Barbsn aims to tackle the TBR pile this year

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Barbsn aims to tackle the TBR pile this year

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I love this challenge - it allows me to keep track of what I've read during the year - especially when I'm trying to decide if I can re-read a book yet. I have a tendency to re-read my favourite books but the plan this year is to try and make a dent in my huge TBR pile. We'll see how I get on...Last year I discovered a couple of new authors that quickly became favourites so I have more choice in my re-read pile now LOL

  1. The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. A beautiful book! Beautifully written, beautiful cover, beautiful story. I loved it.

  2. A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh. This is a - romantic suspense? story. Not usually what I read - but since I love Nalini Singh's other books I decided to give it a try. I surprised myself when I couldn't put it down! It's set in small town New Zealand (I'm a Kiwi) - but I still found myself attributing American accents to all the characters! Once I realised I was doing that, I consciously tried to 'hear' them with a Kiwi accent - it was harder than I thought it would be lol. Nevertheless - I really enjoyed this book and will read another in this genre if she chooses to write one.

Jan 10, 2020, 8:37am

Welcome back! Hope you have a great year of reading!

Jan 10, 2020, 4:21pm

Happy reading in 2020, Barbara!

Jan 10, 2020, 10:54pm

Welcome back!

Jan 11, 2020, 8:34am

Another resolution is to keep up in 2020 with all my friends on LT. Happy New Year!

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I haven't read much as yet this year as we had our deck rebuilt and I watched my family prepare for their trip to India. Now that I have the house to myself for a few weeks - I can read to my heart's content at night. So what better way to kick off my reading time than with a dip into the TBR pile...that was the intention anyway - and yet I still ended up going back to one of my favourite authors. I'm putting it down to the fact that I was anxious about my (grown) children taking on such a big trip so I needed the comfort of a familiar and well-loved story. I'm sticking with that excuse anyway. Here goes my February reading list.

3. Pathfinder's Way by T.A. White - Book 1 of the Broken Lands. I discovered this author last year when this book was offered as a freebie on Book Bub. Since then I've read everything by her. I particularly love this book as the first on this journey. I love the strong characters and I love that Shea is such a strong character - who's not that nice actually. She's grumpy but she has a soft heart that she doesn't show often. She's absolutely great. We don't really get to know Fallon Hawkvale to the same level in this book - but he has potential right from the start. There are some editing/proofing issues but for the first time ever they didn't draw me out of the story.

4. Mist's Edge by T.A. White - Book 2 of the Broken Lands. I don't love this book quite as much as book 1, but it does build relationships more and shows us more of the type of man Fallon is. When they receive an invitation from Shea's cousin Reece to return to the Highlands with him - they decide to go - with him as their prisoner. Reece is hard to figure out and I still can't quite figure out why he's so obtuse in this book. There's some important history in this book - but for the most part this is filling out the background details for the next book.

5. Wayfarer's Keep by T.A. White - book 3 of the Broken Lands. This book is great - it cements my love for both Fallon and Shea. Great ending. Such a lot of insight into the human mind - people can't be classified by where they come from or what group they belong to. There are so many other factors at play. It's a good lesson on judging people on their own merits. Love it.

6. Rules of Redemption by T.A. White. The Firebird Chronicles book 1. I love this book - I love Kira and Graydon. Kira is a wounded soul but a protector at heart and it's her need to protect that brings her to the attention of the Tuaan - an alien race who claim she is one of their missing children. With the threat of war looming again, Kira is forced into going with the Tuaan as a condition of saving their alliance. But not everyone is happy to have her back home and she survives two assassination attempts in quick succession before discovering a betrayal that will bring her old enemy back. She saves the day - spectacularly - and gets House Luatha - her Mother's people - to relinquish their claim on her, only to leave the door open for her father's people to lay claim to her! Now she has to go to House Roake with them. Great start to this series. Again, there were a lot of grammar mistakes in this book - I sometimes wonder who on earth she has proofing these because they do a crap job. Luckily, the essence of the story is good enough that the errors don't ruin it for me.

7. Age of Deception by T.A. White - The Firebird Chronicles book 2. I did love this book, but there was some bad editing/proof reading again. My biggest issue was, what the hell happened to Nova?! He was part of the team of Curs that accompanied Kira to Luatha, but when they were splitting up to go to Roake - Raider and Blue went with Kira, and Tank and Maverick went home with Jace. And Nova what? disappeared into thin air? That's a huge mistake not to include him in Jace's team - which is all you needed to do. There were others - I'm convinced that the author and her editor/proof readers think that 'shown' means 'shone' - the way it's used implies she means 'shone' - but it's been used again and again so i have to wonder. And 'chaff' instead of 'chafe' lol At least in this series she's finally using 'counsel' in the right way. Maybe it's an American thing? Anyway - those issues aside - there were a lot of secrets coming to light in this book - a lot I don't understand and it drives me nuts when a book doesn't end in a nice clean place. I mean - how on earth could Raider not know that Elise had a child? His child no less? How did they not see her pregnant? They were in a war for god's sake! And the other children who survived? Why would they be unhappy that the Tuann know of their survival? Too many unanswered questions. And also Graydon saw a lot of her memories from the camp - he saw a Tuaan disciplining the children. And yet nothing more is said? Also the form Jin takes in the dream is clearly his human form, yet he has yellow eyes - but at the beginning of this book when we meet Devon, he has eyes of green - that were familiar to Kira - from Jin! Sigh. It's the details that can make or break a story. If that were me at the end of that book - I wouldn't trust Kira again. Probably the only thing saving her from the Tuann at this point is that Graydon has seen the purity of her soul and the Lu'ong have accepted her. I sure hope the next book clears some things up!! But I have to wait a year for that. Argh!

8. Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik - Book 1 of the Consortium Rebellion. Loved it! Ada may have grown up in a High House - but she is kick-ass, with a sense of honour and she really cares about people. She's been running from her Father and an arranged marriage for two years when she's caught by a Merc crew and thrown into a cell with Marcus Loch - the Devil of Fornax Zero - the most wanted man in the 'verse. Right from the beginning I didn't get the sense that he was 'evil' and Ada can't help herself from helping him - which is a good thing because she needs his help to escape the merc ship when it's boarded by her rejected 'betrothed' who wants to either force her into 'marriage' or hold her as a political prisoner. This is a great adventure and seeing the understanding and attraction grow between Ada and Marcus is great. Eventually they end up back at her home - and I have to say, her father is a bastard! He's cold and uncaring of his children. We know that Ada is the 5th of 6 children - one of the 'expendables' as she calls herself - cannon fodder to be sent to the front lines in the brewing war. When she exposes the Consortium's illegal DNA manipulation of the Geneis Project - of which Loch is presumed to be the only survivor - her father banishes her and tries to prevent her from any contact with her siblings. He's just awful. Her death file - the file of information that will be released upon her death - is the only thing keeping her from having an unfortunate accident. Her and Loch are fantastic together - they'll be fine away from her family. Geat book - especially for a debut novel. Thanks Ilona Andrews for the recommendation.

9. Aurora Blazing by Jessie Mihalik - Book 2 of the Consortium Rebellion. I did enjoy this book - but it took me a bit longer to warmup to both main characters. Bianca has to protect her secret that her husband experimented on her and she is basically a walking comm unit able to decrypt message in the ether. However, given how close she is to her twin, Benedict, and to her other siblings especially Ada - I don't understand why she would hide it from there. They would only protect her - they'd never use her. Anyway - she's the intelligence gather for the House which is really the only reason her father wants her back when she runs away looking for clues into her brother Ferdinand - the heir to House von Hasenburg - when he is kidnapped. That's all good - and Ian Bishop - Director of House Security is hot hot on her heels. Here's where I started to lose this story - when she was with Ada, Loch, Rhys and Veronica and they helped her get information about where Ferdinand was being held - she ran off without letting Ada know why. Ada has proven herself a valuable fighter, as have the others - and yet she - weakened and unfit, doesn't want them with her? It doesn't make sense. The only thing that does make sense to me is when Ada won't pick up her calls from Bianca when they're heading back to Earth having found Ferdinand. I wish I knew what was going on with Ada - I think Bianca was very selfish actually. Ada has been banished and this was something tangible she could have helped with. This could still have been the 'Bianca and Ian' story with Ada and Loch involved. So, I'm looking forward to Catarina's story which will wrap up this trilogy. She's only 21 - but that's how old Ada would have been when she ran away so I think she'll be great.

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I had to laugh a little when I looked at my February reads because of the seven books I read - only two were from my TBR pile. Oh well...I guess 4 newbies out of 9 read so far this year is not a bad balance. If I can keep that up I will make a dent - albeit a small one - in my TBR pile.

10. Dark Horse by Michelle Diener - Book one of the Class 5 series. I've read this quite a few times - but when a book is playing on my mind when I'm reading something else I have to go back and read it again. I put it down to the fact that I had the radio on while I was painting my kitchen recently and it kept popping up in my mind that I'd be hopeless in the situation these earth women are in because I can't seem to remember the lyrics to a song unless it's playing! I really like this book. I like Rose's relationship with Sazo and how she's teaching him about right and wrong and consequences. I like Dav too - I only wish, for reality's sake that it took place over a longer period of time. A week just seems too fast to develop the relationships. But hey - this is escapism at its finest so who cares. On to book 2...

11. Dark Deeds by Michelle Diener - Book two of the Class 5 series. I love Fiona - I thinks she's strong and resilient but I'm so glad she has Eazi because Hal's crew are simply awful to her! I like Lieutenant Rial to start with - he appears to be caring and empathetic - but he's as bad as Commander Chel after they rescue them off Balco. I mean - he left her behind on Larga Ways and they planned to leave her behind! I never like Chel from the start - and then he kicked her off the Illium as soon as Hal was classified as missing and he took over command - talk about an abuse of power! I don't know how Hal can continue to work with him! I'm glad Eazi woke up and saved Larga Ways and took over so Fiona has a place to call home and a position. And, she's not at the mercy of Grih Battle Centre because Larga Ways is independent.

12. Dark Minds by Michelle Diener - Book 3 of the Class 5 series. Imogen is brought to Paxe's Class 5, and there she meets Captain Camlar Kalor - Cam, the Grih officer in charge of the UC Investigative team sent to investigate Fiona Russell's case, only they were hijacked by the Krik and were also dumped in the hold of Paxe's Class 5. The trouble is, Paxe can't bring himself to trust enough to free him, and so he lets everyone go. As they're drifting in Paxe's escape vessel, they're drawn into Oris' class 5 - and Imogen has to try and win him over and free him. He's learned a lot from Sazo and helps them get onto Larga Ways where they let everyone know what's going on. Then they try to get back and help Paxe, but the Tecran have disabled him so far he's crippled except for the self-destruct they installed. He gets Imogen off his ship and blows himself up. Poor Paxe. Good story though.

13. Dark Matters by Michelle Diener - Book 4 of the Class 5 series. The UC have sent a delegation to Tecra to take over their government for the next 5 years, which is what the Tecran have agreed to as an alternative to war - a war that they started but couldn't finish, and certainly couldn't win without the Class 5's being under their control. Bane accompanies them - because before Paxe died he admitted that he had also taken a woman from Earth, Lucy Harris, and that he thought she was somewhere on Tecra. Basically, when Lucy finally makes it to UC headquarters - after a tough time battling the Tecran military who are trying to get rid of evidence - she is the nail in the Tecran coffin, because it's yet more evidence that the Tecran have lied constantly since Rose was found. I really like Lucy - I think she reacts more closely to how I think I would - calling them 'fuckers' etc. She's awesome. Dray's not so bad either. And Bane is great - very protective of Lucy and not as cold to Dray as some of the other thinking systems have been to the men in their women's lives. Great end to this series.

14. Dragon Ridden by T.A. White - Book 1 of the Dragon Ridden. I think i enjoyed this more this time around. I had actually forgotten heaps - and I found I liked Tate more than last time - but I still seriously don't like Ryu. I find him an unlikely love interest. He puts her in danger - mortal danger - so that he can gather more information for the Empire. I don't trust him at all. When he acts all heartbroken when she nearly dies (3 times) it's hard to feel sorry for him when he's responsible! Still don't like Jost either - but I do like Night and Dewdrop. I'm looking forward to re-reading the rest of this series and maybe picking up on things I missed before.

15. Of Bone and Ruin by T.A. White - Book 2 of the Dragon Ridden. This is set a few months after book 1 and Tate has been on probation to make sure she's not mad (as in crazy) due to her dragon bond. She hates going to the magic class because magic just doesn't work for her like it does for others. After a mishap in class she is assigned a job working alongside Jost who is mediating a claim on a archaeological dig that all three peoples - Human, Silva and Kairi have laid claim to. It's a wild adventure filled with lots of danger. She's poisoned, kidnapped a couple times, befriends a homeless man who turns out to be the Emperor, and meets another AI - this one seems to be crazy and calls her a traitor. She doesn't know yet why. In the end when she is kidnapped by Christopher and stabbed in his attempt to trap a minor god or guardian (the AI) the Duke of Spiritly was involved and stood by while she was tortured - but Jost refused to arrest him. I was with Tate - I was so angry. When Tate found out - by working it out - not by Ryu telling her - that the Duke was working for him and that's why he wouldn't/couldn't arrest him - she realises he's set her up again!
"Why involve me then, if you already had a man inside?" Tate was angry. This whole thing was a set up.
"It wasn't supposed to go the way it did. At first, it was just a way to see how you would handle acting in a situation like this. By the time we knew your friend from the tunnels was involved, it was too late to pull you out. The Duke and I decided to keep everything in play to see if there was something we could learn."
And it didn't really matter if Tate's life was at stake. This was why she didn't trust Ryu. There was no guarantee he wouldn't betray her in the name of his empire or whatever nefarious plot he had going on.

16. Shifting Seas by T.A. White - a Dragon Ridden novella. This is a short story that tells us how Tate met Jost.

17. Destruction's Ascent by T.A. White - Book 3 of the Dragon Ridden. Children are going missing and even though Tate is told to stay away from the Guardians, she knows they're involved and so sneaks in. They find the missing children but are caught before they get out. Christopher shows her the 'paintings' of the Saviours - that include her! It confirms what he said earlier - and also the old Avertine woman said that Tate had given her the salmon coloured jewel to safe keep for her and she tried to give it back. But Tate strongly feels that she needs to do things differently this time around so she gives it back. I expect this will make a reappearance at some point in the future - it's obviously important. She hasn't told anyone else she's a saviour - but when the guardians open a rift to wake another saviour - Alexander - she knows she needs to face her past as he clearly recognised her. He also seemed like a sociopath. She nearly died there - but the cavalry arrived in the form of Night, and Blade and the Avertine. She convinced the Lord Marshall to spare the children who are taken in by the dragon-ridden in the hope that they can heal the madness. Ilith made some progress with Daisy/Lake - but I really wanted to see more on this. Still, Ilith is hilarious. I love her inner voice.

Abr 17, 2020, 3:08am

18. Secrets bound by Sand by T.A. White - Book 4 of the Dragon Ridden Chronicles. After an assassination attempt on Tate's life the Emporer decides to send Tate to Silvain as a mediator to hear the races' complaints about the children who were taken by the Guardians and The Black Order. But on the first stop at a Silva city, she was kidnapped out of Tala's house. Her journey is a series of incidents that lead her to an underground series of tunnels that belonged to the ancients where she meets a Jax look alike who decides she's worthy and can carry on. The Saviour they raised from underneath Aurelia turned out not to be Alexander but a sociopath named Nathan. He has lured Tate to Silvain so he can use her to open the portal to the pocket universe Jax created where he supposedly left his final weapon - his Apportens Mortis - which turns out to be Tate herself. This book builds to great finale with the original Creators - the Ijiri. Can't wait for the next book.

19. Into the Darkness by K.F. Breene - Darkness book 1. Sasha has always been able to see human-shaped things in the darkness but always thought she was mad. Now she has found these beings - and is drawn to the their leader, Stefan. After a few run-ins with them and their enemies- the Eastern Territory she ends up in their care - forcibly - because they realise she has strong magic but is untrained.

20. Braving the Elements by K.F. Breene - Darkness book 2. Sasha has started her training but doesn't understand how they so it so she keeps mucking up so she's given a personal coach - who sells her out to the enemy. In the meantime - she and Stefan give in to their attraction and so when she's taken he's able to find her - though it's a close thing. They do manage to get her back and the next step is to have her evaluated by the Regional - basically Stefan's boss.

21. On a Razor's Edge by K.F. Breene - Darkness book 3. Assessed at the Black level - they decide she needs privacy for training so they send her to live with the Mata - the shapeshifters. Stefan hates them because they turned tail and run once in the past when Stefan's parents were battling a demon - leaving them vulnerable and they ultimately died. But when the ET attack the Mata compound to try and grab Sasha - instead of running to safety she joined the fight and saved many lives - and helped capture the enemies white mage. Because she proved herself - Stefan is able to claim her as his mate to help him lead the clan.

22. Chosen by K.F. Breene Book one of the Chosen. Shanti is rescued near death by Commander Sanders and a crew of bumbling cadets and taken to their city to recover. It turns out their Captain has the same gift as Shanti - her Gift's mate. She helps them win a battle and while she's recovering she starts training the cadets who saved her and they become her honour guard. Sanders is taken aback that these boys who were useless under their normal training regime - are all of a sudden capable fighters. Part of Shanti's method is to hone each boy's natural talent. But then Sanders is captured and tortured by Shanti's old enemy the Inkna. She joins the Captain's band of soldiers on a rescue mission and they destroy the town and rescue their men. But Shanti gets scared of the attachments she's formed and is afraid of losing someone else she loves so she runs away in the night - like a coward. The book ends with her trying to lay a trail to lead away from Cayan's people - but discovers news of their attack has already reached the graygual. But she hears a rumour of a ghost - who can only be her Chance - Rhonan - who she thought dead so she has to follow that lead.

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23. Hunted byK.F Breene - Book 2 of the Warrior Chronicles. Shanti, Rohnan and Bursan make a mad dash back to Cayan's lands - with one of Xandre's superior officers - the one known as The Hunter because he never gives up until he gets his prey - hot on their tails. Shanti wants to enlist Cayan's aid to get to the Shadow lands. At Burson's advice, they take a small group and fight and race their way to the Shadow Lands and make it to the Island after a battle on the docks where they lose one of their men.


24. Shadow Lands by K.F. Breene - book 3 of the Warrior Chronicles. Shanti and Cayan go through the trials of the Chosen together - meanwhile Sanders leads the team in the village trying to thin the hoards of Graygual. They have a new member of the crew - Ruisa - a teenage from Cayan's city. She's grown up in the orphan house so she's tougher than most women from his city - and she's a poison expert. And they need her skills. At the end, the Shadow people realise they need to take the battle to the Graygual who have massed at all the exits from the trials so that they can capture Shanti. With Shanti and Cayan's combined power they manage to join up with the Shadow People and beat the Graygual back. They spend the next three months recuperating with the Shadow while the Shadow people prepare to go with them to Cayan's Lands when they hear that the Hunter has taken Cayan's city and is laying in wait for them there. They leave for home straight away - with Soren promising to bring a force in a week's time, and the main force of the Shadow to come after that.

25. Invasion by K.F. Breene - book 4 of the Warrior Chronicles. This is the story of how Shanti and Cayan and their comrades help take back Cayan's city from The Hunter. They don't know until Shanti, Ruisa, Leilius and Gracas slip into the city that the women are already working to take back their city - using poison. They work together with the women and the orphans to free the army men so they can fight back. Lots of great fighting and of course they're victorious in the end. It ends with a note from Burson saying that the Wanderer needs to start Wandering and bringing the people to her cause. No rest for the wicked. At least Shanti's people have found them so she has more fighters with mind power.

26. The Continent by Keira Drake This was a great story - a little slow to get going, but really good once you get into it. Vaela Sun is given the gift of a coveted trip to the Continent for her 16th birthday. She is from the Spire - a land where all four regions - North, South, East and West all live in peace - ruled by the Chancellory. There is no war here - it's against the law. On the wild Continent the two peoples there have been at war for over three hundred years, but they've noticed that the numbers of one group - the Aven'ei are shrinking - they're being overwhelmed by their enemies, the Topi. After a tragic accident, Vaela finds herself trapped and alone on the Continent. She is captured by a couple of Topi warriors, and then rescued by Noro, an Aven'ei Itzatsune - an assassin. She works hard to fit in with the Aven'ei and comes to think of them as family - especially Noro and his little brother Keiji. Then they realise that they are about to be overwhelmed by the Topi and Vaela decides to return to the Spire and request their help to end the war on the Continent. She is refused, and returns to Noro, Knowing she will bedead soon - along with him and everyone she cares about. But then, during that final battle, help finally arrives in the form of The West. They have decided to split from the Spire in order to do what's right and aid the Aven'ei. Vaela and Noro will get the chance to grow old together. Sadly their friend Yuki didn't make it.


27. The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons - book 1. I actually really enjoyed this book, despite the fact that it jumped around between two different timelines and Points of view. I wouldn't normally like something like that but I just kept wanting the two timelines to catch up to each other. It was a big book though - so it may take me a wee while to find the time to read book 2.

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I've lost track of my reading with COVID and all, so I'm going to note down my July books and then try and and remember what I read in June!


28. Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling Trinity book 3. Memory was kidnapped by a psychopathic Psy as a child and kept in an underground cell for 15 years. Then her cat died and her anguish breached her cell and reached Alexei who was running to forget the memory of his brother's execution after he went rogue a year ago.
He finds Memory and takes her to the empath compound. Her empathic gift is different than most - she can soothe the dark in people - a balance that has been needed in the Net. She can see things in the Net others can't see. She brings Alexei back to life - they are wonderful together.

29. Alpha Night by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling Trinity book 4. I was so looking forward to this book and it didn't disappoint. Ethan and Selenka mated at first sight. It's a myth, but Selenka later decides her wolf grabbed at the link straight away because it could sense how close to the end Ethan was. Ethan is a broken Arrow - he was kept in a box in the dark and tortured - because his TK utilised light. I love that he sees himself as the Knight to Selenka's Queen. He's tough - because of his upbringing - but it turns out he's one of the new E's like Memory who can help heal the dark parts of the Net. He's also incredibly strong. I loved that the wolves felt they had bragging rights with the nears, because while Valentin mated a powerful Psy in Silver, their alpha mated an Arrow! Gotta love it.

30. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling book 1. I was inspired to go back to the beginning and this is one of my favourite books. Lucas is my favourite character and I love how much he loves Sascha.

31. Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh. Psy Changeling book 3. I'm working my way through my favourite stories in this series. There's something so appealing about Judd, and I love Brenna's strength and her commitment to Judd. They are awesome together.

32. Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling book 5. I love Dorian and Ashaya. The love she has for her son warms my heart. And I love how protective Dorian is of Keenan. I love this story.

33. Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling book 6. This is Mercy and Riley's story. I like this one more every time I read it. I love that Mercy is prepared to give up a piece of herself to accept the mating bond with Riley - because he never expects anyone to give everything for him like he does for those he loves. They are such a great couple. This is where we first meet Bowen - I've always found it difficult to get past this first impression of him.

34. Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling book 10. Hawke and Sienna's story is my next favourite book in this series. I love that Sienna is strong enough for him. I know some people get hung up on the age difference but I never see that because as a military-minded Psy she was taken away by Ming le Bon at five years of age so she's far more mature than her chronological age. And possibly the only person strong enough to take on Hawke. I love Hawke too - I love that he's hard and playful. I love that he finally gives her the mating bond when he realises he can't let her kill the enemy Psy alone - he braves her coldfire to stand with her and it protects everyone that Hawke loves. And I love that as part of this book we also get to watch Walker and Lara's courtship.

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35. Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling book 12. Ivy Jane and Vasic Zen - my favourite Psy couple. I love them! I love the way the Arrows are so protective of the Es, and I love seeing Vasic thaw and come to life under Ivy's persistent affection and then love. I love that their relationship gives not only the Arrow squad hope - it also gives hope to other Psy scared of a life without Silence. The enduring image for me from this book is when Aden says Vasic is becoming the public face of the Arrows, and shows them a photo taken of Vasic with a baby cradled in one arm while fighting off crazed Psy with the other - bleeding, and defending the innocent. That's Vasic all over. And I love that they get married at the end of the book - more to show the other Arrows what's possible than for themselves. These two are truly the face of the new era.

36. Allegiance of Honour by Nalini Singh - Psy-Changeling Trinity book 1. I love this book because it touches on so many of may favourite characters from past P/S books. I love that there is a true sense of unity at the pack gathering to welcome the pupcubs - with Anthony invited at Faith's father, and Kaleb and Sahara because of Sahara's ties to the pack. I also love that Sacha proved she was no soft target and could protect her cub as well as any leopard or Psy with combat powers.

37. Silver Silence by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling Trinity book 2. One of my all time faves of this series. I absolutely adore Valentin and came to love Silver too. There is something just so heartwarming about the bears - I hope we get another bear story soon. Pieter would be a good subject - quiet, but loyal. Of course so would Pavel and Arwen,but you could happily wind that story up into someone else story. This book makes me cry - no matter how many times I read it - even knowing it has a happy ending. It's just the pain that poor Valentin goes through before Silver finds her emotions again is heart-wrending. Love, love, love this book.

38. Ocean Light by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling Trinity book 3. Not my favourite book of the series partly because I'm not particularly taken with Bowen Knight and also because I don't find anything remotely sexy or endearing about the water changelings. Ok - but not one to bother re-reading a third time.


39. Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling Trinity book 4. Much more up my alley. I love the wolves - especially Snow Dancer. I loved that Alexei met his match in a stubborn 'dark' empath. They are great together. I love that she would give away all his gifts and that she's responsible for everyone calling big bad Alexei and 'big wolfie chicken!'. Love it. It was great to see a new type of empath - one who worked with the darkness in people - like Amara - and seeing how excited the Net Mind was to see her was wonderful. These two are a great pair. It broke my heart when Pax Marshall unknowingly attacked the Empath Compound and trying to get the Arrows to turn on the empaths - and both Yuri and Abbot both shoot themselves to prevent it.

40. Alpha Knight by Nalini Singh - Psy Changeling Trinity book 5. More wolves, but this time Selenka Durev's pack in Moscow. Her wolve forced a mating at first sight with Arrow Ethan Knight. Probably because it sensed how close to the edge Ethan was. Ethan has been locked away in a dark room most of his life, except when he was taken out to be used as Ming Le Bon's private assassin. He is a telekinetic who uses light as his weapon. His social skills are non-existent but when Selenka takes a bullet for him - she earns his undying loyalty. There are hints all through this book that Ethan is way more than he appears - and it breaks my heart just a little, to find he is a powerful empath - like Memory - that has been forced to kill - complete anathema to an empath. It's lucky his mind is still somewhat intact. I love also that Aden gives him the information he asked for about the people who had access to his cell and tortured him as a child. Just wonderful - I loved this story. The other big storyline of course is that it's clear The Architect has scarab syndrome. Maybe we'll find out who she is soon - surely she can't survive much longer. Though I think at some point we're going to need a Psy/Human love story - though I struggle to imagine that one.

41. Alpha by Audrey Faye - book 1. This series was recommended in one of my author fan groups on FB - it's not bad, but it's very off-putting to have it written in the first-person so much so that it keeps switching POV. I kept forgetting who's head I was in and having to scroll back page after page to find out. Also, while Hayden is supposedly this great, strong alpha - I hate to say it but he comes across a little weak at times. Maybe I've just read too many books with strong alphas who take no shit. It was an Ok book regardless.

42. Heart by Audrey Faye - book 2. Same complaints as the first book about the constantly changing POV - but again, ok enough to make me want to give the third book a try. it's just OK really.

43. Rebel by Audrey Faye - book 3. OK, I'm done. I tried - but I can't read any more of this series. It just doesn't really do it for me. The title of this book doesn't match the MC either. I thought it started getting into silly territory.

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44. Shadow's Messenger by T.A. White - Aileen Travers book 1. What a breath of fresh air! I'd forgotten how much i enjoyed this book first time around. Aileen was a soldier fresh home from Afghanistan when she was attacked by a vampire and left for dead. Only she woke in the morgue! With help from a friend who understood what she was, she got out of the military and has kept herself off the vampire radar until she gets given a delivery for a sorcerer. As she's trying to deliver a package - she stumbles into a plot to overthrow the local werewolf alpha, Brax. To muddy the waters, the perpetrators are also killing other spooks - including vampires - which is how Aileen meets Liam. In the end Aileen chooses 100 years of service to the sorcerer (whose power she has contained with the help of a genie bracelet) rather than be claimed by the vampires for the traditional 100 years of service.

45. Midnight's Emissary by T.A. White - Aileen Travers book 2. Aileen is assigned a job working for Liam - the Vampire's Chief Enforcer - by her Hermes Courier boss, Jerry. Jerry hates vampires so Aileen knows Liam must have threatened him which doesn't make her particularly receptive to Liam. The job is nearly impossible - track down Thomas's descendants so that he can claim the title of Master of the City at the upcoming Selection. Aileen is not inclined to help Thomas - given that he's the vampire who turned her and left her to find her own way in the world. But he has no memory of Aileen at all - part of the curse that was laid on him centuries ago by a rival vampire (which we find out at the end of the book). Aileen discovers that one (or more) of the applicants have made a deal with a demon to gain more power. One of the consequences is that Caroline - Aileen's best friend, and not aware of what Aileen is - is kidnapped and bitten by a werewolf under the influence of the demon. When tracking her, Aileen removed the sorcerer's cuff so he can access his powers to track Caroline and he immediately turns on her and tortures her (he's an asshole). He makes her pluck out her own eye (!!) to help with the tracking spell. When Liam finds them he is incandescent with rage at what the sorcerer has done - his healing power allows Aileen's eye to grown back - only now she can see magic! She doesn't tell anyone yet - clever girl - it would make her more of a target than ever. In the end, Aileen kills the vampire that took Caroline and in order to stop the other bastard that has been dabbling in demons become the master of the city - she fesses up to Thomas being her sire.

46. Moonlight's Ambassador by T.A. White - Aileen Travers book 3. Caroline escapes the wolves and comes to Aileen for help - but she's clearly having trouble controlling her wolf. After a couple of attacks on the vampires human companions, Aileen is taken into 'custody' with Liam and the Enforcers in the hope she will lead them to Caroline. In the end, she is convinced to turn Caroline in - it doesn't go well and Caroline's wolf bites Aileen as it flees - leaving her fighting for her life because the demon taint in Caroline's bite is lethal. Aileen discovers that Caroline was attacked and that's why she ran away - and then she finds evidence that the supposedly dead human companion - Troy - and the wolf that attacked Caroline are siblings - and Thomas's descendants! Instead of trying to destroy Aileen for having what they wanted - all they needed to do was front up to Thomas - in the end Anton, one of Liam's enforcers kills him in revenge for killing his human companion. Caroline agrees to go quietly with the wolves and learn to control her wolf, and Aileen agrees to train with the Vampires.

47. Dawn's Envoy by T.A. White - Aileen Travers book 4. Aileen has just made the decision to take the attraction between her and Liam to the next level when he disappears for three months - with no word of farewell. When he shows up again - she is determined to keep him at arms length.
Then the High Fae come to town - ostensibly to set up a barrow in Columbus. But it's clear the Faery Princess wants Liam - back - they were together centuries ago when he was a much different person and he was all about the kill. There's to be a Wild Hunt and Niamh is controlling all of the minor fae, not mention a couple of vampires that she compels to try and assassinate Thomas at the welcome shindig.
Naturally Aileen foils her dastardly plans - but when Aileen notices that Nathan has a glow around him she knows they have a problem. When Nathan tries to kill Liam, he is slated for death. It's just lucky that Aileen has lured him away from the main party so the only witnesses are vampires and so when Aileen asks for a chance to break the compulsion they let her.
Unfortunately - Aileen's new downstairs neighbours turn out to be High Fae in hiding - and they betray her and mark her as prey for the Wild Hunt. And Naimh traps Liam in her magic so he becomes the cold, cruel Lord of the Hunt again and Aileen has to run for her life and try to survive until dawn. The White stag helps her and in return she frees him from the fae magic that has him trapped in that form - and he becomes the long lost Connor - Thomas's first 'child'. Turns out Aileen is a myth - a magic breaker - and though they say Niamh's hold was broken over the fae when she was killed, some realise it was before that - when Aileen bit her and drank her down. The other huge milestone in this book is that Aileen finally surrenders to her attraction to Liam - Yay! His reaction when he thinks she is dead near the end of the hunt is wonderful - I love Liam :)

48. Twilight's Herald by T.A. White - Aileen Travers book 5. I loved this book. Nothing is ever simple with Aileen Travers. Connor is following her everywhere wanting her to give him a chance at working with her in her new private investigator business so he's there to protect her when a shadow creature tries to force her to take a job - and then tries to kidnap her. The Book tells her the story of The Scattered - lost fae of a fallen court - declared criminals by a new Fae King when their king fell. Their mark is that of the crow or raven - and Connor notices that Aileen has three marks on her arm - the sorcerer's mark, Liam's mark (the oak tree) and two black birds - which he says have been there the longest! It's obvious that Aileen is part Fae and that's how she survived to become a vampire and was strong enough to retain her sense of self.
After a visit to Arlen's Barrow they meet Callie - a Medusa- and one of the Scattered.
When they're leaving - Aileen is challenged by Kat - who Aileen beats nicely (I loved that fight scene) But there's more of a story there I think because i think she was put up to it. Maybe we'll see more of this storyline in the future. Long story short - Aileen is captured and taken to Noctessa - what's left of the realm of the scattered to find that she is the old king's granddaughter and it's now on her to choose a new king before the crown chooses her and consumes her! She chooses Niall - who is part of the rescue party - some magic sense allowing her to see what his rule could potentially be. Oh - and she told Liam she loved him before Callie arrived to kidnap her.
Love these two. Back home - Aileen is now head of her own house, Connor is part of it and I guess the Pixies Inara and Lowen. And she has a pet shadow hound - complete with tentacles - but others only see a shadow. Last but not least - she's nearly killed by a Hunter - shot with silver nitrate as she's finally going back to her apartment. She would've been dead if it hadn't been for her father showing up (briefly). She'll have to take Thomas up on his offer a new home now because the Hunter burned hers down.

49. A Gladiator's Oath by Tanya Bird. Roman Hearts Book 1. I didn't know what to read after finishing Aileen's stories - so I thought I'd try this one out. I was a bit wary - Tanya Bird's Companion series was hard on my heart - but I'm glad I finally read it. Yes, it was still a bit emotionally challenging in places, but I got a happy ending so I'm a very happy chappy. I loved Mila - she has such fire and spirit and it's so wrong to keep people as slaves and then tell them they have a good life and should be grateful. Remus is a former slave - a gladiator freed for his service. He falls for Mila when she comes to the games to fight - trying to earn enough money to buy her freedom. After a few harrowing twists and turns - Mila is finally freed - by her father, who is also her dominus - or master. Remus had already quit the training school - but there was bad blood there when he left. Together with their faithful friends they leave Rome and head to India where they set up a trade in pepper. As the story ends - they have a three-year-old daughter and Nero is like a big brother to her. Then they hear that Nerva is to lead a new legion - apparently having been a centurion for a few years. Not sure how that happened as he was a senator in Rome when they left.
Now they're all heading back to Rome to see/protect Dulcia - Mila's little sister who is also free but chose to stay at the Papais household with her mother - who is still a slave. Very good book.

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50. The Rebel's Queen by Tanya Bird - The Companion Series Book 6. This is the final book in the series and I think it was the best one! I absolutely loved it. I've always had a soft spot for Cora - and Brom is perfect for her. I thought it was obvious that Pollux was the traitor - but hey? It broke my heart when Leif died, and when Brom sent her away knowing that he likely wouldn't make it back to her. Only her interference with her uncle - the King of Galen - saved them all. And just in time too. I loved also that she got pregnant to Brom. To me it seemed obvious that the problem was with Jayr since there were no illegitimate children running around Drake Castle. Anyway - a great end to this series. Loved it.

51. Breathing Water by Tanya Bird. A standalone paranormal romance - a change for this author and wow - she hit it out of the park! I loved it! I loved Dax and Ella - I loved the humour. I rated this 4.5 stars because I just didn't understand Dax staying away from Ella after the rig exploded when she had waited by the sea for him and told him she loved him! It was so out of character for the man who had been so protective of her and so loving. Who said he would always be there for her - protect her - breathe for her. It just made no sense to me. For someone who said he loved her - he left even when she begged him to stay and fix them! He was a complete, selfish, asshole! On a side note, I loved Lucy and all the lovely little embarrassing comments her little one, Caleb, would come out with. That was a spot of brightness throughout the whole story. Before Dax did his disappearing routine I thought this book had earned a spot on my re-read list. I'm not so sure now. I just want to slap him upside the head - as Americans say.

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52. Taken by Kaitlyn O'Connor - Alien Enslaved V. I wasn't sure what to read after really loving the last four books. I was going to start T.A. White's Kira series from the start again in anticipation of the third book coming out but it won't be out for a few weeks so I decided to dip back into this series. It's pretty light reading - I don't have to concentrate too much unless I'm trying to figure out what should be there - there are a lot of words missing/wrong words used etc. It's ok - these are generally enjoyable when one's in the mood for trashy reverse harem lol. It was fine - it occured to me - quite a way into it that I'd read this book. This story is Cara + Niles + Kaen + Nouri. I'm not sure - but i got the impression Cara was an office worker.

53. Genesis by Kaitlyn O'Connor - Alien Enslaved I. I decided to go back to the beginning since I could only remember little bits of it. This was when the Sheloni were the main bad guys, stealing women from Earth to breed with their captured Hirachi slaves. A lot of this story happened on the spaceship. This story is about Bri (Sabrina) + Kole + Dansk. And Bri also gets to adopt and raise an abandoned Hirachi baby - Cory - who turns out to be Dansk's baby. Bri had her own business on Earth providing home cooked meals for busy women who didn't have time to cook themselves.

54. The Spawning by Kaitlyn O'Connor - Alien Enslaved II. In the last book the Hirachi beat the Sheloni so the Vernamin made a trade agreement with the Hirachi and women to still provide the Jasumi. In other words - they removed the middle man (the Sheloni) whenit looked like their supply of Jasumi was threatened. In this book - it's a different species of trader who is taking women and the Hirachi threaten to never trade with them again if they continue trading people. This is Miranda + Khan + Teron + Gerek + Adar's story. Miranda was a cop on earth - so I would've expected her to be a bit tougher especially when the Hirachi were spawning and it said the fear froze her. As a cop, you'd think her instincts would be to get cool and really clear under pressure. Anyway it's still pretty cool - these guys build a village for their women.

55. The Gladiators by Kaitlyn O'Connor - Alien Enslaved III. These Hirachi are enslaved on a space station and used as gladiators to provide entertainment. My biggest 'concern' with this book there were lots of women taken by the trader and sold at the slave auction - but we only get to see two humans and one (something else) saved.

56. Spoils of War by Kaitlyn O'Connor - Alien Enslaved IV. This had been released as a short story initially apparently and then expanded to make it a full length book. I'd have to say it wasn't really successful. Admittedly I never read the short story - but this book just didn't have the same draw or charisma of the others.

57. Rules of Redemption by T.A. White - Book 1 of The Firebird Chronicles. I'm reading these books again, even though I've already read them this year, because book 3 is due out in a couple of weeks. I love everything this author writes. This is a space opera type book with a bit of a fantasy like setting. I love Kira and Jin - they are loyal and funny. When the tuann claim Kira as one of their own, she is forced to the Tuann homeworld of Ta Da'an - House Luatha'a homeworld. Kira is rare for a Tuann - she 's dual House - her mother was from House Luatha, her father from House Roake. When Kira manages to get Luatha to give up their claim on her, House Roake claim her just as she's about to head back into Human space. Graydon, the Emperor's Face is lovely - tough, loyal, attractive. Kira is drawn to him without wanting to be...

58. Age of Deception by T.A. White - Book 2 of the Firebird Chronicles. Kira and Jin are now on the Tuann homeworld of Ta Sa'Riel and she feels like she's home. A lot of her secrets come to light at the end of the book - but she has said all along, some of her secrets are not hers to tell. But I worry that they will effect the trust and relationships she has with the people around her. It's clear that the children in her camp survived - but they don't want to be reunited with the Tuann. This is where I start to get upset over the details - all of a sudden Elena -Raider and Elise's daughter - is said to have ears as pointed as Kira's - the first mention of Kira having pointy ears which is why she was was dubious about the Tuann's claim on her to start with. How on earth did Elise not only have a baby during war time - how did she hide the pregnancy from Raider? Why did she never tell him about the baby? What did she do with the baby? All we have is the cryptic clue when Elise thinks all is lost on that last mission - to Kira to find 'it' and protect it. Doesn't make sense. Poor Raider! Also, Jin had bright green eyes in the first book - now he has bright yellow eyes - the same eyes as Devon. He is clearly the Emperor's lost son. And I'm guessing - given that Kira told Wren his daughter is still alive, and the look of recognition and shock on Harlow's face when he sees Elise's daughter - Elise is clearly Roake too - She must be Wren's daughter. Can't wait for the next book.
It's clear to me that the Tuann and the tsavitee were both created by the same masters. That's why the Tuann's primus form resembles a Tsavitee General. Aeron made that comment about why did she never come and save them - weren't they good enough to save? There's something special about her - if they call her the Saviour.
And there's the soul bound Graydon discovered - I wasn't sure if it meant she was soul bound t o Jin or to Elise - or maybe all of the children. I guess we'll find out. But I also don't understand why that's such a dangerous thing - Graydon seemed to think it was though.

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59. Threshold of Annihilation by T.A. White - Book 3 of the Firebird Chronicles.
This series just gets better and better. It takes up where the last book ends. Kira and Graydon get closer, and I love that Kira is learning that she doesn't have to do it all alone and that she can trust the Tuann to have her back. I knew the unknown rider was Elise, and TBH it seemed a little ridiculous that neither Kira nor Raider recognised the way she moved. Nevertheless, it was fitting that Elise saved Kira, and we got another hint that the Tsavitee are as much slaves as the Tuann were and that Elise is helping them, and wants Kira to find them. I loved this book.

60. The queen's gambit by Jessie Mihalik - Book 1 of the Rogue Queen trilogy.
Good book - plenty of action and I loved the interplay between Samara and Valentin. It was good for him to see that her people were truly suffering because of the Kos Empire's war against the Quint Confederacy.

61. The Queen's Advantage by Jessie Mihalik - Book 2 of the Rogue Queen Trilogy. Samara is in Kos to help Valentin uncover which of his advisors are actively betraying him. It's a great book.

62. The Queen's triumph by Jessie Mihalik - Book 3 of the Rogue Queen Trilogy. I didn't actually enjoy this book as much as the first two, but it had elements that I loved - like the progression of Samara's and Valentin's relationship.

63. Saving Grace by Julie Garwood. I really enjoyed this book - I love Johanna and Gabriel - a great Highland romance.

64. Dark Song by Christine Feehan - Dark series. This is the first one of these I've read in a while - I'm sure the dialog is more laboured than it was in the earlier books. It's almost like the author is so busy churning out books that she no longer cares about the flow of the book or even the terminology. I was wondering if she uses a shadow writer and that's why they've lost the flow? It was an ok book - I wonder if I should try reading the books I missed or if I should go back to the early books which I loved.