Easter market

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Easter market

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Editado: Abr 2, 2017, 4:32am

We went to the Rosenburg Easter market yesterday. Lots of fun, and lots of loot!

We arrived just in time to see the falconry show, which is always fun. Even more fun in sunny warm weather like now than it was at the Advent market. Then we bought a new broom with stiff bristles for the terrace.

I also got some lovely hand-dyed alpaca I bought two related batches, and now have to decide how to spin it. I can either do the two balls separately, Navaho plying them to keep the colour progressions, OR I can ply the two together for a tweedy effect.

In the meantime I have started spinning one of them on a spindle I bought yesterday. It is a very attractive striped wood. It is somewhat heavier and much bigger than the glass and ceramic spindles I usually use. One advantage is that it seems to keep spinning forever.

I have a sort of sleeved wrap - basically a long rectangle with the outer thirds sewn into tubes with the ends gathered into wristbands. It is a very useful piece, but I crocheted it back in the last century, and lately it has been developing holes. I'm thinking this would make a good replacement. When I made the first one I did it in long rows. The main colour was a blue-brown space-dyed yarn, but every few rows I threw in some other blue yarn that I had a remnant of. I really like the resulting fabric. But I think that either of the two possibilities would be very attractive.

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