Current Reading - June 2019

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Current Reading - June 2019

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Jun 5, 2019, 12:32pm

Finished reading Sertorius and the Struggle for Spain by Philip Matyszak on the Kindle. A rather well written book, easier to follow than some others that are dealing with the ancients and classical periods.

Jun 18, 2019, 5:11pm

As for the more specifically military books that I've read this month those would include All the Tsar's Men (B) and The Elusive Enemy (B-). I'm going to admit that I found both a bit pedantic but in the case of Steinberg's book that might be more on me, as he really assumes that you already have a sense of the flavor of Romanov court politics, which were a major impact on why the Russian general staff was less than it might have been. Regarding Ford his main point is to argue that racism was less of an influence on U.S. naval assumptions than a certain degree of mirror imaging; Ford proved his point but he probably could have done it in a long article rather than a monograph.