Grey checkmarks missing in touchstone list

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Grey checkmarks missing in touchstone list

Dez 23, 2020, 11:53 am

I was just looking at the list of touchstones in one of my topics. The other works in my list have their checkmarks, lots of green and blue, but the books that should have grey checkmarks don't.
and many others

Dez 23, 2020, 1:01 pm

Can you give some specific examples of books (and the number of post in the thread/s) that should have gray checkmarks for you, but don't? This will make digging easier. Thank you!

Jan 4, 2021, 12:51 am

Here is another example:

The first two books have no grey touchmarks on the list on the right -- they are in my library but not in "My Library", "Wishlist" or "Read but Unowned". The third one has a blue one as expected (it is in my "Read but Unowned").

Jan 4, 2021, 3:58 pm

This has been reported previously, in October. It is not specific to a particular post or a particular book. See

Mar 3, 2021, 11:45 am

Assigning to Kirsti to replicate.

Mar 4, 2021, 9:24 am

>6 timspalding: I've already replicated, it's on our list of LT2 bugs to fix.

Jun 26, 2021, 12:29 am


Jun 26, 2021, 12:43 am

Also bump.

I would very much like (at least) a resumption of the old system of check marks for collections in addition to Your Library, Read but Unowned, and Wishlist.

(I personally don't think wishlisted books should be check marked, but that's another argument.)

Jun 28, 2021, 11:04 am

For developers to reproduce:
1. Under MarthaJeanne, go to /topic/315006
2. Look at the list of "Touchstones" to the right of the thread.
3. Note the first Touchstone for An einem Tisch : religiöse Rezepte von Juden, Christen und Muslimen and that there's no checkmark next to the work.
4. Now, click through to view the author page (/author/staguhngerhard) for Gerhard Staguhn. See that there's a gray checkmark next to the work listed in #3.

Bug: Works you have only in non-default Collections are not getting gray checkmarks in the Touchstones list/s on Talk threads.

Another way to test:
1. On this thread, post a Touchstone for a work in one of your default Collections. I'm trying The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade from my wishlist.
2. Now, post a Touchstone for a work only in a non-default Collection. I'm trying Sunrise, Moonrise from Finn's Collection.

See that you'll get a checkmark next to the work listed in #1, but not for #2.

Editado: Jul 2, 2021, 6:22 pm

This speaks to the long-running debate over the status of the wishlist and whether it should be part of 'collections', but I really think wishlisted books should not have a check mark...

Jul 2, 2021, 6:39 pm

>11 lyzard: This is not just about Wishlist. It is about all personal collections.

Editado: Jul 2, 2021, 8:06 pm

>12 MarthaJeanne:

Yes, but as I understand it 'wishlist' is one of the collections that get check marks as a default. And that goes back to the argument over whether wishlisted books should be considered as part of 'your library'.

Jul 2, 2021, 9:46 pm

>13 lyzard: Ok, but this thread is a bug report so it should only contain info related to the bug.

Editado: Jul 3, 2021, 7:26 pm

>14 jjwilson61:

Well, the check marks were lost during the redesign, and whether that was intentional, an oversight or a bug isn't clear even yet.

I do appreciate that even so, it isn't the same bug. :)

Jul 3, 2021, 9:03 pm

>15 lyzard: As mentioned in >7 kristilabrie: and >10 kristilabrie: this is a bug that is on the list to fix.

Abr 19, 2022, 10:54 am

Bump. Any update here?

Maio 4, 2022, 12:28 pm

This bug significantly reduces the functionality of the checkmarks. I have a lot of books in my catalog that are not in My Library because most of the time I don't have access to them. They're all green now, which means I don't know what I have. Please prioritize.

Maio 4, 2022, 12:30 pm

>18 NinieB: All Green? Are you mixing up the bugs or do yours really show up as all green? They are missing for me - as if the books are not in my library at all.

Maio 4, 2022, 12:38 pm

>19 AnnieMod: Ack, I'm mixing up bugs (and indeed the gray-to-green bug seems to be fixed). Thanks Annie for your help. I still think this no-checkmark bug should be prioritized, though! These checkmarks are so helpful.

Maio 4, 2022, 12:54 pm

>20 NinieB: Oh, I am not disagreeing on that :) As you can see above, I had bumped that one once (And plan to do so until it gets fixed) - it is annoying for them to not be there.

Set 21, 2022, 12:51 pm

I just noticed this problem, looking at the touchstone list in a thread... Only books in Your Library get checked (most of mine are in other collections). It's not a huge problem but it's distracting, as it always makes me stop and wonder whether I lost the book or what...

Editado: Set 22, 2022, 1:27 am

In series lists, at least, I get a round grey thing with white dots in it rather than a checkmark, but books I've cataloged are marked.

But you're right, nothing shows up in thread touchstone lists.

Editado: Set 22, 2022, 2:24 am

>23 jjmcgaffey: They have changed the checkmark to make it easier to distinguish them.

Ago 27, 2023, 5:39 pm


Ago 31, 2023, 10:12 pm

I'm not sure if this is related, but gray checkmarked books also are not showing up in the "Your Books" section of Lists. Both the number at the top of that tab and the books listed in the tab do not include gray checkmarked books.

Jan 3, 8:58 am