Can you define Apologetics?

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Can you define Apologetics?

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Editado: Abr 2, 2018, 4:10pm

Although it's clear the term apologetics stems from the Greek root apologetikos = a defense, my Hardon Pocket Catholic Dictionary added some thoughts that seem a bit troublesome.

The science (?) that aims to explain and justify religious doctrine. It shows the reasonableness (?) of such doctrines in the face of objections offered by those who refuse to accept any religion (?x), especially Christianity and more particularly Roman Catholicism(?).

Also called fundamental theology (?) as the science (?) that establishes (?) the credibility (?) of Christian Revelation on the evidence of miraculous phenomena and the testimony of unbiased history.

Isn't Apologetics most properly and historically focused on attempting to refute and disprove false allegations against Catholicism?

And isn't this something the Church needs to do more consistently and effectively?

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