Current Reading: March 2021

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Current Reading: March 2021

Mar 2, 1:34pm

Knocked off Blood on the Snow, which does deal in detail with the Austrian winter offensives of 1914-1915, but which suffers from some remarkably clunky writing. It was only by dint of skimming the first two chapters that I managed to restrain myself from bouncing the book off the wall; things do improve from there.

Mar 8, 6:24am

Read Finnish Bomber Colours over the weekend. A typical work from MMP/Stratus; informative and well produced, but one might wish for a little wider organizational and operational context.

Mar 8, 9:50am

Read The Thin Red Line back in October 2020, but just got around to reviewing it. Based on this novel, I'll be looking out especially for the sequel, but really am open to reading almost anything by Jones.

Mar 20, 12:48am

Just completed Minuteman: A Technical History of the Missile That Defined American Nuclear Warfare by David Stumpf. This is a very detailed look at the Minuteman program from a technical standpoint with an amazing amount of information. Quite a number of photos and illustrations included. Only recommended for the truly involved enthusiast.

Mar 31, 4:20pm

Finishing up the month with Panting for Glory and Clydebank Battlecruisers.