Captain's Fury (potential for spoilers)

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Captain's Fury (potential for spoilers)

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Nov 21, 2007, 1:15pm

Here is a place to discuss the third book in the Codex Alera series Captain's Fury.

Summary from

After two years of bitter conflict with the hordes of invading Canim, Tavi of Calderon, now Captain of the First Aleran Legion, realizes that a peril far greater than the Canim exists--the mysterious threat that drove the savage Canim to flee their homeland. Now, Tavi must find a way to overcome the centuries-old animosities between Aleran and Cane if an alliance is to be forged against their mutual enemy. And he must lead his legion in defiance of the law, against friend and foe--or no one will have a chance of survival . . .

Publishers Weekly

Sharp tactical plotting, hazardous cross-country travel and a dash of sardonic humor mark Butcher's fourth Codex Alera novel (after 2006's Cursor's Fury). Two years into a difficult campaign against the wolflike Canim invaders, Calderon legion captain Tavi is saddled with an unqualified but politically powerful superior whose plans threaten disaster and force Tavi into potential treason. Meanwhile, aging ruler Gaius Sextus plans a final strike against the rebellious lord of Kalare, but to get close enough to act, he must set aside his power to control the elements and make a painful overland slog that neatly challenges genre conventions. Butcher deftly deploys intrigue, conflicted loyalties and hairbreadth action to excellent effect. Few writers balance military realism and cinematic swashbuckling with so much skill or wit. Series fans will welcome the revelation of Tavi's long-secret heritage and the strong climaxes resolving most of the immediate conflicts, while newcomers will have no trouble navigating the well-developed landscape. (Dec.)

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Nov 29, 2007, 2:06pm

For those of you waiting for this book I just saw this news item on Jim Butchers website

Captain's Fury spotted in stores!
Posted by priscellie at November 27, 2007 06:38 PM

With a week to go until the official release of Captain's Fury, fourth book in the Codex Alera, fans across the US are reporting sightings of the book already on the shelves!

If it's not yet available in your area, why not order your copy on Amazon? In the meantime, check out sample chapters on the website here!

Share info about sightings with other fans here on the boards.

Fev 2, 2008, 2:12pm

I think this may be my favorite in the series so far. What does everyone else think? I really enjoy the mix of the different cultures in this book.

Fev 6, 2008, 7:46am

I haven't read this one yet. But will get to it soon. Right now Cursor's Fury is my favorite. (and before that it was Academ's Fury) so if the trend continues then I'll like this one the best when I get to it.

Fev 6, 2008, 5:50pm

It is worth getting too. I like how the characters are progressing.

Fev 6, 2008, 7:23pm

Oh I know....its sitting on my table begging me to read it. But I have some early reviewer books that I should read first. Though I have thought about reading this one just at night.....however, I have a feeling if I do that then it won't be long before I want to make it primary read....this series is so addicting!

Fev 8, 2008, 2:29am

I can't say which is my favorite between Cursor's Fury and Captain's Fury. While I loved all of Cursor's as I was reading it, in Captain's there are parts that stand out so strong that it leads to a tie. Maybe when I re-read Captain's again, not rushing to see what happens, I'll be able to pick a favorite.


I loved page 294-295, or rather I loved pretty much any one on one interaction that Tavi had with the Canin. I love that in this book Tavi steps out from being "taken care of" by eveyone. He is no longer a boy anymore, but is showing the man he will become. He's inspiring loyalty in others, he's commanding respect, and he's earning that respect. He's showing that he is an equal (even though he is not using his furies still, mostly) and that he is finally being treated as such.

I love that FINALLY Isana is "put in her place" in some ways for always trying to protect Tavi and not realize that he's grown and that at some point he has to stand on his own and I love that both Araris and Tavi are the ones who point this out. So often I just wanted to smack her for never seeing what Tavi was becoming.

In point I just love these books. Since he's been signed for two more books, I'm thinking that Book 5 will be him over in Canin territory, and Book 6 will be when he comes back and takes his proper place. But then again if he does it right he could set it up to have more than just 6 books in this series.

Ok . . . just one more "I love." I love that in this book we see more of the relationship between Tavi and Kitai and that it seems to be on more equal footing. Yes Kitai still teases Tavi, but we see that she respects him; his ideas, desires, and physical abilities.

**end spoilers**

That felt good to say. I don't have anyone around here that's read the books.

Fev 8, 2008, 4:34pm

I don't actually know anyone who reads these books either. I agree that I love Tavi's interactions with the Canin and this evolving relationship with Kitai. Its nice to see a fantasy book with a strong story that pulls you in without having all the characters being in so much unending pain or having a terrible dark side.

Fev 11, 2008, 12:32am

So I found a message/thing written by Butcher on the army set up and I shortened it and put it in an easier form. So for those of you on Cursor's Fury or Captain's Fury hopefully this helps.

Name - Size - (Size Broken Down) - (Leaders Title)

Spear – 8 legionares (File Leader)
Century – 80 legionares – (10 spears) (Centurion)
Cohort – 320 legionares – (4 centuries, 40 spears) (Tribune)
Legion – 4480 - 6400 legionares (14 - 20 cohorts) (Legion Captain)

Prime Cohort – 640 legionares – (double-sized of normal cohorts) (Legion Captain/First Spear)
First Spear – Senior Centurion

A Spear is made up of 8 legionares. These men do all of their work together and share a single common tent when the legion is in the field. In formation, they stand in a line, with the file leader standing in the front rank of the formation, the second man in the second rank, etc, 8 ranks deep.

There are fourteen to twenty cohorts in every legion. The specifics change from legion to legion, depending upon the needs of the various legions. Placida, for example, has a lot of big open land around it, and so carries more than the normal number of cavalry in each legion. Antillus is a northern city, in mountainous territory, whose legions primarily defend the Shieldwall, so they run with fewer scouts and skirmishers.

All legions are mainly heavy infantry units. Most carry at least one cohort of auxiliaries (scouts and cavalry). All of them try to have at least a century of Knights (which is referred to as a "cohort" in organizational terms, even though it isn't--except for the Crown Legion, which has something approaching an actual cohort-sized contingent of Knights.). Each cohort is led by a Tribune (except for the Prime Cohort, which is led, on paper, by the Legion's Captain, but is actually run by the senior Centurion in the Legion, the First Spear). And each Legion, which numbers between around 4000 to 6500 legionares, is led by a Captain.

Fev 25, 2008, 8:12am

I couldn't wait any longer and I started this one this morning. Initially I had told myself that it would be my reward for slogging through mre of Sephardi Entrepreneurs but I've just had no desire to do so. So I'm breaking my own promise to myself....I'm a bad bad girl. *lol*

Fev 25, 2008, 9:52am

You won't regret it. I just finished re-reading all my favorite parts again.

Fev 25, 2008, 3:17pm

I don't know how you've waited so long.

Fev 25, 2008, 8:05pm

I was trying to use it as an incentive to read a book that had me in severe avoidance mode. The waiting for the treat wasn't working though since I kept looking at this one on my shelf with longing...while ignoring that other book. Then when I finished my last book and couldn't seem to settle on any other book....well it just seemed so natural that Captain's Fury jumped into my hands.

I'm loving it so far. Just as I knew I would. Tavi is better than ever. I love his wit and intelligence when dealing with all those around him who underestimate him. Something tells me that I should feel really bad for Senator Arnos. I don't think he realizes who he is going up against...i think this will prove to be a fun battle of wills.

Fev 26, 2008, 7:59am

I'm about 1/2 way through this one train ride this morning passed by way to quickly. I swear it must have moved faster than normal. Just because the clocks were all on target with the norm means nothing....

Fev 26, 2008, 12:33pm

You know a books good when you start coming up with all kinds of excuses to tell people, such as your boss, why you can't be there, so that you can read.

You know a books really good, when you seriously resent the world for needing you to be a part of it, when all you want to do is read.

Fev 26, 2008, 1:18pm


Yeah, I tend to grow resentful of the world when I've been reading the Codex Alera series. I had to do some work from home last night and so couldn't spend my time was horrible. And so to compensate I stayed up far longer then I should have to get some of that reading time back. Then wondered why I was a little more tired this morning then usual. Stupid need for sleep getting in the way of my reading time.

No one was in the office yet when I got in so I then spent some time reading. I eventually had to lock the book up in my desk so that I could focus on work.

Fev 26, 2008, 7:45pm

Anyone else sometimes get annoyed when the narrative moves away from Tavi and goes to Amara or someone else?

Editado: Fev 27, 2008, 1:07am

TOTALLY!!! I think the other characters are great characters, but I love Tavi. When I re-read my favorite parts they're always the chapters centered around Tavi.

Also to be honest Isana gets on my nerves a bit. She's a bit too "I know what's best" for me. Even when I know her motives and understand them I still can't help feeling that way. I love when she gets put in her place a bit (which you'll see happens a lot more in this book).

So where are you in the book now Irish?

Fev 27, 2008, 12:57pm

I know what you mean! She gets on my nerves too...especially with what she did with Tavi. Granted Tavi wouldn't be who he is without her meddling....but she's responsible and Tavi has a right be to be at her. I hated how when Araris first told him A kept trying to get T to forgive I. I was like don't do it...not yet anyway...and I was glad when he didn't. Yes Isana's intentions might be good but the end doesn't always justify the means.

Amara is another one who bugs me form time to time. She's all for telling people to do the dirty work but then when she has to do something dirty she's all "woe is me i can't do this" and she cries or throws up. Its like hello....battle for your life. She's supposed to be this tough Cursor but she always comes across as weak to me. She even admitted in this book that the only think she can do really well with her crafting is flying. That can only get you so far....she needs to buck up and grow a thicker skin.

I am at the part where Tavi is in the middle of the Cane army and he asked Nausaug to surrender to him. I can just imagine the looked of stunned shock and surprise on Nausaug's face at the request. It was a great moment. I love Tavi. If all goes as planned I should be able to finish this off tonight. I can't wait to see how Tavi gets the Canim to surrender. lol

Fev 27, 2008, 6:24pm

Good heavens....JB would love how the MBTA helped highten the suspense today. Just as Tavi and Navaris are about to start to fight the train pulls into my stop! *grrrr*

Also...speaking of annoying people. The more I see of Gaius Sextus the more I dislike him.

Fev 27, 2008, 8:58pm

That is one of the times when you want the train to be delayed. When you wish for some reason that they hold you for 20 minutes without telling you what's going on.

Tavi's becoming what he was born to be and he's not going to let his love of Isana stop him from becoming that person she most feared he'd be. I LOVE THAT!!!

I hadn't really noticed Amara being like that, except over the whole "can't have a kid," thing. I'll probably notice it the next time I read it now that you've mentioned it.

I don't remember a lot about Gauis in this one because I was always in such a hurry to get back to Tavi. All I've ever really felt for Gauis is sadness. I feel so bad for him. Well and I can feel some anger too; he can be a total jerk. I feel kind of like Tavi got Gauis's mind and his ability to grasp the broad scope of his actions and everyone around him. But he didn't get his outlook on life, or his priorities. You know what I mean?

I LOVE that part that you mentioned. The "well . . . you'd surrender," scene. I also loved when he bit Varg to get him to let Isana heal him.

One thing I don't like about Butcher (shocking!!) is that he says things that I know I'm supposed to get. And I'm like, "huh?" Some are easier to guess but others I have no clue. One of the simpler things was when Nasaug tossed a sash to Varg. I'm assuming that he was giving command to Varg. But nothing is mentioned of this and Nasaug still does the talking.

There are several things like this in Academ's and it drives me a bit crazy, because I go searching for where the reference comes from and can't find them. I mean what's with the bet that Gauis and Fidelias have that is mentioned in Captain's? What's that about?

Have you noticed anything like this?

Fev 28, 2008, 8:14am

That is one of the times when you want the train to be delayed. When you wish for some reason that they hold you for 20 minutes without telling you what's going on.

My thoughts exactly!!

I have noticed what you mentioned. I always feel like I'm missing something and I'll try to flip back and see what I missed and get frustrated when I can't find the reference. It can get so frustrating because it seems like it should all be so clear based on what a certain line or paragraph said.

Also in Captain's nearer the end at one point Tavi calls Araris, Fade...then is like sorry Araris. It seemed so false to me since from the beginning of the book (and I assume the 2 years that passed since the previous book ended) Tavi had been calling him Araris. Why the slip-up then? I know that there have been other little things like that too...though I'm blanking on the specifics right now. Though there were a few instances that occurred with Marcus/Fidelias.

Speaking of Marcus/Fidelias I'd sure like to see how that all came about. Nothing was mentioned it was just sort of there. You'd think it would be an important scene to have Fidelias and Gaius meet up and call a temporary truce. Though I see the benefit of the reveal being a shocker. Although it bothers me that Lady Aquitaine can see through the disguise so easily....that Tavi had an inkling that Marcus' woman was someone he thought looked familiar....but after 2 years in Marcus' company he can't tell that watercrafting is being done? That no one seems to be able to see through it all? Not to mention that Tavi can see through the disguises that the First Lord has made with barely a thought...and he is supposed to be THE most powerful crafter in the realm. I also wish that Fidelias would just take a side and stick to it. I'm so tired of the flip flopping about.

To get back to good things....I enjoyed the scene between Gaius and Tavi at the end of the book. I liked how they seemed to come to terms with everything. And I like how Tavi showed Gaius that there is more than one way to look at an event...or events...then he previously thought. Gaius to me doesn't always see the possibilities. He sees how he wants things to be and then thinks of only one way to accomplish it. Which is kind of ironic seeing as how he taught Amara that there was more then one way to accomplish crafting.

Mar 1, 2008, 12:27am

I totally thought the Fade slip was so weird. There seemed a point to it, but to me it was just odd, and awkward.

Now as to Tavi not seeing through Fidelias' watercrafting, that I completely see. That has nothing to do with how powerful a watercrafter Tavi is, or anyone else is for a matter of fact. Tavi can see through Gauis because of how much time he's spent with Gauis. He sorta saw through "Marcus' women" because he's seen Lady Aquitaine before. He's never seen Fidelias. He has nothing to "recognize" under the mask. Tavi also "sees" these things because he's Tavi, and he had to learn to rely on things besides crafting all along.

I am going to have to disagree with you on the Fidelias flip flop thing. Sorry. 0:-)

But I don't see it. Yes from an outside, blue side vs red side, he's jumped back and forth, but in many ways he's done everything for the same reason. It's almost like he's walked a straight line while everything else wiggled around him.

Everything he's done is for the good of Alera (in his mind). It's fundamental. Never has that wavered. Never did he believe in any one person for them being them. Aquitaine was the lesser of the evils. He didn't really actually like them.

He never knew about Tavi. I don't know if what I've said will make sense to you. But it's just that all his actions were based on something that never changed for Fidelias, even if his "sides" might have.

Next. ^_^

It's more than that Gauis doesn't aways see the possibilities. It's that the types of things are different then what Tavi sees. There are somethings more important than "power plays" to Tavi. Somethings are just WRONG and even if it hurts you, hurts your power, hurts what people think of you, or even physically hurts you, you take care of it, because it's WRONG and some things are just RIGHT.

Metaphor coming. Yes you can destroy a park to build a building that will employ people, etc. Now Gauis would think of who he would piss of by destroying the park, who would be pleased with the building, etc. Then he would deside.

Tavi would see all of what Gauis sees, but he'd also weigh in the beauty of the park, how long it's been there, why it was put there to begin with, who enjoys it. He would think of these things. He would see the park for what it was, not what it could be or what it can gain him in the "game."

It's almost like Gauis has been removed so much from people who really honestly care about him that he's lost the "heart" side of things.

Mar 1, 2008, 8:58am

He has seem Fidelias though. Fidelias was at the battle of Second Calderon. They had dealings with each other during the battle.

What you've said about Fidelias does make sense....and you're right he never did like Aquitaine but thought that he was better for Alera than Gaius. As you say to him Aquitaine is the lesser of two evils. That doesn't mean that I still don't want to know about that conversation between Gaius and Fidelias that got Fidelias to mask himself and learn more about Tavi and his potential.

I think that Fidelias is going to go with Tavi to the Blood Lands and that while there will devote himself to Tavi. That will be the side that he chooses...he's already made Lady Aquitaine an enemy so there aren't many choices left to him.

I also think that the whole difference between Tavi and Gaius thing also comes down to their likeability. Both Tavi and Septimus had the ability to draw people to them. To inspire them. Gaius has mentioned a few times that he never had that. He's always sort of had to rule with fear in order to maintain power while Septimus would have ruled more with love - the love that the people had for him. Doesn't mean that Spetimus (or Tavi) will always do the right thing, just as Gaius doesn't, but the people will always be just a little more behind them.

I also don't see Tavi releasing the volcano and destroying all of Kalare. I get that Gaius did it because he thought it was necessary to save the lives of the legion surrounding the city. But he didn't seem to think much of the lives of the people trapped within the city. I think that Tavi would have tried to figure out another way because such things are important to him. Although Tavi also knows sacrifice is necessary....he couldn't be a good captain if he didn't. But he tries to plan the attacks of his legion in a way to minimize all that. Whereas I think Gaius would be a little more heavy handed. That Gaius would take the quickest path no matter the cost.

Mar 9, 2008, 4:56pm

He's a long one:

Your right. I had forgotten that Tavi had “met” Fidelias. Though he might not have been paying the right kind of attention to notice things about Fidelias that would help him see him 4 years later when he showed up as Marcus.

I think Fidelias has already chosen the side of Tavi. I’m not sure if he really realizes it yet, but deep down his being has pledged loyalty to Tavi; to Octavian. He may not see it yet, but it will become more obvious in book five.

As to the conversation. I think after Tavi’s involvements in Furies of Calderon and then Academs Furies, that Gauis realized there might be more to Tavi; that maybe he could become something more than what Gauis expected. I think that is why he acknowledged that Fidelias was going to join First Alera, and gave his blessing. He wanted Fidelias to see Tavi, to see what he was, see what he could become, and see what that could mean for Alera.

Marcus/Fidelias says to Gauis, “You and I can never be made right again.”

I want to know what happened. Gauis said in Furies of Calderon that he saw this in Fidelias when he first met him, but what happened that caused him to break from Gauis? And if Gauis thinks what he stated in FoC then why is he giving him a chance to pledge to Tavi and then break that loyalty later. Is Fidelias worth that much to keep him around for as long as he’s willing to work for Tavi?

And two more things. What was the bet about? It seemed to be a long standing one. Was it whether someone would see through Fidelias’ watercrafting? And then,

Marcus sighed. “True. And I suppose if I refuse, you’ll take the standard measures.”

“Yes,” the First Lord said, gentle regret in his voice. “I don’t wish to. But you know how the game is played.”

What are “standard measures?” He’ll have him killed? If he could do that, why didn’t he do it before? And again, what the heck happened that even though Fidelias betrayed Gauis that Gauis would have “gentle regret in his voice” over having to do something bad to Fidelias. Did he use Fidelias at some point like he used Amara in Captain’s?

So Marcus/Fidelias took the coin, and we are to believe that he is now working for the cursors again, but in Captain’s it sometimes seems like he’s still undecieded. And even in the end he’s following Tavi, but it seems as Marcus the soldier, not as Fidelias the cursor. He seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis after realizing that Tavi is Ocatavian.

On to the volcano. I think that Tavi would have released the volcano. I think it would have been his last resort, but I still think he would have done it if after everything he tried if he had to choose between him releasing it or Kalare releasing it (and killing many more) he would have done it.

I think he would have tried very hard, and probably had more ideas then Gauis, as to how to avoid it, but in the end if it had to be done he would have done it. I think the Octavian we now know, not the one of Cursors’ but the one at the end of Captain’s would be able to do it. I also think that Gauis is suffering horribly for what he had to do to both Amara and the people he let die. I think because we don’t see inside his mind like we do in Tavi’s we don’t realize all that runs through it before he makes these “big” decisions. I mean he pretty much killed himself in Academ’s trying to save the coast people from all the storms. In the end he is a king that has no real support, but which he can manipulate and fear into doing things, he doesn’t have Tavi’s “skills,” so he has to use what he can to keep Alera together; even if it means being an ass sometimes. He’s doing all he can, using all he has.

Mar 9, 2008, 10:52pm


This is a little off topic but. I'm an RPer, mainly PBeM play by e-mails or Forums and I am thinking that the world of Codex Alera would be great to base an rp on. If there is anyone out there willing to help me with plot development, rules or just a touch of insight I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me at

Mar 10, 2008, 8:40am

I think that part of why Fidelias broke with Gaius because he knew that since Gaius was heirless that the realm would be plunged into darkness when the First Lord passed. In fact fractures were already started as the high lords began to jockey into position to make a play for the throne. As we've all mentioned Fidelias looks out for himself first and the realm and everything else second. He chose Aquitaine because he was the strongest of the High Lords and so the most likely to win...or rather he chose lady Aquitaine for those reasons.

I still think that Tavi should have sensed something by now that Marcus wasn't who he says he is. Although he didn't see through Rook at first that she was a crafting another image. Perhaps Tavi can see through the First Lord's crafting because he has come to expect that Gaius will try to hide who he is from him....or maybe Gaius just isn't as strong in Water Crafting as Marcus and rook are. Plus didn't Tavi say that he could tell it was Gaius because of the eyes? Maybe the others know to change all of their appearance so that those little tell tale signs are masked.

The truth about fidelias/marcus will probably come out in the next book. F really has no choice but to follow T in to the bloodlands. Lady Aquitaine will definitely have it in for him now because there is no way that he can claim to have missed throwing that bolt at Tavi. Whether he likes it or not Fidelias has committed himself to Tavi.

I also agree that Gaius knew there was more to Tavi then meets the eye. That is the reason why he was brought to the Academy and kept so close to Gaius. Gaius recognized his son in Tavi and was grooming him in the things he would know in the event that T came into his furies and could be recognized as his heir. Although part of me thinks that Gaius might have named him anyway since through the years Tavi has proven himself time and again to be a capable leader - even without furies. Though Gaius didn't know that at first but still wanted to protect and educate him.

You also have a point about Gaius. We don't get to see his thought process. I wish we did. I'd much rather know what was going through his head than Amara's. She tends to annoy me more often than not. His outward appearance though is often filled with such arrogance and condensation (as is befitting a ruler) that it is harder for me to identify with him in a sympathetic way. I think it will be interesting to see how his and Tavi's relationship progresses over the next two books. I don't think that Gaius likes that Tavi outed himself & disrupted his plans. For Gaius was slowly working up to that I think, but he'll work with what he has.

Editado: Abr 28, 2008, 7:14am

Finally finished it wahoo LOVED IT cant wait till dec when the next one comes out. Also can now comment on the book. Sorry in advance for the BIG post.

1. I thought the slipping back and forth between names (marcus/fidelias fade/araris) was just a little jarring. Personally I found it strange Tavi was no longer calling fade well fade as that is what the boy grew up calling him.

2. I feel sorry for Gaius. He to me, is such a lonely figure there is no one he can really talk, no one he can really trust to and I suspect the loss of his son and wife was devastating to him. I dont think he made the decision to wipe out Kalare lightly and is probably deeply scarred by it. It also seems to me that he expects the people around him to betray him or loose faith in him or hate him. He has played the politicial game so long I guess it is all he knows.

I think "ruler" would have to be one of the worst jobs in the world and most un-rewarding (is that a word?). It;s really one big popularity contest really.Iam reminded of Prince Charles and Prince Harry when reading Tavi and Gauis. Prince Harry is popular and loved where as Prince Charles not so much similar but not quite the same ok sorry that might have been way off track let me get back to it.

3. I found Amara to be really hypocritical in this one. Like previously mentioned in the past she jumped up and down about duty and sacrifice and yet she judged Gaius so harshly (and he expected it). Even Bernard took it better.

4. Isana didnt annoy me so much this time round. I think she is finally letting loose and being herself. I actually started to "like" Isana again.

5. Fidelias has chosen Tavi and Im glad for it. I think what was said about him being loyal to Alera not a person is true. However for the first time I think he is going to be loyal to someone. As to the watercrafting I think because Tavi wasnt around Fidelias in his other form for to long is the reason why he cant see through it. As for the fall out between Fidelias and Gauis I wonder if it had to do with Septimus?

6.What annoyed me is Gauis's comment that he should have gone to Kalarus and finished the battle ages ago (or something to that effect) If he could do that stuff why didnt he do it two years ago and save a lot of death and heartache? I guess 1. there wouldnt be a story and 2. I put it down to him being old and perhaps not as quiet on the ball as he would like to think or have others think.

Annnnddddd last but not least

I find the growing link between Tavi and Kitai fascinating in that he is developing her abilities eg seeing in the dark and vice versa in that she can use furies! Does this also mean then that Marat can use furies? or is just because of the strange link they have as chala?

Abr 28, 2008, 7:18pm

You do not need to be apologizing for the large posts. Did you see some of the ones before yours? (This one included. Lol.) We got a bit caught up in what we were saying.

The name thing with Marcus/Fidelias for me was just a little weird, almost like it was put there to throw people who had not read the first three books. To me it makes sense that Tavi is not calling Fade, Fade, but instead Araris. Fade is a slave linked to Calderon and a fury-less boy named Tavi. But Araris. Araris is the singular for Rufus Scipio. So from an outward perspective the name change needed to happen, but I also believe that Fade was no longer “alive” but had be replaced by Araris, and Araris earned the right to be called that and not the cowards name of Fade.

As you can see from my past posts I agree with you about Gauis. I hope he can come to some kind of peace before the end of this series. I would never want his job, and I’m not even sure if Gauis truly wants it. I’m not even sure if Tavi wants it, but with him I feel like it’s a part of him, almost like he was raised for it, even though he wasn’t. He was made, born, etc. for this. He couldn’t turn away from his destiny even if he wanted to.

Amara’s reaction really did piss me off and it almost didn’t feel like it went with the story. I would have expected her to get really pissed, and even hurt, but not this complete denouncing of not only Gauis but of her being a Cursor. It felt wrong, even though Amara was getting a bit annoying in these past two books. I wonder if Butcher just needed her out of the way and up in the Calderon Valley with Bernard. Like he didn’t want to have to carry her story by itself in the next book.

I still don’t like Isana. I’m not sure I can completely explain why, except that she still gives off the strong feelings that she knows better then everyone else, and well . . . she doesn’t in my opinion.

We shall most likely (hopefully) find out more about Fidelias and Gauis’ falling out. Right now I don’t have a guess as to what the final straw was, but I still say what I have mentioned before. If Gauis believes what he said in FoC about seeing seeds of betrayal in Fidelias when he was only a little older then Amara then why is he still trusting Fidelias? Is Fidelias worth that much to keep him around to help Tavi? At least until he betrays Tavi? Or does Gauis not see “seeds of betrayal” in Fidelias anymore? (Nor any sprouting trees? Lol.)

As to your #6 there are a lot of responses to that. Not all “happy” ones though.
- Maybe there wasn’t enough hatred against Kalarus and enough blind support of Gauis that he could just go in and take Kalarus out and not be truly opposed. Unlike if Gauis’ power base was stronger and he could truly rule without having to appease everyone like he seems to have to do.
- Maybe he didn’t want to make an enemy of Kalarus’ son. Maybe he hoped to win him over.
- Maybe he didn’t care? What was the point? There was going to be a war. He didn’t have an heir. So why bother. Let them figure it all out.
- Maybe he thought they’d work it out. He’s not a strong man, let them deal with it.
- Maybe he was scarred he couldn’t do it after what happened to him in Academs.

I do not believe that the Marat can use furies. I believe it is the special bond between Tavi and Kitai that allows him to see in the dark and go without sleep, and her to use furies. All of which I think it so cool. I just love Tavi and want him to be the best at everything.

Abr 28, 2008, 9:42pm

Hi, I skimmed over some of the posts above (sorry, I'm at work now but will read them through more carefully another time) so might have missed something on this issue, but somewhere in either Cursor's Fury or Captain's Fury, wasn't something mentioned about the inherent talents Septimus had that apparently Tavi also has? I mean, not the ability to use furies, but almost like a psi talent ~ Tavi just knew certain things during parts of the book that he couldn't put into words how he knew them. Also, I sort of think his talent to make allies of enemies is one of those talents, and I think maybe that's why Fidelius will eventually come to give his loyalty to Tavi personally, as opposed to only because he's the best bet for Alera. And I also think that maybe that's one reason the Vord left him alone those times ~ his inherent talent for defusing hatred (that's not the best way to say it but I'm strapped for time here). Lastly, I think that the next book is going to be SO good! :)

Abr 29, 2008, 3:41am

Yes in Captains fury Araris mentions that Septimus used to be psychic and Tavi seems to inherited that to a point, he seems to have it more as a feeling. He just knows something is good/bad.

I am not sure about Gauis/Fidelias fall out. I guess if Gauis knows he is going to be betrayed he can accommodate it into his plans? Maybe this is the soft side of Gauis coming out in that even though he saw the bad seed he still hoped it wouldn't be true?

Abr 29, 2008, 1:12pm

I think Gauis generally believes everyone is going to betray him and he doesn't really blame them. As he says people don't really want to follow him like they did Septimus. I've always liked Gauis and felt bad for him. He's doing the best he can at a job that really isn't a "natural" fit for him.

I really didn't notice the name thing throughout the book. I have a number of friends with a variety of nicknames given to them at different points during our acquaintance and I still refer to them by a number of them. I guess it depends on how I'm thinking of them at the time and who I'm talking to.

I agree Amara's reaction did not seem right. I also assume it has something to do with where she needs to be in the next book as Jim Butcher does not usually have people doing things out of character.

Abr 29, 2008, 6:14pm

JB is probably setting up her happily ever her and Bernard time together so she can get pregnant, have her baby, and then she can get back to her other love. Working for the Realm.

I think that overall Gaius is tired. He probably expected to step down from the day to day ruling years ago. But when Septimus was killed he didn't know what else to do. So he kept on going. He loves Alera. He does the best he can. But he is tired and so makes mistakes.

I don't think that Septimus was psychic. But like Tavi I think that he just sensed things in people and in the various situations. Its a gift that he cultivated over the years so he probably appeared like he was psychic. Tavi will probably be the same as he becomes more and more confident in his abilities.

Maio 1, 2008, 4:03am

That would explain the out of character reaction. If JB wants Amara and Bernard to have a miracle baby or perhaps be in place to rally the marat latter on down the track and help defend Alera once again. Possibly both.

I was strangely pleased to see that there was something Tavi wasn't good at and that was being on the sea!

Ago 2, 2019, 2:34pm

I have a question. I might have missed something in the audio version of this book, but what did Gaius do to Amara to make her so mad at him? Did he do something physically to her or was she upset with him because he unleached the Fury on the City of Kalare?