Ted Cruz and bookcrossing

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Ted Cruz and bookcrossing

Jul 22, 2016, 7:12pm

I noticed on bookcrossing.com that A Time for Truth by Ted Cruz had an average 10 star rating. I thought that was interesting, since a lot of bookcrossers(the ones active in the forums anyway) are liberal, then noticed that it is because I am the only person who has registered it (permanent collection of course). I know that not everybody likes Cruz as much as I do, but if you are on bookcrossing, and have the Cruz book, consider registering it. Bookcrossing is fiction-heavy, they always have been. There's no reason why hundreds of cat mysteries and Twilight books should be registered, but only one Ted Cruz.

Jan 12, 2:22pm

"I know that not everybody likes Cruz as much as I do". Well, you know something.

Editado: Jan 13, 8:59am

Ainsley: why do you like Cruz?

I was put off by the heavy religiosity of his campaigning in 2016, which struck me as pandering, and false.

I think Trump's last act on the political scene will be to stir up a civil war within the Republican Party, which will run in parallel to the coming Lefty witch-hunt. Too bad, but that's life.

I'm curious as to what Mr Cruz's role in it will be. I would hope he will act as unifier, keeping it together until someone emerges who can embody the essential program that lifted a horrible man like Trump into office -- getting out of the burden of empire, preserving the American working class, resisting political correctness -- but who doesn't have Trump's moral flaws and personality defects (putting it as diplomatically as possible).

Surely there must be someone, from a pool of 75 million people.

Jan 13, 11:16am

>3 Doug1943: "Surely there must be someone, from a pool of 75 million people.


Jan 13, 2:24pm

I have a few, but mostly they're not politicians. Christopher Caldwell, to start. From the other side, Michael Lind.

If I had to choose politicians, I'd choose James Webb and Tulsi Gabbard -- but they're Democrats! (And no longer in office.)
Never mind, it's no time to be sectarian. (Anyway, I'm really an FDR/JFK liberal Democrat at heart, even though that Party has mutated into something different.)