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Out 27, 2006, 7:38 pm

So, what are we all making of Torchwood (Doctor who spinnoff)

My first impressions are well written / paced, little edgy with some really nice welsh accents :) Looks to be a little more "adult" than pre watershed Who.....

Out 27, 2006, 8:55 pm

Pretty average, so far.

Out 27, 2006, 11:16 pm

sigh... living in the colonies, we haven't seen it yet. CBC is supposed to get it (seeing as I think they helped pay for it) but last time I checked it wasn't on the schedule. I'm hoping they'll show it after the current season of Doctor Who finishes up, if not sooner.

Out 28, 2006, 6:05 am

I'm enjoying Torchwood, good light viewing with an edge (as Lunapilot says). I like the very indirect references to Dr Who.

Out 29, 2006, 9:41 am

Just wondering if the severed hand had fingernails......

Out 30, 2006, 4:06 am

Disappointed by episode three. Not wanting to give the plot away, it lacked the suspense and intrigue that comes from the irrationalism of alien life. In short, replace the alien technology (at the heart of the plot) with shamanic visions of past and future and there would be virtually no remnant of sci-fi in this episode.

Out 30, 2006, 7:55 am

I actually thought episode 3 was the best so far. Had me gripped throughout, though the ending could have had a bit more impact. Did we ever find out where those little devices came from? I may have missed it as it was late on a Sunday night.....

Out 31, 2006, 11:52 am

They believed that they came through the Rift (which is a good enough plot device as any!) some old man had collected them along with "some strange foreign coins and some rocks" Jack identified them all as "alien"....

Nov 16, 2006, 1:17 am

Not liking episode 5 overmuch. I've enjoyed the rest, though.

Nov 16, 2006, 11:48 am

I think it's shaping up very well indeed and the last two episodes have been excellent, tense and atmospheric.

Nov 17, 2006, 9:58 pm

Not too bad, is my opinion so far.

Mar 5, 2007, 7:11 pm

I was disappointed. After watching the series in its entirety, I have to say that I felt that the biggest threat to mankind was the members of Torchwood as you can count on one hand the number of things that occurred that weren't caused by them. The characters were supposed to be tortured but this have to make them incompetent in their jobs?

Although, I have to say I will probably watch anything as long as it has Captain Jack. I am hoping they got the whole "enemy within" plotline out of the way this season and can start being more about Science Fiction/Secret Government Agency next season. I will continue watching, but it really needs to improve.

Mar 6, 2007, 11:30 am

I just heard CBC is going to be broadcasting it in Fall 2007 (finally!) so I look forward to being able to evaluate it for myself :)

CBC is also supposed to be starting the new series of Doctor Who in June.

Jul 30, 2008, 1:41 pm

Dragging up an old thread to give my two cents!

I've watched both seasons/series so far, and found them both to be kind of "meh." I really, really wanted to like the show, but I find decisions the characters make are all too often unbelievable to me. They'll fight tooth and nail for a life in one episode, and yet help something else die in the next? Too many clichés, too, like the episode with the creepy carnival folk. I found myself rolling my eyes several times during most episodes, but I know I'll keep watching anyway.

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