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Fev 8, 9:24am

I've been recounting the story that the only killing committed by the mob that invaded the Capitol was of a police officer who died when a fire extinguisher was thrown at him (not on the spot, but later). I assumed he would have suffered a fractured skull.

Now it turns out that this is probably another mainstream media lie. https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2021/02/05/cnn-finally-acknowledges-the-story-me...

I'm sorry I helped spread this Leftist falsehood.

In theory, I know that things are changing rapidly in America, and that what we took for granted for decades -- the basic honesty of the press, even if sometimes they slanted the news a bit, or left things out, or the basic neutrality and honesty of the justice system -- is now no longer valid.

But knowing this in theory, and really making it part of one's daily working assumptions, are two different things.

I still don't really understand why America is decaying internally so fast. This isn't happening in the rest of the Western world -- there are symptoms, yes, but not the full-fledged raging fever that has gripped the United States.

If anyone has any idea, or can recommend any good things to read that might explain it, I would be grateful for your suggestions. I know about 'all empires end eventually' theories, like John Glubb's 'ten generations' observation. But most of these theories lack a plausible mechanism for the decay. (Maybe there's a relevant theory among the 250 or so theories which supposedly have been put forward to explain Rome's fall -- I haven't read them all! -- but if so, I haven't seen anyone try to apply one to our predicament.)

As the ship sinks, we should at least know why it's sinking.