Did You Miss Me?


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Did You Miss Me?

Editado: Ago 17, 2019, 8:31 pm

Did you miss me at all? I am back after another time behind bars. This time for a much minor offense which I had nothing to do with in the first place. Oh well. A true cell veteran like me serves her time no matter what, no matter who did the crime anyway. Of course I take the blame, I'm a true authentic person who doesn't fight the authorities, just gets along with them real well...

Anyways, I missed you all and this beloved book lovers website! Comment below if you missed me or not. I know many of you like Tim have missed me so much because this website needs drama to survive! And also, I noticed not many changes have happened. Such a shame. I was expecting a little more pizzazz. Turns out I returned so I will bring you all the pizzazz LibraryThing has been missing. As well, Gilroy I know you have missed me most bud! I have returned just for you. Bless your little heart.

See you around! Love you all. -Pumit

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