Bad data, it's everywhere!


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Bad data, it's everywhere!

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Ago 2, 2018, 1:55 am

With the numerous discussions that go on here about bad data, seeing this made me want to share it to show how prevalent it is with data intensive sites.

This is a zoomed in and cropped section of map that appeared on one of my friends FB posts when he checked in at a restaurant in the town where I grew up. There are several problems with it.

Notice the big green area labeled School Number Two. Now notice the X and circled area.

When I lived in this town, my house was about where the X is. School #2 was RIGHT BEHIND it in the circled area. Notice what I said, it WAS there. It was torn down in 1966. The big green area is and has been a park that goes by a couple names since before I lived there. The school in this area that does still exist is #8, and is off to the right of the green area to the right of the dead end street. It doesn't even show up on the map.

So, while it may not make those of you who want LT to have the most accurate data it can feel any better about the poor data that's around, at least here it's a little easier to correct.