all quite rough at the moment, will need to refine a lot of it to make it self updating etc, and I have a few other ideas of ways to look at the information which I will be having a go at over the next few weeks, work dependent.

If anybody has any ideas of their own which they would like to see analyzed/represented on a graph, feel free to PM me and I will add them to my to do list of ideas - please don't reply on this thread with ideas as it will make it harder when going through it to sift through information which needs adding to the spreadsheet (I'm aware I am doing just that but I figured 1 post shouldn't hurt).

Lastly I may create a separate topic to go over some of the things I think are interesting in the data, depending on others' interest levels, and how busy I am at work.

Maio 15, 8:21pm

Short Stories by Saki
Abbey Wove, Kösel, Krugzell, Germany

Maio 15, 8:50pm

If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho
Letterpress on Abbey Pure, Ottersweier, Germany

The Odyssey
Abbey Pure, Krugzell, Germany

Little Women
Yu Long, China
Note: Absolutely not buckram as mentioned in the book itself. This thing is regular cloth bound.

A Tale of Two Cities
Yu Long, China

Maio 16, 5:34am

There are lots of book which we have as being bound at Memminger in Germany, and a few as being bound at Josef Spinner. As far as I can tell based on the few books I own, books tend to be printed at Memminger then bound at Josef Spinner. Is anybody able to confirm this? I don't want to make updates based on an assumption.

>1 adriano77: Do you think it is worth adding an extra column to reflect this, or better to edit the existing column to show only printer or binder (whichever is thought to be more important to people?)

Maio 16, 5:54am

>31 L.Bloom:

Thanks. Could you tell me the printer of Odyssey?

Also, I presume it's C&C Offset for Little Women and Tale of Two Cities but just want to double-check.

>32 DanGoddard98:

From what I've inputted myself, Memminger typically handles both jobs (or are at least the sole company listed), and there aren't that many instances of partnering with Spinner for binding. Personally, I think the column is okay as it is.

Maio 16, 5:54am

The Hundred and One Dalmatians or The Great Dog Robbery
Dodie Smith
Abbey Lynx Ruff
L.E.G.O.S.p.A., Vincenzo, Italy

Editado: Maio 16, 6:00am

>33 adriano77: That's perfect, it must just be coincidence that the few I have used both.

When I've added information to a few I've only put in Josef Spinner, as I think where the books are bound is probably of more interest to people than where they are printed (harder for there to be as much variance in print quality imo), but I can update those to include both if needed.

Maio 16, 6:51am

>33 adriano77: Odyssey printed at Koesell, Krugzell
Tale of Two Cities and Little Women are in fact C&C Offset

Maio 16, 8:38am

>35 DanGoddard98: just one voice, but I notice more variation in print quality, and care more about printer than binder, most of the time. Unless we are talking about binding at the Zaehnsdorf or Sangorski-Sutcliffe levels, which only occurs sometimes for Folio with limited editions.

Maio 16, 8:53am

>37 abysswalker: I've updated the ones I put in earlier to reflect both, if there is interest in the information from anyone it makes sense to include it

Maio 16, 9:23am

>38 DanGoddard98: I do keep separate columns for both printer and binder in my private catalog (and marbler, and designer, and translator, and …); no objection from me to adding more data! I suspect it can become overwhelming for some people though, and for a collaborative effort it can help to ensure that the perfect does not become the enemy of the good. That said, I don’t think we are anywhere near to that particular horizon. Thanks for adding the additional info.

Maio 16, 12:59pm

The Book of Proverbs (2020)
Germany, Kösel, Schleipen paper

The Book of Psalms (2017)
Germany, Kösel, Fly Natural paper

Maio 16, 1:58pm

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, 2019 3rd printing
- Memminger MedienCentrum AG, Memmingem Germany, Abbey Wove
- Josef Spinner, Großbuchbinderei GmbH, Ottersweier, Germany, quarter-bound in leather with printed cloth sides

All three volumes have the same information.

Maio 17, 4:36am

- Oliver Twist
- Jude the Obscure
- The Diary of a Young Girl (all 2018 reprints)

are all printed by C&C on Yu Long Pure

Maio 27, 2:11pm


Country info for just fifteen titles remains unknown.

Does really no one own Gastronomical Me by M. F. K. Fisher? Hard to believe!

Maio 27, 2:35pm

>43 adriano77: Does really no one own Gastronomical Me by M. F. K. Fisher?

I own it and if I can find it I'll get the information for you. This may take some time ...

Maio 27, 2:50pm

Gastronomical me was printed by L.E.G.O

Maio 27, 3:20pm

>44 folio_books:

Ah well, now I've tracked it down I might as well dot the i's.

Printed on Abbey Wove paper by L.E.G.O.S.p.A, Vicenza, Italy and bound by them in cloth.

Maio 27, 4:46pm

Three Men on the Bummel - China/C&C Offset Printing/Mori Silk paper

Maio 27, 5:06pm

Selected poems by William Wordsworth (2020) is printed and bound by Kösel. Paper is Abbey Pure Rough.

Maio 27, 5:08pm

The reprint of
The Fables of Aesop:
Folio Society 1998, 12th printing 2018.
Printed on Schleipen paper at L.E.G.O., S.p.A., Vicenza, Italy and bound by them in cloth.

Maio 27, 5:49pm


Maio 28, 1:07am

A few more missing details:

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Germany, Kösel, Abbey Wove
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Germany, Kösel, Abbey Wove
Celts, C&C Offset Printing, Yu Long Pure, 11th printing
Great Expectations, C&C Offset Printing, Yu Long Pure

His Dark Materials, Germany, Memminger MedienCentrum, Abbey Wove, 3rd printing
Vikings, Yu Long Pure, 7th printing

Illiad, Abbey Pure, 9th printing
Working, C&C Offset Printing, Yu Long Pure

His Dark Materials is currently noted in the spreadsheet as being printed in China but my 2018 3rd printing is from Germany.

Also just noticed that for The Celts 2017 printing on Yu Long Pure, the paper is noticeably different from the more recently used Yu Long Pure. It isn't as smooth and seems very similar to the standard Abbey Wove paper used in earlier printings in the series.

Maio 28, 10:34am

>51 jsavoy:

Thanks for the information! That's interesting regarding His Dark Materials. I was going by what FS customer support told me in this instance. Possible they made a mistake.

Can anyone else with the 2018 reprint let us know either way.

Maio 28, 3:27pm

>52 adriano77: I have the 2018 printing, and it is printed in Germany

Maio 28, 3:57pm

>53 jsg1976:

Thanks. I'll change it.

Maio 30, 5:38pm

Could someone tell me where Dracula LE and Doctor Zhivago LE were printed?

Maio 30, 6:14pm

>55 sekhmet0108:

Dr Z is printed in Germany (Kösel)

Maio 30, 6:53pm

>55 sekhmet0108: Dracula also printed in Germany at Kösel.

Maio 30, 7:24pm

>56 affle: >57 bookfair_e:

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it!

Jun 3, 2:07pm

Does anyone know where

▪︎Gargantua and Pantagruel
▪︎Madame Bovary
▪︎Three Musketeers

we're printed?

Jun 3, 2:55pm

>59 sekhmet0108:

Why are we doing this again? Must've dropped off ...

Jun 3, 3:10pm

>60 folio_books: Because I want to know and I don't see it in the spreadsheet??

Jun 3, 3:34pm

>61 sekhmet0108:

In which case I wish you luck.

Jun 3, 4:10pm

>59 sekhmet0108: Both Madam Bovary and G&P were printed at Graphicom, Vicenza

Jun 4, 5:16am

>64 sekhmet0108:

And to complete your collection, Three Musketeers was printed by Memminger and bound by Joseph Spinner, both Germany.

Jun 4, 6:51pm

>65 folio_books: Thank you! Appreciate it!

Jun 14, 6:06am

Updated - all books now have origin country listed aside from Arthur Conan Doyle's The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Customer service believes it to be Germany but isn't 100% sure. Can anyone verify?

Also, The Complete Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker is produced by Penguin so production information isn't available. Anyone know?

Jun 14, 8:54am

>67 adriano77: my 2018 copy of Sherlock Holmes is printed on Abbey Lynx Rough paper at L.E.G.O. S.p.A, Vicenza, Italy and quarter bound by them.

Jun 14, 9:39am

>68 neonyoshi:

Great, thanks. Will update.

Editado: Jun 16, 8:18pm

Five Little Pigs - Agatha Christie 2020/China C&C Offset Printing, Yu Long Pure. In comparison, the nine previous AC books in this series, all printed in Italy or Germany, have a shiny, painted quality to the buckram binding while the C&C edition buckram has a dull matte finish.